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Westy 12 Coming to Oregon - Break out the checkbooks

Discussion in 'US - Northwest' started by skourtis, Dec 5, 2012.


Are you buying a gift pack of Westy 12?

  1. HELL NO! Westy 12 is soooooo 2010.

  2. I would consider it if I hadn't just dropped some Benjamins on MOAS and Abyss and B15 Kriek

  3. I will split it with a few friends...but who gets the Westy 12 glasses??

  4. You know it! I am a ticker and need to have a few in my cellar for EPIC white whale trades

  1. ellswrth

    ellswrth Savant (335) Oregon Oct 7, 2003

    I love that place!
    hopsbreath likes this.
  2. Gobigvt7

    Gobigvt7 Savant (310) Oregon Mar 15, 2008

    I do know at least one account that declined to purchase their allotment, so I'm not totally surprised to see it at a non-allocated account, even for cheaper (what's the difference in making $2.50 on a 6-pk or $0, really) though I'm not sure people were supposed to sell it for less than $85.

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