Visiting Norway. Looking for recommendations.

Discussion in 'Scandinavia' started by DthMtlSash, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm heading to Norway and probably sweden in about a week, and I was wondering if anyone new about some good pubs and some good beer styles to try while out there.

    I have noted this place as a few places from this link

    as a must visit but any personal recomendations out there. I'm looking to find a place that may sell some american craft brews as well as I haven't been back to nyc in a couple months and I'm looking to get my belly filled.

  2. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004


    Had to boogy out of Scandanavia fast before I went broke. Beautiful place, nice people, $$$. Bring cash , lots of it - all you got.
  3. I believe that been here a day and damn it's expensive
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  4. So only rich people live in Norway?
  5. Stuff is expensive and at the same time they earn more. So in a way, yeah, only rich people live in Norway :p

    But seriously, the paychecks are extremely high in Norway compared to the rest of the world.
  6. celfan

    celfan Savant (465) Vermont Jul 4, 2004

    when i was in scandanavia, some people were drinking store bought beer and sitting on the sidewalk next to the outdoor cafes

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