Trip to Seattle Coming Up

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  1. My brother and sister in law are headed to Seattle tomorrow and he's asked me for some recommendations, and since I have no clue, I figured I'd ask.

    They are coming from the Boston area, so if there are any good beer bars/restaurants/breweries/meaderies that they should check out, let me know. They won't be checking any bags, so they can't bring anything back with them, so what beers/brewers should they look for other than Russian River. I don't know anything about Seattle or their beer scene and what breweries they get that we don't here in MA

    Thanks again for all the help, i'll be linking this to his Facebook so he can keep up with updates while he's there. Cheers!
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    He'll be sorely disappointed if he's hoping to get some Russian River in Seattle. RR no longer distributes to Washington. He might be able to get a few bottles of lingering Damnation, but that's it.

    As for all other things Seattle beer-related, check out
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  3. Good call on the RR, I actually remember reading about that. Oddly enough, we don't distro from RR, but we do get news haha.

    I'll make sure he checks that thread, thanks.
  4. Lingering Damnation should be a new Black Metal band from Bothell
  5. Buy some Hales ESB and show Boston some old school PNW .