Using campden tablets to take out chloramines

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  1. I have an activated charcoal filter, through which I'll run my (quite hard and very alkaline) water through slowly to remove chlorine. I believe it's something like 1/4 to 1/3 campden tablet, ground, to treat 7ish gallons of water for a 5 gallon batch, right? When and how do I treat the water, and does it need to sit for awhile, etc? I'm planning on brewing a stout (which is, it looks like, one of the few things my water might be good for w/out treatment).
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    One tablet per 20 gallons. When I treat my tap water (not often, because I usually build from distilled), I treat it and let it sit while I mill my grains, which takes a little while because I don't motorize my mill. But I think the reactions are almost instant.
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    Can someone please crush up a campden tablet and measure it out in tsp for me 0 :) All I have left is the powder from breaking all of mine in half. It's got to be about 1/4 tsp -1/2tsp for a whole tablet, right?
  4. Per Palmer "Campden tablets are used in winemaking and should be available at your homebrew supply shop. One tablet will treat 20 gallons, so use only a quarter or half of the tablet to help it dissolve"
  5. It's reassuring to know that a slight excess isn't any sort of problem , if you use a whole tablet you won't cause the sky to fall in!
  6. What's the 'equivalent' dose that is used in wine that causes headaches?
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    I think the dosing for wine is 1 tablet per gallon.