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Scandinavia Visit to Gothenburg Sweden

Discussion in 'Europe' started by loyal1, May 28, 2012.

  1. loyal1

    loyal1 Zealot (80) South Carolina May 18, 2007

    I'll be spending a few days in the Goteborg area and would like to know of a place to find a good selection of local beers.
  2. Hi, just noticed this so I hope I am not too late for you. You will not be able to buy local beers of any decent strength from anywhere other than through the state owned shops known as "Systembolaget." There are some good places to drink in Goteborg. Mail me if you would like some suggestions. I am English based but have visited several times.
  3. Kristopher

    Kristopher Aspirant (35) Sweden May 23, 2012

    Perhaps this is too late but if you wanna drink Swedish beers you should go to Ölstugan Tullen in the Järntorget district. It's a cool bar with lots of bottled beer, all swedish.

    If you're hungry, The Rover is just a cross the street with some of Swedens best burgers and a good selection of beers as well.