Belgium Visiting Belgium 8/20-8/23-Any BAs want to meetup/trade?

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  1. Visiting Belgium this coming week.
    I'd love to meetup with some BAs and hangout or trade.
    If anyone has a couch or extra room, let me know before I book on (I'd prefer to pay a BA rather than some stanger as I know the money will go towards beer instead of something unnecessary like rent, food, or clothes). ;-p

    Any recommendations for bottleshops, food, or iconic landmarks/places to visit (willing to travel via train/bus).
  2. Where will you be next week? I will be going to the abbey of saint sixtus Westvletren on wednesday and if you would like that you could join me...
  3. I hear that Drie Fonteinen's store is only open Friday/Saturday? :-(
    If so, would a BA be able to assist me with getting items this weekend?
  4. I haven't finalized where I am staying yet.
    I have to be in Brussels for my flight on Friday early morning.
    I am coming from Switzerland on Tuesday morning by train...also, not finalized yet.
    What do you recommend? Train and stay somewhere else first? or go to Brussels and just commute?

    Goal is to locate vintage/Rare Drie Fonteinen, Cantillon, De Struise, and De Cam
  5. This is the thing...if you can make it to central station of Antwerps on wednesday the 21th of august, let's say around 10.00 AM, i can pick you up there and show you around in Westvleteren, go inside the abbey, and after that a short visit to Urbain of the Struise. After that i will bring you back to Antwerps....
  6. From Brussels it is a 30 minute trainride to Antwerps....
  7. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!....I will be there, wearing a green satchel and a silver chain rope necklace....should I bring a box and roller in case I find lots of stuff I want to bring back to bruxelles and ship to the US?
    Is the weather humid or dry?
    Anything you want me to bring to trade?
  8. So, I just booked my stay in Brussels with
    The guy whose place I am staying at is also into beer and has a car.
    Can he join us? or easier to get around if just the two of us?
    I appreciate SOOOOO much that you are willing to show me around, so I want to follow your lead. :)
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    You MIGHT-(Probably not) be able to buy some whales at De Struise. But you will for sure be able to taste some ;)

    If Thijs offers, I would take him up on it. He is a stand up guy and will make sure you have a good time with great beer :)
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  10. Just read this! As it is now the car is full so only you can join us. Let's see what the next days bring and we will make the last details of the trip then.
  11. sounds good....btw, moving this to a private BM so that we are not sharing too much publicly. Hope you agree.
  12. I was about to throw out some wild suggestions that one of the main trains from Switzerland to Brussels (from Basel via Luxembourg) stops in either Genval or Ottignies... not too far from Beersel. Then I saw you have access to car. So you're probably all set but advise if wild suggestions still needed. I have a vague memory of buying bottles at the restaurant (with requisite markup) before the brewery shop, maybe they still do it if you can't go Fri/Sat. But they're pretty findable in the specialty shops if all else fails.