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Triple Rock Sour Fest

Discussion in 'US - Pacific' started by hansw, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. they charged for listings last year as well
    this year, it was $25 a listing. unless you were a sponsor
  2. Get a life, maybe?

    (Sorry but you were handing that out on a silver platter.)
  3. hansw

    hansw Aficionado (125) California Oct 15, 2006

    But nobody except you grabbed it, Mr Internet Tough Guy! What does this say about you and your life?
  4. Zwans0n

    Zwans0n Disciple (60) California Mar 9, 2012

    Lets keep the ad hominem attacks/ topic derailment to a minimum, eh?
  5. hansw

    hansw Aficionado (125) California Oct 15, 2006

    Point taken, so let's recap. I may have been overly harsh in my OP, I really like triple rock.
    however my experience was as described. I talked to other people who have put on beer week events, and the
    Consensus seems to be that ticketed events may be the only way out of this.
    Also my frustration was magnified by the fact that I dragged my wife out to this.
    She hates crowds and was horrified. That was my lack of judgment.
  6. Zwans0n

    Zwans0n Disciple (60) California Mar 9, 2012

    hopefully for next year: bigger venue, more non-domestic kegs and less people... yeah right.

    Probably a good thing my GF was working because I would have dragged her to it, made her wait in line and then disregarded all complaints due to the mob with "ooh, look shiny"
  7. Cracking a joke hardly makes me an ITG. Your reaction just might make you a crybaby, though. Why don't you just relax and have a homebrew?
  8. Your experience was as described: fine. Someone else described their experience and you got all petulant about it. Why can't you accept that his experience wasn't yours?

    Almost forgot....grrrrrr.