UK Weekend Beerage

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  1. In French I think we are talking krau... sorry nearly said something rather unPC
    I think we are talking Sausage Eater Speech
  2. Snowman's Revenge
    not bad, a nice malty bitter
    but I like me Christmas beer more like an olde ale
  3. Silly frogs
  4. Nethergate's Lemon Head
    not bad I suppose apart from the fact it is the last beer in the house
  5. Sacrilege I know, but I haven't had a Christmas day beer yet. Had some wine with a big dinner - lovely leg of lamb.

    About to have some rum, but I'll grab a beer before bedtime.

    I had to read this twice; I thought you'd said you were defecating.....

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Awww, tits. I've an '08 bottle I was looking forward to drinking. Guess that's that.
  7. Not awful, just less fruitiness from the hops. Different really.
  8. No beer for me yet either -champagne, old pulteney 21 yr old :eek: as a treat, some red wine and the brandy in the xmas pud counts. I only have the option of black sheep riggwelter, hobgoblin or carling lager for beer tonight so may just go back on the whisky as the black sheep isn't taking my fancy yet

    We had turkey today but used to have goose a lot. I much prefer goose, it's harder to make inedible (sorry mum)
  9. That too but not at the same time :)
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  10. started with a 2006 Thomas Hardy, rather disappointing and certainly not a patch on the EP originals. Westvleteren 12 served as an appetiser for Xmas dinner, followed up with SN Celebration and SN Southern Hemisphere, you could say the day got better as it progressed
  11. Finally got stuck into an Oakham Whore's Buckler....
  12. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (505) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    -looks at 2003 bottle I got for free- You still won't be getting off easy!
  13. I have drank some beer.

    Yesterday I drank some beer, some Baileys, some red wine, some sloe gin, some more red wine, some sherry, some white wine, some chocolate vodka.

    Tomorrow I will mostly be drinking rum as I'm drinking with my sister. She drinks rum. Nothing but. So you drink what she drinks. It's best not to argue.

    Today right now - a bottle of Williams Nollaig. A year old and stupendously good.

    Happy Boxing Day!
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  14. White or Dark Rum?
    Enquiring minds want to know! :confused:
  15. March of the Penguins Stout from Alloa, compared this with Fuller's Black Cab. On to some Chilean red wine then nondescript Californian ditto.Cotes du Rhone Villages,(some quality here, different class altogether) then it was a Muscat with the dessert.Followed by a glass of very smoky and peaty single malt Scotch (wasn't told the name) And a cup of tea but I don't suppose you want the details :)
    I ended up as Gerard Hoffnung said in his celebrated speech "well fed up and agreeably drunk"
  16. Our kid got me a bottle of Hospital Porter for Xmas, score!
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  17. First welsh beer of my trip, was a Brains Reverend James - decent enough. I'm not going to manage any more though, off to the Lakes tomorrow but driving so no beer. I think there should be a macro beer tax which goes towards chauffeurs for the more discerning drinker.
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  18. couple of Phoenix beers on the Steam Train followed by Boulevard Double Wide IPA, Stone 16th Anniversary IPA topped off with Nøgne ø Dark Horizon 1st Edition (2007)
  19. Dark Horizon ... v nice!!!
  20. Ayinger Urweisse with dinner, followed by a few glasses of Grahams Crusted Port, lovely stuff.
  21. Thwaite's Bomber , long time since I had any and it was most enjoyable.Followed by Milestone's Donner and Blitzed which disappointed.Lots of crystal malt , in fact rather too much for my taste.
  22. My first beer in 6 days (thank you stomach bug) has been Brewfist Spaceman IPA which was sadly pretty disappointing.
    Time to play with the big boys and finally get into the holiday spirit. Yes, Gouden Carolus Christmas, your time has come.
  23. Baladin Open, opened... consumed and enjoyed.
  24. Managed a bottle of Coniston Infinity IPA tonight. Very nice indeed.

    Now onto canned hobgoblin. ho-hum
  25. Went back to work today - booooo.....

    Now unwinding with beer. I've had a Lowenbrau and am now sipping on a Rodenbach.
  26. Just Ayinger pils tonight beer-wise, meaning i've had 10 of the Ayinger selection this Christmas.

  27. Just brought home some Wincle Wassale the proper good old fashioned Christmas brew
    8% dark and Fruity
    and that just made me think
    Zimb's did you ever crack open that Mr. Mullins?
  28. Anyone tried yet? Ordered stuff from Struise (Sint Amatus, Pannepeut, Black Albert, Catso, Svea), Dolle (Stille Nacht, Dulle Teve, Arabier, Oerbier), de la Senne, Urthel, Caracole, as well as Gulden Draak 9000 quad, and Poppyland saisons (Saisons from Norfolk, it's insane!)

    Also took advantage of the Fullers deal on limited edition beers, £37 for 3x Past Masters Double Stouts, 3xBrewers Reserve #4, 3x PM Old Burton Extra, and 3x 2012 Vintage ales. Also 12x Vintage Ales of 2005, 2009, 2011, and 2012 for £32. Not bad overall, plus last chance to get the Past Masters Double Stout.

    I love being at that age where you're old enough to drink but not old enough to stop getting Christmas money from relatives.
  29. I'm 32 and for some inexplicable reason got £35 from an aunt I haven't spoke to in ten years, who lives in Canada. It was a nice surprise. I assume she's going a bit mental and thinks I'm 15 or something. I won't spoil it for her.

    That's quite a haul you've got yourself there CwrwAmByth, hope you enjoy them all

    Just had a Blacksmith Ale form Coniston - not nearly as good as their IPA. So I had another two IPAs to make up for it :D
  30. After the Christmas beer drought
    managed to pick myself up
    I picked up De Struise Brouwers Catso
    Slaapmutske Blond
    Noir De Dottignies
    Hercule Stout
    Thornbridge St. Petersburg
    Wincle Wassale
    Little Valley Stoodley Stout
    Tatton's Lazy Haze
    and a bottle of Lindemans Pecheresse for my wife
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  31. Jealous of your Wincle

    Forgot to say I also went to Cask Pub and Kitchen in Pimlico, had Boon Kriek on keg and Thornbridge Lumford and Beadeca's Well on cask. All great stuff. Traded beer with Ruds, top bloke!
  32. They have a couple in my local shop for a fiver if you are interested or fancy a swap.
  33. Yeah i'd be up for a trade if there's anything from Wales you want
  34. yeah sure anything you reckon would be a fair trade is fine with me :)
  35. Aye - good to make your acquaintance, cheers for the goods had the Struise number last night.
    I can see why you struggled with Ardmonk, especially if you've only been into good beer for a year or two and it was your first crack at that style? !
    It's quite mouth puckeringly sour.
    It took me a good few years of visiting Belgium until I appreciated sours and geuzes.
    Start off with plain old Rodenbach to acquire your taste. Ardmonk is certainly advanced level stuff - great stuff at that!
  36. I'm ok with most lambics and gueuzes i've had, though I do find some to be overpoweringly sour, as you say. I really loved Cantillon St. Lamvinus, definitely something special there, and Iris was very nice too. Boon Oude Geuze was lovely but I struggled with the Mariage Parfait. I'll definitely try that Rodenbach when I see it though, cheers for the tip.

    On which note, if you all hadn't already noticed, and like your Cantillon, beermerchants have Mamouche (Zwanze 2009) and Cuvee St. Gilloise 2011 & 2012 in.
  37. Couple of pints of Ringwood Porter. Nice and roasty, went well with my lunch.
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  38. Rogue Dead Guy Ale, brewed with "free range" water. As opposed to other brewery water which isn't allowed to roam free in the forests and valleys and gets locked in cages, malnourished and with celebrity chefs campaigning for its freedom.
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  39. Started with a Struisse-related beer, which had something to do with a wedding and smelled of peaches, but was way too light for my tasting. After, a Struisse Macadame, a fantastic Struisse imperial stout aged in white wine barrels, truly brilliant. Followed by Alesmith Speedway Stout, all shared with a friend while brewing a Fat Tire clone.
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    Dark Star Sunburst, wishing I was in Edinburgh right about now.
    Cheers friends. Hallo Alba.