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UK Weekend Beerage

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by CwrwAmByth, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. At least I get more beer karma or whatever it was called for adding breweries and beers :p
    Damn that one you gave me was good though. Never though hops could taste like that, strong but not overbearingly tastebud exploding.
  2. Just finished a Tempest Morello Crest Four Grain Stout. Very nice.
  3. Rebellion Red
  4. Bought a decent amount at Kris Wines today, including bottles by several new English breweries that I'd previously never heard of. Cambridge Brewing for example, and London Fields. Also finally got my hands on a few Tiny Rebel beers (oak-aged double IPA and something else), and a couple by Partizan too (Galaxy Saison and an IPA of some variety).
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  5. So Baby's Got a Temper (released last november, only 850 bottles) and ?

    Sorry but you gave me a tiny rebel erection.
  6. Whitewater's Belfast Black easy drinking stout???
  7. This bottle is from the second batch, released about a month ago.

    The other beer is Koochie.
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  8. Nice, I've been trying to get a hold of some for a while now. About to just drive down to the brewery. It seems the midlands is a black hole when it comes to "craft" beer.

    Cambridge Brewing isn't half bad. I've drinking a De Dolle Still Nacht. When I poured it, the aroma was a bit off and I was wondering why I had a fond memory of tasting this at the brewery up until I took a drink. Wow! Such a great flavor separate from the usual hop-bombs and RISs I love.
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  9. It's actually called Moonshine Brewing and the brewery is in Cambridge.
  10. They weren't bottling a lot from december-ish to february-ish so there's not been many bottles on sale (i.e. no Urban IPA, Hadouken or Fubar getting bottled)

    Should be picking up a bit now though. I know they recently brewed a batch of Hadouken intended for bottling and they'll be bottling their Vanilla Oak Aged Grand Regal Stout later on in the year.
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  11. Last bottle of beer in house not being aged
    Worthy's Red being poured now
  12. Great info. That stout sounds amazing, will definitely be on the look out for it. Thanks!
  13. Low ABV just means I can drink more of it!
  14. Went on a Fyne Ales drinking session - jarl, hurricane jack, sublime stout. Lovely stuff.
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  15. Actually got chance to go to pub
    walked into favourite Didsbury beer emporium V disappointed couldn't face disappointment
    of Robinson's Dizzy Blonde on cask so had nostalgia filled pint of St. Austell's tribute
    no where to go beerwise from there in there so looked into the **shameful faced** Wetherspoons Got myself a pint of Quantum's American Amber Ale & half of Ilkley's Stout Mary for what I paid for my previous pint

    managed to pick up on my way home bottles of Camden Pale Medieva Beer's Priest's hole.
  16. Bottle of Summer Wine Diablo. Alright, but no head, giving it the character of shoddy homebrew.

    Now I'm onto a bottle of Redchurch's Hoxton Stout. Much better.
  17. Still not cold enough outside for me but that 750 of Old Numbskill may not get a better opportunity.
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  18. I haz Mint Choc Stout :D
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  19. Now drinking Ison by Cambridge Moonshine. A very, very nice beer; extremely resinous, and similar to Arrogant Bastard.
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  20. Such a great beer. Drink it.
  21. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (505) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    Had some Fullers Past Masters: Old Burton Extra this afternoon. Absolutely amazing stuff, so well balanced and rich with bitterness and parmezan cheese in those Fuggles.

    Finished the day with two big stouts. I'm a sleepy boy now.
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  22. Final beer of the night: my last bottle of the Mikkeller/Brodies collaboration, Big Mofo Stout. SO GODDAMN GOOD.
  23. Had the double stout?
  24. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (505) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    Nope! Retired now, isn't it?
  25. They're all one-offs afaik. I remember the Double Stout had some ingredients grown specially for it (the smoked malt).
    I may have a bottle or two in my stash though ;)
  26. 100 % correct good sir. I am half way through the bottle as I bang this out. Funny how both BA and 'the other site' seem to talk down this beer as if they're trying hide something from the world. And from what I''ve had tonight I can see why. The sort of beer you have have no regrets about keeping just for yourself. Dee-lish.
  27. Dorothy Goodbodys Stout
    Stringers Stout
  28. snow is coming down nicely, so i'm banking on a snowday tomorrow! Tesco ADIPA to be followed by BA Bristol Imperial stout and mebbe an M&S Belgian christmas ale.
  29. Check your local lidl if you want some Belgian beer branded cheese. I got Brigand and Corsendonk, and there's one other that they do which I forgot.
  30. Do they do the Rochefort or Orval cheeses? Both of those are ridiculously good.
  31. No they're sliced and in packs, made/processed and packaged by the same company. Can't remember what the other one was.
  32. I have just drunk the first and only example of a new collaboration between Molson Coors and the Hanglow Brewery, entitled "Brown Pisswater", a stunningly dull mix of a small batch brewed stout and the UK's most loved* lager, Carling.

    I don't recommend. At least the football is better quality tonight

    *consumed by lager louts
  33. In the words of Chief Sitting Bull

  34. Well, I took a bottle of my stout, drunk 2/3 of it, then I went to get something to eat. When I opened the fridge I saw at the back a can of the lesser spotted Carling Black Label, which I fucking hate, but I hate to waste beer more that that, so I decided to blend the 1/3 of my remaining stout and the lager and hey presto, a new concoction was made.

  35. judging at SIBA BeerX, seven cask Standard Bitters the seven Bottled Golden Ales, list available on SIBA BeerX website. Also tried Jamie's beers at Sheffield Tap, particularly enjoyed the imaginatively named 'Ale'.
  36. Brupond Tip Top Hop. A couple of spelling mistakes on the label, amongst all the boasting about how it was continually hopped (apparently that's "adrduous"). Also, pretty disgusting drink. Bad bottle I'm guessing.