"Uncorked" Craft Beer Store in Kennesaw, GA

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  1. Hey, I've never posted a thread, but i thought I'd take the opportunity to ask a question from more experienced BAs. Has anyone else seen that store in Kennesaw (Marietta?) GA named "Uncorked?" It's opened up over there off of the Due West Road on Marietta's side.

    Just curious, if you have been inside, how is the selection and prices?

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    I appreciate you posting the question. Uncorked is a very hip Wine, Craft Brew and Cigar store. The Beer assortment is very good with 150+ to choose from, and more to come! You can run in a grab a cold pack or build your own mix & match pack. The assortment is made up of many requests from customers. If you have your favs, Uncorked will add it so its there for you. Uncorked does beer tastings on Saturdays from 2-4 pm, very casual and a nice way to try new brews. The prices are vary competitive, right there with the big boys. Uncorked has a very cool Beer Club, "The Caps Club". The store just opened and there is much more to come from this place. Uncoprked is a independent small local business and a great place to frequent...
  3. Hey thanks.

    I went up there Thursday and found the store open. Very classy place. Picked up a mixed 6-pack Friday.

    I'm thinking about joining the Beer Club if there is a way for me to see what you guys offer before the 17.99 charge is taken.

    I'll be hitting Uncorked up again probably later this week.
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    You might have gotten a little more response than just the apparent owner if you put this in the South-Atlantic forum. That is the forum group GA belongs to.
  5. I think I've gotten the answer I was looking for.

    Thanks man.