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Great Britain UK Weekend Beerage

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CwrwAmByth, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. For discussion of the UK beers you're drinking this weekend/for UK members to discuss any beery goings on.

    I had a can of Asahi Black and it was quite palatable. Ended the evening with the somewhat average but always reliable Marstons Burton Bitter (12 bottles for £8.99 in costco dontcha know!)

    Also did my first beer order in over a year from alesbymail to get some Tiny Rebel specials, Discworld ales, W&E jubilee beers, and a few others (Fyne, Islay, Marble, Arbor). P&P relatively decent for 20 bottles plus a gift pack of bottles at £6.99.
  2. :D

    Wonder how long this will last...

    I've had a Landlord, Ridgeway's IPA, Weihenstephaner Hefe, Oskar Blues Gubna and am finishing up with an Old Tom....

    Also, Discworld ales? WTF? Might have to get some for my siblings.
  3. The thread Todd posted when he closed our other one down was closed. Makes more sense to have a general discussion thread for us anyway. ;)

    There's an oatmeal stout, an ipa and a couple of golden ales. You can get them in a cool gift box if you want an xmas pressie.
  4. I like your logic :S

    Never heard of the Discworld ales before, but might get some for Xmas....
  5. Up North with the Missus so Whatever Auld Reekie has to offer. Pity The Hanging Bat isn't open yet but I'm sure there'll be enough to entertain me while she's shopping.
  6. So do I! I don't like being under a beery jackboot!

    Actually I just realised Ales by mail is in Essex... probably could have just gone to pick it up.
  7. Bow Bar has an outstanding wee festival on. The Kernel, Titanic, Tempest/Cromarty, Tyne Bank, Magic Rock wowsers!
    2 down lots to go.....
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  8. surfadelic23

    surfadelic23 Savant (285) Florida Aug 25, 2005

    Between whetherspoons and nichollsons fests, I'm well sorted! At a little pub in w2 right now having a kelham island ipa and a nice lymestone brewery ale before venturing forth to the city...both quite nice...

    Good ales and rugby, can't imagine a better way to spend my last day in London...
  9. Like an incident with Lola Ferrari and a banana skin
    things have gone seriously tits up this week

    Thankfully there is the emergency bitter supply consisting of bottles of
    Thornbridge's Wild Swan and Kipling
    Wychwood's Pumpking
    St. Peter's Mild
    Hook Norton's Old Hooky
    Bath Ale's Wild Hare
    and Marston's Single Hop Sovereign which at a pound a go is superb.
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  10. Good ales and more good ales? ;)
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  11. Let's face it. Every day is a festival when you step into the Bow Bar.
  12. Couple of pints of Hop Back Entire Stout from the pump at my local; excellent stuff which went superbly with my lunch there.
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  13. Kernel Export Stout, Summer Wine Strewth, Bristol Bitter Kiwi, Joker IPA at the Southern bar.
  14. No sure folks. Missed a colossal tasting today due to family commitments. May need to soothe my soul with something exotic like a beer from De Molen. I'll get back to you.
  15. Having my St Peter's dark mild out of a handled pint pot
    Ee By Gum can sumbody get t' ferret out of me flat cap?
  16. Flew back into LHR this morning after a week beering it stateside, Chicago, Portland and Seattle.
    I'm all beered out but I'm about to have one beer this evening just as a hair of the dog measure - doctors orders you see !
    33 bottles and 4 cans safely liberated across the pond !
    DFH - Punkin Ale is the cure.
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  17. Homebrew again for me tonight :cool: I keep them in my "cellar" - an inspection pit in my garage - which is a bit tricky to get into properly, so I usually just reach in and pick out a couple of beers. It's a lucky dip, but the prize is always beer.
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  18. That's quite a haul! There's a lot of US beers I'd like to try
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  19. I paid £35 in advance for a 2nd case on the return.
    I've put them all outside now in the outhouse but there was quite a bit of stuff from Portland and Bend breweries that don't distribute much outside of OR.
    Throw in a few Alaskans, 7 bottles of goodness from Russian River, Oskar Blues, DFH and a few other familiar friends and I am fairly chuffed with my haul, more so that it all made it home in one piece!
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  20. ImperialStoat

    ImperialStoat Savant (335) Ireland May 20, 2009

    Began with Buxton Black Rocks, now onto Moor Hoppiness.

    Next up: 2009 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.
  21. ImperialStoat

    ImperialStoat Savant (335) Ireland May 20, 2009

    This three-year-old Brooklyn Stout tastes like marshmallows and high-quality dark chocolate. Very, very nice, and much better than when fresh.
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  22. So far, I've had a Carling winter zest and a Hobgoblin. The Carling was sublime (not).

    Now on Mikkeller's Sort Gul - delicious!
  23. Whisky and ginger beer now.

    I feel like a traitor.
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  24. I drank beer :S
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  25. Good for you, I'm onto the brandy and ginger beer now

    I cant quite tell the difference

  26. Yeah it says on the site they're building a storefront atm :)

    I'm so jealous of you Ruds! That said I have my friends/acquiantances from Washington and Oregon respectively bringing me back local stuff at Xmas! Being subtle as I am I mentioned I love stouts and I always wanted to try Deschutes.
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  27. Alrighty, now I'm drinking Kernel's Double SCCANS IPA. Boom - unleash the hop cannon!
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  28. Wrapping things up with a Gonzo (that expired a year ago).....
  29. Ask them to pick up the Black Butte XXIV. Plenty of bottles in the stores around Portland still.
  30. Sort Gul is good shit, one of the best Mikkeller beers I've had in recent months.
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  31. Cheeky pint of Colchester Mild down the City Arms
  32. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,355) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Verified

    If you can, have your friends pick up a bottle or 2 of Cascade Noyaux. I'm finishing a bottle at the moment and American Wild Ales don't get any better than this, imho. Of course, if you're into fruity sours.
  33. I had the Noyaux along with half a dozen sours in Cascade last week. Noyaux was joint 2nd best for me, the apricot was the winner, but like Bill says you won't go wrong with a bottle of that!
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  34. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,355) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Verified

    On draught?
  35. Nothing bottled Bill - all the sours I had at Cascade Barrel House were on tap : - Apricot, Honey Ginger Lime, Black Cap Raspberry, Noyaux and Strawberry or straight from the barrel :- Grey Monk and Marzipan
  36. Just enjoyed a lovely bimble along the Derwent Valley that featured Crouch Vale Amarillo at the Holly Bush, Makeney (plus their home-made homity pie), Derby Brewing Dashingly Dark at Queen's Head, Little Eaton (actually tasty, given that most of their beers are dreck), Wentwell Jeremiah Mild at Little Chester Ale House, Chester Green (new micropub, literally only can cope with thirty customers), Dark Star Hophead at Derby's best new pub on the block - the Furnace Inn - and the outstandingly wonderful Thornbridge Chiron (keg) at Exeter Arms (best pub in the city? Probably).

    Not too shabby ;-)
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  37. Not so bad but you could have stayed at home, filled your bath with 2 dozen bombers of punk and dunked for M & M's, that would have been more fun surely?
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  38. I'm going to have my last beer and hope to sort out this god awful mess tomorrow.

    Heavy session last night and thought the Bath Ales Wild Hare would have just got lost among the others.
    Also discovered the wild ride of making snakebite from Thornbridge's Kipling and Henney's vintage still cider.
    Thankfully I have an abundance of painkillers lmao.
  39. Finished off with an M&S London Porter, can't believe I never tried this until now.
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