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West Sixth Alters Logo as Lawsuit with Magic Hat is Settled

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by BorisKarloff, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. BorisKarloff

    BorisKarloff Savant (325) Ohio Apr 29, 2013

  2. joeebbs

    joeebbs Savant (360) Pennsylvania Apr 29, 2009

    so all it took was removing a star, huh?
  3. Stupid as hell, IMO.
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  4. Any irony behind Magic Hat producing #9 in cans about the same time this lawsuit started to become public? Coincidence? I think not...
  5. BorisKarloff

    BorisKarloff Savant (325) Ohio Apr 29, 2013

    Here's the relevant portion of the article, for those interested:

  6. afrokaze

    afrokaze Advocate (630) California Jun 12, 2009

    So much money and time wasted trying to slander each other... and that's it?? Wonder how many customers they've both turned off of their products with this whole mess.
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  7. BeerBeast

    BeerBeast Savant (495) Florida Oct 9, 2012

    "that Magic Hat has no Vermont presence" what the heck is that supposed to mean?!
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  8. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Savant (485) Illinois May 10, 2012

    Human beings are neat, aren't they?
  9. I used to like Roxy Rolles but I haven't had a Magic Hat beer in years and after seeing this shit, Magic Hat beer will never again cross my lips. In fact, I would have a Keystone Light, Bud Light, Coors Light or whatever Light before anything Magic Hat makes. It was frivolous to think that these two logos could be confused by anybody but the bozos at Magic Hat who initiated the lawsuit. So there.
  10. BorisKarloff

    BorisKarloff Savant (325) Ohio Apr 29, 2013

    I took it to mean that West Sixth at one point claimed something similar publicly.
  11. Should be "that West Sixth" has no Vermont presence. In fact, according to the Beer Distribution Chart, West Sixth is only distributed in KY.
  12. BigJim5021

    BigJim5021 Advocate (520) Indiana Sep 2, 2007

    I think it's an insinuation that Magic Hat is so big now that they don't even brew it in Vermont.

    For what it's worth, I liked the design that they produced that had a clearly drawn compass rose on it. Would have preferred to see that design as the one that stuck.
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  13. West Sixth's logo was too similar to Magic Hat's. I suspect whoever they hired to design a logo looked at other brewers' logos and adopted elements of Magic Hat's logo. Obviously infringement never occurred to whoever designed the logo.

    West Sixth then made their problems worse by thinking craft drinkers would swell up around them (like the Strange Brewing case) and proceeded to attack Magic Hat. Really dumb.

    West Sixth made the right decision to change the logo.
  14. That was a lot of Magic Hat's argument why the logo infringed on the #9 logo. That's what had to go.
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  15. JArena13

    JArena13 Savant (380) Pennsylvania Nov 14, 2012

    For those like me that need pictures when reading.
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  16. tzieser

    tzieser Initiate (0) Arizona Nov 21, 2006

    When did this lawsuit start? I've been seeing #9 in cans since 2009 or so.....
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  17. BigJim5021

    BigJim5021 Advocate (520) Indiana Sep 2, 2007

    I'm not talking about the generic one that was originally part of their logo. I'm talking about one that was mocked up as an alternative design. It was a clearly defined compass rose. Two pieces with a border around the compass portion, which made it clear as day what it was supposed to be. And I always thought that it was honestly irrelevant since the wingding in the #9 logo was not a part of their trademark filing.
  18. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poobah (1,055) Indiana Aug 11, 2012

    Awwwww shit. Better change my avatar before Magic Hat sues my ass.
  19. tommyz

    tommyz Advocate (525) Michigan May 28, 2007

    you really think they didnt get support? you must not have visited their facebook or twitter or google + or anything associated with Magic Hat
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  20. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,035) New York Mar 12, 2009

    The proof is in the pudding, as gramps used to say.
  21. jamesewelch

    jamesewelch Savant (345) Vermont May 11, 2012

    At one point, W6 implied that Magic Hat was a Costa Rican brewery, so many of the W6 fans started posting comments, reviews, posts on MH's Facebook page calling MH a foreign (non-US) brewery. If you base W6 fans on the ones commenting on MH's Facebook page, many probably still believe that MH's beer is made in some foreign far away land.
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  22. Good for West Sixth for realizing they needed to make those changes.
    Of course, they are the same painless changes Magic Hat requested months ago (no star & logo must have "West Sixth" verbiage attached to the 6 logo), West Sixth agreed to them, then West Sixth changed their minds and started attacking Magic Hat.
  23. elNopalero

    elNopalero Advocate (675) Texas Oct 14, 2009

    As opposed to, what, InBev? Seems like xenophobia shouldn't have a place in the world of craft beer community.
  24. Right. Because they made a big deal about them being a Costa Rican conglomerate.
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  25. fritts211

    fritts211 Savant (320) Tennessee Feb 19, 2011

    Thank god this happened. My tiny consumer brain can now rest easy with the knowledge I will never confuse these labels again. I've been having recurring nightmares of picking up a west sixth star included can and finding out it was actually magic hat.
  26. Ranbot

    Ranbot Advocate (535) Pennsylvania Nov 27, 2006

    Magic Hat contacted West 6th in September 2012 about the trademark and it was escalated to a lawsuit in May 2013. And you are correct that No. 9 has been in cans for several years already.

    The real irony is that West 6th released their amber ale in cans with a similar color scheme to #9 in February 2013 in the midst of the copyright negotiations. Then they wondered why Magic Hat escalated to a lawsuit.
  27. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poobah (1,055) Indiana Aug 11, 2012

    Not only did craft drinkers "swell up around them" but Magic Hat expanded the lawsuit by claiming West Sixth was slandering them based on all the Facebook hate.
  28. 2Xmd

    2Xmd Advocate (630) New York Apr 19, 2013

    Should I open my west sixth ipa or will it be worth something?
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  29. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,035) New York Mar 12, 2009

    It's not worth anything now from what I've read. Doubt it will go anywhere but down from here.

    And yes I knew you were joking, it's possible I am as well.
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  30. There was an initial swell against MH but after more infomation came out, there was a backlash against West Sixth for their tactics on multiple forums that I saw.
  31. BeerBeast

    BeerBeast Savant (495) Florida Oct 9, 2012

    Gross. That says a lot more about you than it does Magic Hat. o_O
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  32. Brad007

    Brad007 Advocate (655) Vermont Mar 28, 2007

    Not just Facebook. There were BAs (can you even call them that?) from KY with their nasty comments and xenophobia posting on these forums.

    Sometimes, beer brings out the worst in all of us and I'm no exception with the comment I made about KY being 10 years behind in the times.

    I do apologize though.
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  33. Ranbot

    Ranbot Advocate (535) Pennsylvania Nov 27, 2006

    And big bad corporate Magic Hat did even run the poor small brewer out of business...just like they didn't run little Georgetown Brewing out of business before...amazing!
  34. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (500) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    Considering all the talk about "inverted nines" and other bullshit, apparently they didnt care about the font on the numeral at all.
  35. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (500) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    They are Costa Rican in the same way than Budweiser is Belgian and Miller is British and Coors is Canadian.
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  36. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (500) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    The original document spent a lot of time talking about inverted nines.
  37. BeerBeast

    BeerBeast Savant (495) Florida Oct 9, 2012

    In other words, they are not Costa Rican at all.
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  38. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (500) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    There was still a common law trademark part on that, but I agree. Its weird that that is the change required. I also liked the more clear compass design, I didnt realize it was a compass until this all got started.
  39. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (500) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    In other words, they are Costa Rican.
  40. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Advocate (500) Kentucky Apr 20, 2004

    Apparently MH is okay with the similar color scheme. Unless there is more than just the star removal, but I doubt it.