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    Anyhow, I am visiting these three places on a tour and only got my hotel information recently. I was hoping to find out if there were any good pubs in the area, and if there are any bottle shops that sell good beers (especially sours, but really anything) I'd appreciate a heads up. Sadly our hotels aren;t generally near city centres... Any information is massively appreciated!

    In Killarney we are staying at the Harmony Inn on Muckross Road

    In Dublin we are staying at the Belvedere Hotel on Great Denmark Street

    In Llangolen we are staying at The Hand Hotel on Bridge Street

    In London we are staying at Jury's Inn Heathrow which is on the Eastern Edge of Heathrow.

    Thanks in advance. Sorry to bother all, but I don't know a lick about the geography of these areas. Worst case I enjoy an awesome trip without good beer!
  2. Heathrow is a good beer desert, you'll probably find plenty of pubs surrounding the airport but nothing with a good range or likely to yield well kept cask beer.
  3. How long in each place?

    Not really sure about north east wales but it's not too far from Purple Moose so keep an eye out for them. Beautiful country though - - would be worth a visit if you fancy a nice walk and/or are interested in history.
  4. Of course, you do forget there is a spoons in Heathrow Airport though :D
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    In Killarney you could try Courtney's, Plunkett Road and see what they have in bottle. For Dublin recommendations please check previous threads on the UK/Ireland forum.
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    Oh and it's Ireland, by the way - unless you are speaking in the Irish language!
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  7. Yeah they've kinda screwed you with that hotel selection.

    The nearest place with decent options is probably Twickenham (5 miles away).

    If you go a bit further into Richmond- (bottle shop. If you go buy an Axe Edge or one of the Oakhams. They have the regular Cantillon as well) (plenty of craft stuff incl a few Belgians)


    You will be right beside Hatton Cross tube station. Get a train to Victoria (45 mins, Piccadilly line and then change at South Kensington and get on the Circle or District line to Victoria).

    Walk 10 mins to The Cask (part of Craft Beer Co. chain). Not the prettiest boozer in the world but the selection is excellent.

    Don't get too drunk and miss the last train back. You don't want to have to do that return journey by bus or cab.