Wake N Bake Off !!

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  1. This weekend at Aroma's Craft Works in Athens we will be having the 2nd annual Wake n Bake Off!
    On Saturday from 6 to 10, local restaurants including the 5&10, the Branded Butcher, Farm 255 and more will be bring in one of a kind desserts made with Wake n Bake! Entry fee will be $20 dollars which includes a taste of all desserts, a free glass, and a pour of 2012 Wake n Bake from Terrapin!

    Also, a very limited release of Moohoo aged in Double Chocolate Bourbon will be on draft as well!!

    Here is the draft list...

    $6 Wake 'N' Bake 8.1% 12oz

    $4 Hopsecutioner 7.3% 20oz

    $4 Easy Rider 4.7% 20oz

    $4 Golden 5% 20oz

    $6 Double Chocolate Bourbon Barrel Aged Moohoo 6% 12oz

    $6 Liquid Bliss 6.7% 10oz

    $6 Captain Krunkles 7.5% 12oz

    $6 Phlux Capacitor 9.8% 10oz

    $6 Oxymoron 7.2% 10oz

    $6 Monk's Revenge 9.6% 10oz

    BM me for details, Hope y'all can make it!!
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    I have seriously gotta make a trip to Athens one of these days.
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    I'll see you there.
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    This is wonderful! Nicely done!