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  1. I'm going out to Melbourne to visit my son who lives in Point Cook. Can anybody please recommend anywhere to try some good beer?
  2. Thanks We're arriving in Melbourne on Tuesday for about 4 weeks. We may have a car for some of the time but staying with my son who can drive us.
  3. Thanks for all the tips. Leaving this afternoon.
  4. Welcome to Melbourne - have a great trip! Let us know if you want any specific tips, have any questions, or want to have a beer with some local beer geeks.
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    Pouring just one beer!?! I'm pretty lazy, but that's outrageous. They better get down there pretty quick then. :)
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  7. one beer i wouldnt mind drinking all day
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    I'm over there next weekend (Sat & Sun), just around the city - whats new, havent been there for 18 months? Want to check out Temple and maybe Alehouse Project.
  9. Rockwell and Sons, Platform Bar (formerly BBC Eureka), Milk the Cow (beer and cheese), Deadman Espresso (cafe with usually at least a couple of awesome beers), East of Everything, Woodlands Hotel, Junction Beer Hall to name a few? Some might be a bit far out though you can get to them on PT (if you have time). Check out Whisky & Alement on Russell St in the city.
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    Best post on this forum in years