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Vegan Food-Pairing Challenge

Discussion in 'Beer & Food' started by Sokool, May 20, 2013.

  1. Sokool

    Sokool Aficionado (210) Washington Jan 31, 2013

    I'm throwing a real low-key get together for a fellow beer lover who is getting married soon, and I want to make it a sort of classy beer tasting event. I'll have a hodgepodge of stouts, ipa's, and just generally beers that I think are interesting (i.e. no particular theme or style). The only catch is that all the hors d'oeuvres need to be vegan. Normally I would go straight to the cheeses, chocolates and stuff wrapped in bacon, but I find myself at a loss on this one. Any help on some interesting ideas for vegan, beer-friendly hors d'oeuvres would be awesome!
  2. digita7693

    digita7693 Advocate (635) Germany Jan 19, 2010

    this blog has some great recipes: http://veganyumyum.com
    there is even a free and very nice iphone app

    here are 3 beer dinners which might give you ideas:

    ninkasi and portobello(love this place!!!)

    and pretty things

    and a Ba thread from a while ago:
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  3. Sokool

    Sokool Aficionado (210) Washington Jan 31, 2013

    That was a super helpful, thanks!
  4. a vegan food beer pairing is a dream of mine
  5. At this point in a deployment, I get to craving good vegetables. Since what we have here is...lacking. But when I read the thread title I immediately imagined simple sliced heirloom tomatoes a with EVO, fresh basil, salt and pepper with a nice Saison even an IPA. Damn that sounds good.
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  6. scurvy311

    scurvy311 Savant (415) Louisiana Dec 3, 2005

    Creamy chickpea salad in shredded potato cups, candied/brittled assorted nuts, butter lettuce wrapped around gingery asian brunoise veg
  7. See that's the kind of stuff that could convince me to go vegetarian. Damn that sounds good!
  8. scurvy311

    scurvy311 Savant (415) Louisiana Dec 3, 2005

    Haha. Is there an unlike button? Say it isn't so sarg. For you, id throw a flash-fried louisiana oyster on to of the chick pea salad, candied bacon in the brittle, and smoked salmon in the wraps.

    I just got finished eating. I'm stuffed. But if you put some brittle and some marzen in front of me or Asian wraps with my latest Hefe/saison, I would eat some more.
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  9. Yeah who am I kiddin. The crispy skin from the face of a slow spit roasted pig will never be off limits for me.
  10. Mmm, pig face.
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  11. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Poobah (1,095) Maine Sep 17, 2005

    Vegetables with hummus.
    Marinated artichokes and mushrooms.
    Grape leaves stuffed with tofu and rice.
    Allagash Curieux to accompany the appetizers.
    We were married last summer and had a vegan wedding. Everyone loved it.
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  12. Yes, that. Tacos de cabezo.
  13. If he's a full-on vegan, be careful not to have any milk stouts or sweet stouts as they contain elements derived from cows milk.
  14. suncrust

    suncrust Savant (295) Washington Apr 17, 2011

    Yeah, if he's hardcore vegan, be careful which beers you choose. A lot of breweries use isinglass & gelatin as clarifiers when brewing. This is more common with draft, but still common enough.

    This website might be useful : http://www.barnivore.com. Somewhat up to date database on which beers are vegan or not.
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  15. If you want to keep it as an option, some dark chocolate is vegan. Check the ingredients for milk or milkfat.

    Can't miss with some chips and dips. Guacamole, fresh salsa with watermelon/peaches/whatever, pesto (skip the Parmesan), hummus. Easy to make, and stuff that omnivores won't think is "weird." Chip side note: BBQ Pringles, Funyuns, and Sweet Chili Doritos (purple bag) are all vegan.

    Slightly classier option: caramelized onion crostini. Heavy pan, medium-low heat, a glug of oil or a knob of vegan margarine (Earth Balance or something). Slice a crapload of regular-ass yellow onions really thin, toss them in with salt, pepper, and some thyme. Let it roll for at least half an hour, 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, until they're golden brown and delicious. Slice a baguette real thin on the bias, brush the slices with a little oil and toast them up, and slather the onions on.

    Some chickpeas, tossed in a touch of olive oil and the herbs and spices of your choice, and roasted at 450 for 15-20 minutes. Ultimate bar snack.

    Trader Joe's make a pretty decent soy chorizo, which has been used to make tacos numerous times in my house. Might be too strong of a flavor to play well with the beers, but YMMV.
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  16. Baba-ghanoush (smoked eggplant dip) with a good porter. Goddamn delicious.

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  17. That stuff is good with any beer.
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  18. No argument there.
  19. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Advocate (565) Missouri May 11, 2012

    Just buy a couple apples for the vegans to snack on. Make some real food for yourself and the other non-crazies at the party. Problem solved
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  20. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Poobah (1,095) Maine Sep 17, 2005

    That's an asinine comment
  21. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Advocate (565) Missouri May 11, 2012

    Opinions vary
  22. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Poobah (1,095) Maine Sep 17, 2005

    That's true. My objection is to you referring to people who are vegan for health reasons or philosophical reasons as crazies.
  23. This is why we can't have nice things.
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