$ value for Chocolate rain?

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  1. dont know if this is a taboo question, but Im curious for how this is trading (I paid way too much on ebay when it was available).
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  2. huskermike12

    huskermike12 Savant (485) Vermont Nov 14, 2011

  3. podunkparte

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    So you paid a shitload of money for it and haven't thought of just drinking it yet?
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  4. evilcatfish

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    Drink it, or send it to me so I can drink it. Always wanted to try CR
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  5. strangebrew321

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    Serious question. Why did you buy it?
  6. abecall98

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    I find this

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  7. xnicknj

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    B1 trades pretty high still. B2 would be significantly less but still could land some nice bottles, especially bc of the price point.
  8. I love Bruery beers, and bought into the hype that I just had to try it. I wound up getting 4 bottles. Tried one and hated it! Sickening sweet and too thin for my taste. So, with buyers remorse, I'd like to see what I could get for it, but didnt want to offend anyone by asking for crazy trades.
  9. stupac2

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    You can get good stuff for it. Do you like sours? I bet you could get $4$ (at $40) Cantillon for it.
  10. ISO: Sickening sweet, thin beer. FT: Vintage IPA's
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  11. vacax

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    I can understand the sweetness turning someone off, but too thin? Do you only drink used motor oil?
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  12. yes, I do like used motor oil. Quaker state is my fav.
  13. rS members got one for free( $0!) with their membership so it really is like grey Monday and not really worth anything

    Plus all they had to do was order it online. Should go 1:1 with a BCBS bramble.
  14. evilc

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    Bramble is a wale, bro. I was thinking more like a 4oz pour of '12 Dark Lord.
  15. Vanlingleipa

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    walez, bro
  16. too bad to see this...I paid $125 each for them on ebay. OUCH
  17. Want to adopt me Rich Uncle Pennybags?
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  18. stupac2

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    You're unlikely to recoup that, as you've undoubtedly learned. But on the plus side you can definitely use them to get some tasty beers.