Victory Braumeister Pils (Sladek Hops)

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  1. OK, since there are only a handful of reviews on this one -- and none from those of you familiar with my "exceptional" tastes when it comes to U.S. craft takes on German styles (looking at you, JackHorzempa!) -- what should I expect here? Similar to Prima Pils in IBUs? Does it have that same Prima Pils chill haze look and feel (a couple of reviews say clear, others say hazy)? My local bottle shop has it on the growler station and I'm very curious. Anyone had this year's version (I'm assuming it's a seasonal offering, but can't find any info on Victory's Web site about it). Thanks.
  2. How I wish I could try it......
  3. we have this on draft at our bar, high Horse in Amherst. We always have Braumeister on in our place. love it. each hop brings a new dynamic to the beer. Sladek seems similar to Saaz but lacks the depth of flavor and aroma that Saaz brings. Do love this beer though!
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    Seeing your topic title got me excited. I am one of the handful of people who reviewed this (quite favorably.)

    Braumeister Pils is one of those beers that gets me everytime regardless of which version it is. It doesnt matter the time or the place, I always have a pint of it when I see it is available. It has been almost a year and a half since I had the brew in question but I vividly recall the experience and grow anxious now to have it again. Without doing the google thing, I believe Sladek is a variety/off-shoot of Saaz so it carries similarities. I remember a big almost mint-like fresh herbal aspect that really made it different but in a good way.

    In comparison to prima pils, I THINK braumeister runs about 10 IBU higher but that very well may vary based on which hop variety.
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  5. And I see you brother!:)

    I am not a beer reviewer but below is a copy of a post I made in the past:


    Prima Pils is indeed a tasty beer.

    If you ever get a chance to go to the Victory Brewpub they will on occasion have ‘special’ Pilsners they label as Braumeister Pilsners. They have a Braumeister Pils on tap right now. I have not had the whole family of these Pils but the ones I have had I really enjoyed; a number of them I liked better that Prima Pils (it might be a strong influence of very fresh on draft kind of thing):

    · Braumeister Pils – Saaz
    · Braumeister Pils - Summit
    · Braumeister Pils - Hallertauer
    · Braumeister Pils - Spalt
    · Braumeister Pils - Sladek
    · Braumeister Pils – Tettnang
    · Braumeister Pils – Harvest Pils

    I thought the Braumeister Pils – Sladek was OUTSTANDING!! I also really enjoyed the Hallertauer and Saaz version. I thought the Tettnang version was good but I preferred Prima Pils to this version.

    The Harvest Pils (which is wet hopped) is also very, very tasty.

    I have seen Victory Braumeister Pils on occasion at Philly area beer bars but it is mostly available at the Brewpub in Downingtown or the Victory Beer Hall at the Philly Sports Complex.”

    So, while I have not had this latest batch of Braumeister Pils – Sladek I feel very comfortable to providing this advice: Get you a$$ down to your bottle shop and fill up as many growlers as you have!!

    Now, let me be perfectly clear (do I sound like Obama!?!): the Victory Braumeister Pils beers are very, very hoppy!! They are hoppy in all phases: bittering, flavor and aroma. If you are looking for a sublimely balanced German Lager (e.g., a Franconian Kellerber), than these beers are not for you.

  6. Most Sunday's I'm at the brewery and most times when I see "braumeister" on the board I order.
    This month there has been 2 or sometimes 3 B on. Hallertauer is my fav of those currently on.

  7. Cool. Thanks, Jack. I have high hopes, as (relative) freshness is almost guaranteed (just tapped the keg a day ago I think). As for what I'm looking for: an authentic U.S. craft take on a Northern German pils. That's it. Will head down shortly, pick some up, and (hopefully) report back soon. Cheers, brother!
  8. Scott,

    You are going to have a GREAT weekend!:D

    I am jealous.:(


    P.S. You probably don't need this advice but .... make sure that the bottle shop beer dudes to a bottoms up fill using plastic tubing.
  9. They fill properly thank goodness. Know that I'm still skeptical, but trusting you on this one, Jack -- oh, but no pressure, though ;)

  10. I am not worried!:)

    I have provided the necessary disclaimer:

    “Now, let me be perfectly clear (do I sound like Obama!?!): the Victory Braumeister Pils beers are very, very hoppy!! They are hoppy in all phases: bittering, flavor and aroma. If you are looking for a sublimely balanced German Lager (e.g., a Franconian Kellerber), than these beers are not for you.”

    If you do not like Braumeister Pils -Sladek there is a simple explanation: you are not a hop head!;)

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    Go for it! All the Braumeisters rock IMO, even if Im biased to all things Victory. ;-)
    Usually the ABV is slightly lower than Prima and the hopping is shifted more to the middle and flavor additions, so its a softer hop effect which makes this series a very sessionable/poundable beer.
    Sladek is a higher alpha hop than Saaz but as noted it was bred from a Saaz and Hallertau lineage.
    With draught Braumeister, if you like Pilsners you wont be disappointed. And where else can you try a single hopped Sladek beer?

    Prost, Jim
  12. OK, verdict is in. This is good. Definitely my favorite Victory beer so far. A very fresh whiff of floral, almost fruity hops in the nose to start (though strong hop aroma isn't necessarily authentic -- but any/all indications of freshness are welcome at this point), deep bitterness in the middle (only a tad harsh/grassy at the start, but otherwise smooth), and then a nice balance of lingering hoppy-ness and sweet pilsner malts in the finish. Good stuff, and I would definitely buy this again.

    One question for you locals/aficionados: does Victory use ANY malt in these other than 100% authentic German pilsner malt. I could swear I'm picking up a bit of that characteristic American 2-row harshness in the middle, but it's faint. Any insights here? (EDIT: on my second pint now and am thinking the bite may be a lingering yeastiness...wish they would filter as that might put this one in the very upper echelon of U.S. craft pilsners for me. Insights?)

    Otherwise, a hearty Prost miteinander! And a special thanks to JackHorzempa for his advocacy on this one.
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    Sladek hops? I used to work with a guy named Sladek...
  14. “ …a special thanks to JackHorzempa for his advocacy on this one.” You are welcome Scott. It’s all about spreading the love!

    “ …does Victory use ANY malt in these other than 100% authentic German pilsner malt.” Well, they use 100% imported German malt in making Prima Pils (see information from website below). I can’t imagine they would use a different grain bill for the Braumeister series of Pilsners.

    “Heaps of hops give this pale lager a bracing, herbal bite over layers of soft and smooth malt flavor. This refreshing combination of tastes makes Prima a classy quencher in the tradition of the great pilsners of Europe.


    Malts: 2 row German pilsner malt

    Hops: German and Czech whole flowers”

    Maybe Starkbier (who I presume is Jim Busch) will chime in with more details on the grist. Another question for Jim: which German maltster does Victory purchase their Pilsner malt from?

  15. If your assumptions are true, and if Jim can answer some of these questions, I'd sincerely appreciate it. This one is really good. If I could just pinpoint the source of that "bite" (is it the "herbal bite" of the hops, an estery bite from the yeast, or a grainy bite from the malt)....
  16. Maybe Jim will just respond with: “bite me!”;)

  17. Nah. He'd never steal your line like that...would he? ;)
  18. I have a lot of great lines.:D

    You can’t blame people for stealing them!?!;)

    Na Zdrowie!
  19. Permit me to tell a story...
  20. I had the Braumeister Harvest Pils at Victory a couple months ago, came home with a growler full. Hands down my favorite pilsner I've ever had! I'm gonna have to look for this version.
  21. “Allow me to tell you a story...”

    Aw, c’mon! Get it right!

    Permit me to tell a story ….

    And they are good stories too!:)

  22. That's what I wrote. (C'mon, don't underestimate my thieving skills!)
  23. You likely will have a problem finding any more of the Braumeister Harvest Pils since that was made with wet hops (freshly harvested from the September 2012 harvest).

    I had a pint of Victory Braumeister Harvest Pils at Capone’s a few months ago. It was indeed a tasty beer!!

  24. I was at Victory last week, and the Schwarz Pils they had on was out of this world. Loved the Braumeister as, their pilsners are out of this world.
  25. “ …Schwarz Pils they had on was out of this world.”

    Yeah, I had that once a few years ago. That was (is) indeed a tasty beer. It is the best Schwarz Pils that I ever had! I should state that it is the only Schwarz Pils I ever had but nonetheless it is an excellent beer!