Victory Brewing up 38% in 2011

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by travduke, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Soracloud

    Soracloud Initiate (0) New Jersey Feb 4, 2006

    Grats to Victory on the new digs! Victory has long since been a favorite of mine. Hop Devil is pretty much the reason why I love craft beer so much. Also, summer just won't be summer without Whirlwind. How I miss the old BA Gatherings that started and hours later ended at the lovely Downingtown brewpub :(
  2. protosv

    protosv Aficionado (105) New York Dec 11, 2006

    Which NY area are you referring to? Here in the Bronx, we get the St. Victorious and the Whirldwind, and if you don't mind a 20min drive north to Ardsley (westchester area) you can find every all of their beers except for Helios, which seems to have disappeared from these parts in the last year or so....