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Westvleteren 12 in Ireland

Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by StJamesGate, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. The Westy 12 "brick" six bottle gift packs arrived in Ireland a couple of weeks ago, and they are *everywhere*.

    All the Dublin stores listed in BA Places have stock (some of them have dozens) and I hear there's supply in Cork and Limerick, too.

    If you're planning a trip in the next month or so and want to take back an unopened brick, it weighs 10lbs and is roughly the size of a shoe box for boots.
  2. No tickets necessary???
  3. what is the going rate on those?
  4. They're selling at 50 euro a brick, which is about $67. That's a bit cheaper than they will be when they get Stateside, I think - I've been hearing $75-$80.

    And that includes two glasses, of course.
  5. not bad now i just have to convince my cousins to front me the money and come vacation in boston..
  6. Great nerws for you guys.
    What's Ireland's secret?
    Something to do with luck? :D
  7. What the heck is a brick? Is that a word for 6-pack?
  8. Cool news. But why aren't any of these packs making their way to the UK? Do the monks think we're not keen?
  9. Graeme24

    Graeme24 Savant (290) Ireland Dec 16, 2008

    A 'brick' is what they are calling the pack: 6 x bottles + 2 x 150ml glasses. Symbolic I guess to the refurbishment of the abbey which is being funded by the sales.
  10. Ah ok, thanks :)
  11. rvdoorn

    rvdoorn Savant (455) Netherlands Jun 4, 2009

    It also looks lke a brick

  12. Graeme24

    Graeme24 Savant (290) Ireland Dec 16, 2008

    Yes, yes it does! Not the sturdiest packs either. The glasses are quite exposed. I lost one during delivery
  13. rvdoorn

    rvdoorn Savant (455) Netherlands Jun 4, 2009

    Agree on the glasses, they are way too exposed (they can easily touch the bottles) I also broke one during transport :(
  14. The way I heard it, no UK distributor went for them, for whatever reason.
  15. It looks like several bricks :p
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  16. Yes YOU did! Hahahahahahahaaa!
  17. Well that's interesting to hear - our loss I guess.
  18. I was just in Ireland on vacation. While I was having a beer at the Porterhouse I noticed one behind the bar, was like whoa, so I shelled out €60 for it. Somehow wrapped up each bottle (and glass) safely and got everything home (to Boston) without any breakage. Woo.
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  19. Graeme24

    Graeme24 Savant (290) Ireland Dec 16, 2008

    They really should be selling it at €50.00. That was the price set by the Abbey for it's sale. I don't know whether this varries when being sold inside a bar, but I know The Bull & Castle pub near by were selling it at €50.00. I'm sure you found it pretty reasonable and felt lucky to get your hands on it though! Still though, it's annoying to see them charge you an extra €10 for it. I'm sure the monks would agree with me!

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Ireland and good work getting the contents back in one piece!
  20. I had no idea these even existed outside the Abbey; I didn't care about the money, I was just excited about getting my hands on some, haha. The price comes to not much more than I'd be spending on six bottles of Rochefort 10 here, so eh. :)

    I sure did enjoy my time, thank you. Absolutely lovely country.
  21. Graeme24

    Graeme24 Savant (290) Ireland Dec 16, 2008

    Very true re the price, it's hard to argue with getting such a rare find at that price. I'm just being picky I guess! Glad you enjoyed yourself here!
  22. JohnfromDublin

    JohnfromDublin Savant (480) Ireland May 11, 2004

    I got two of these "bricks" myself. I have put most of the bottles away for ageing and I am waiting for an excuse (celebration, whatever) to drink one. The glasses are disappointing though; I mean not big enough to take a bottle in a single pour. I'd have preferred one glass that took the full bottle.