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Trip to NOLA next week

Discussion in 'US - South' started by ThePorterSorter, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hello fellow BAers,

    I already have a decent list of bars and shops, but want to make sure I've got the most current "must visits" down for my upcoming adventure next week

    Bars: The avenue pub, crescent city, la bon temps roule, and industry bar & kitchen
    Bottle Shops: Stein's deli, Cork & barrel
    (Yes, I shipped down a styro 12 bottle wine carrier down to myself already)

    I appreciate all types input (including the inevitable "why are you wasting my time with this thread?") and want to see some conflict and passion in your suggestions.

    Cheers and Thanks.
  2. LSUPT

    LSUPT Initiate (0) California Feb 3, 2011

    Hey, you're the first to ask in the new forum, so, it's probably a good thing!
    Personally, I'd say The Avenue and Stein's are the only must stops beer wise. Cork and bottle is a bit out of the way if you are staying downtown and the other two I haven't been to, but they seem to be the best options in that area. Cooter Brown's and The Bulldog are worth a shot if you are looking for other options. Pretty good food at Cooter Brown's, too, but the food options at Stein's and The Avenue are excellent, in my opinion. I'd also recommend following or liking The Avenue because they always have events going on or are tapping new specialty beers. Hope you enjoy you're trip and BM me if there's anything else I could do to help. Cheers!
  3. LSUPT

    LSUPT Initiate (0) California Feb 3, 2011

    Also, if you're in town on a friday Nola Brewing has tours at 2 that are fun (a lot of free beer).
  4. Go to Cooter Brown's if for no other reason then to see a muffaletta that is the size of your head. Pretty solid tap and bottle list also.
  5. Cool, cooter brown's wasn't on my list, but I'll try and get over there based on your recommendations

    Thanks for the input, it's greatly appreciated.
  6. If you're in the Quarter and looking for good beer to walk around with, stop in Sydney's (next to Central Grocery on Decatur). It doesn't have the selection that Stein's does - but you won't find a cheaper beer to walk around with in the Quarter - and they have more than your typical BMC that you'll find in those "Big @#$ Beers" they sell on Bourbon St. They have a variety of craft bottles for around $2 or so and they'll pour it in a "Go Cup" for you (you can walk around drinking in NOLA as long as you're not drinking out of glass.
  7. LSUPT

    LSUPT Initiate (0) California Feb 3, 2011

    Yeah, it's a fun streetcar ride to the end of the line, too, and you could stop at The Avenue on the way.
  8. The avenue is a must stop on the st Charles line
  9. The sandwiches at Stein's are fantastic and it is within walking distance from The Avenue Pub. Just an FYI too, the parking at Stein's is good if you drive.......damn I've become an old man. Also, Polly from The Avenue Pub says that d.b.a. is pretty good if you are in the Quarter area. Techinically d.b.a. isn't in the Quarter but close.
  10. trill

    trill Aficionado (215) Mississippi Jun 29, 2007

    Essential if you plan on buying two cases of beer there.
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  11. Absolutely. I bought a bunch of stuff at Mardi Gras and had to carry it back to our hotel. My wife bitched and cussed me the whole way.
  12. Excellent haha, sounds good to me and I appreciate the additional insight!
  13. nolabrew

    nolabrew Aficionado (160) Louisiana Apr 20, 2010

    I second Cooter Browns. Pretty good beer list AND some of my favorite shucked oysters in the city.

    How long will you be here?
  14. from friday - wednesday (business week minus the "business")
  15. nolabrew

    nolabrew Aficionado (160) Louisiana Apr 20, 2010

    Sorry, no good beer events that I know of going down then. Like someone else mentioned, make it out to NOLA brewery on Friday if you can and you'll drink some good beer and meet some beer people.
  16. avenuepub

    avenuepub Savant (295) Louisiana Apr 23, 2009

    U may already be in town but we have a firkin on Friday( Brooklyn brown ale) as well as a St Arnold's Endeavor release party Friday night.

    The NOLA brew tour is a lotof fun!

    Polly ( avenue pub)
  17. I already stopped by and it was terrific, the St arnold's endeavor was a killer DIPA!!