Visiting Nashville from Austin...

Discussion in 'South' started by johnsaulrubio, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. johnsaulrubio

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    Hey folks,

    I'll be in Nashville on Monday, March 5th. Are there were any good bottle shops near the airport? Are there any bottle shops/bars I should check out in particular?

  2. sommersb

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  3. When you say near the airport, are we talking you only have a layover here or you are staying in that area and that would be most convenient? Its a $25 flat rate taxi from airport to downtown (which is where Frugals and Midtown are), but thats $50 for both ways so I dunno how you feel about that. To my knowledge there is nothing super close to the airport that is BA approved...
  4. cornholio

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    No good bottle shops near the airport. Jbarleycorn would have been the closest, but they are in transition to their new location and the low gravity side is now shut down I believe. 12 South is a great place, but somewhat off the beaten path. Midtown and Frugal are in the same area as Blackstone, Broadway Brewhouse (not the one on broadway) and Flying Saucer - which are great places to have a beer. You could probably cover more ground going that route.

    The only downside with Midtown is that they have been running out of the new release stuff so quickly. Bigfoot, Wake n Bake, etc. were gone like that. They used to be my only stop, but now I have to hit Frugals as well.
  5. johnsaulrubio

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    Awesome. Thanks for the tips!

    Any other place I should check out while I'm in town? Best bars? Restaurants? Local food dives?
  6. Steamhead

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    City House. One of the best restaurants in the country.