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Trip to Fargo

Discussion in 'Midwest' started by Hoptometrist, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Hoptometrist

    Hoptometrist Savant (460) Ohio Mar 19, 2011

    I am heading to Fargo for business for a few days next week and will be staying downtown.

    I definitely want to try some beers from North Dakota and other places in the midwest that don't get distributed to Oregon.

    Any ideas on some nice places to grab a pint downtown?
  2. MNBeerGeek

    MNBeerGeek Champion (770) Minnesota Jun 25, 2013 Beer Trader

    JL beers, Wurst Bier Hall. Stop in and check out Bridgeview Liquors (in Moorhead) and Bernie's (in Fargo).

    I'd stop in and grab a beer at the Fargo Brewery. Nice guys and their beer has taken huge strides lately.
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  3. Exactly what MNBeerGeek says. Another option would be Rhombus Guys Pizza.

    Info on all of these places and more info any beer events that may be happening when you are in town can be found at http://www.fmbeer.com/ PM me if you don't want to go drinking alone.
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  4. jarrgal

    jarrgal Advocate (565) North Dakota Mar 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    If you want a good idea of what you'll find at the various JL Beers locations within the Fargo-Moorhead area, download their app if you have a smartphone. Their app is often more up to date than the menus at the restaurant. Their tap list is also available online.

    I guess when in doubt, a simple search for a bar on Untappd can always provide you with a good idea of what's available at any bar.
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