Visiting Logsdons Brewery, when is it open?

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  1. I have seen pictures online of people hanging out at the Logsdons brewery outside hood river on the farm. Does anyone know when they are open to the general public? Do they have a tasting room? If anyone knows anything about visiting the Logsdons Brewery that would be great, thanks. I would love to stop by next time I am in portland/hood river to check it out.
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  2. We visited Logsdon about 3 weeks ago (the Saturday morning prior to Hood River Hops Fest). A visit is definitely 'by appointment; call the brewery and talk to Dave Logsdon or Chuck Porter about scheduling a time - there are no set hours I'm aware of, but one or both brewers are around often (albeit working). Give them at least 2 days notice (or more if you know when you'll be in the area), as it really depends on their availability to show you around.

    There is no formal tasting room; the brewery is simply 4-5 spaces subdividing a modest-sized barn. I'm not sure how their arrangement/license works for 'tastings', so I'll just say several bottles may have been uncapped for 'quality control purposes' and contents were 'properly disposed of'.;) The visit was pretty brief (under 45 minutes - Chuck had to run down to the fest), but we had time to talk and even buy a few bottles to-go.Typically we could have stayed longer, even hung out for a picnic on the grounds (it is a working farm).

    Feel free to Beermail me if you want more info...
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