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Great Britain What are we drinking this weekend?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CwrwAmByth, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. St. Andrews IPA - not bad

    Now, Bristol Beer Factory's Raspberry Stout - this is the stuff!
  2. hmm I think the small batch shipping of non supermarket/massmarket beers is poor - it won't be refrigerated and the holds of non refrigerated hulls can reach 90F+

    it's the same problem for US drinkers of british beers, they drink essentially ruined beer - it's probably worse for them as hop oils are a good preservative, and we use less hops than them and our beers are less strong, on average

    that said I'm sure they'll offload their lesser stock on further afield markets, but I'd hope it would not be us
  3. How would you explain out of date stuff popping up for the first time in the UK as out of date? With demand for US craft what it is, it's almost guaranteed to not have gone past it's expiry date on shelves here. Prime example would be the Southern Hemisphere Harvest (a Spring release) which popped up here this late summer/autumn.
    They don't care who it gets sold to tbh, they just want it sold for as much as they can (the distributors that is, not the brewers).
    Good point about shops holds though, hopefully it explains why every Rogue beer I've drunk has been watery and mostly tasteless.
  4. I very rarely buy US beer in the UK these days, certainly not pale or hoppy numbers, I might risk a barley wine, porter or stout that could take a little ageing.
    When I used to pick up a lot more stuff from the likes of BOE I always found Odells one of the worst for out of date stuff. Loved their standard IPA but would never risk purchasing it for fear of freshness.
  5. This weekends drinking got off to a flying start last night at the Prince of Wales BF in Farnborough - Wales and West theme.

    Sampled around 25 from the list of 40 or so, highlights being Bristol Beer Factory - Milk Stout, Arbor - Chinook IPA and Otley's O7 and Oxymoron. Had the Oxymoron before and didn't think much of it but it was on good form last night!
  6. I'll be honest I was shitfaced when typing that last night, I don't entirely know what point I was trying to make :eek:

    And quite when I became an expert on the temperature of ship holds I don't know, possibly past the sixth or seventh drink

    Tonight I'll be drinking tea:oops:
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  7. Began with a pint of Leeds Pale, a good refreshing session beer. On to Cotleigh Golden Seahawk which was lovely stuff, never had a poor pint from this brewery. On to Thornbridge Kipling which left me ambivalent. Pleasant to drink but simply not beer as I understand it. If I want grapefruit juice I can go to Morrison's.Not a criticism, it just wasn't what I want from a beer.
  8. What did you think of the milk stout?
  9. A four-hour lunch of Oakham Scarlet Macaw.

    it's my long, slow comedown from Nottingham CAMRA beerfest. Which was excellent in every which way. Particularly when it came to drinking perry in the sun by the castle walls.
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  10. Mercy mission for cat food, so cold almost justification for opening this Wadworth Dray Bells.
  11. Just had a look at the ciders and perries list. It's enormous, about 250 to 300 of them.
  12. Spaten Oktoberfestbier. Well, it is October ;)
  13. Das SchwarzE
    Like liquid Liquorice allsorts.
    Almost worth the staggeringly high price of £1.79 I paid for it at Aldi.
  14. Really enjoyed - something a tad different. It really was millk and milk chocolate, almost like a chocolate malteser milkshake. Lovely smooth finish.
    Not sure I'd want a pint of it though as it was a little sweet and milky (yes I know it's a milk stout) but a half was grand!
  15. Total opposite as you might expect from a different generation of drinker and I presume you posted this to get such a reaction?
    I've had a few beers from the Leeds brewery in the last year and plenty from Cotleigh in the past.
    I always find both perfectly drinkable but veering towards bland and boring. File under 'W' for whelmed.
    Grapefruit beers however :p
  16. I had to pour the Dray Bells down the lavatory, urge! Tasted like artificial sweetener.

    Marston's oyster stout, well I am the poor relation.
  17. Beauty of it all is that we can get both. I do like my beers to be, er, well, beery.
    I enjoyed the Kipling, don't get me wrong,just not my favourite sort of beer.
  18. Day-drunk tailgate beer: Stone IPA
  19. The beers were goooood - Anarchy, Tiny Rebel, Thornbridge, Redemption - but the cider and perry was outstanding. Never known a better fest- including Reading - for stuff of such quality.

    Glad I wasn't at the fest today as it sounded like a total carcrash. But to walk up yesterday at noon, buy a beer & sit up by the castle walls in the sun, away from the braying hoards... probably the best beery experience ever.
  20. Tiny Rebel are right up there for me. Had about 7 of their beers in the last few months and not one dud!
  21. Isle of Arran blonde cos yada yada.
  22. Top marks to Nottingham CAMRA, a well run Festival with an enormous choice. Thursday was a long day, judging in three panels a total of 29 beers. Blue Monkey the clear winner (I seem to have the knack of getting on the panels which send forward the winning beers). Took it easy after the judging and finally called it a day at about 10:00pm, considered going back on Friday but dragged myself back to the Rail station for the journey back home.
  23. Harviestoun's Bitter & Twisted

    Now - Oskar Blues' G'Knight (courtesy of mmapes)

  24. Harviestoun's Bitter & Twisted

    Now - Oskar Blues' G'Knight (courtesy of mmapes)

  25. BadgerBrewer16

    BadgerBrewer16 Aficionado (215) Wisconsin Jan 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    I had an O'so night train and a capital brewing oktoberfest
  26. So good you had to say it twice?
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  27. Computer being a ****

    Mind you, G'Knight was pretty damn good....

    Just cracked a Founder's Breakfast Stout - superb!
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  28. BillieWest

    BillieWest Aficionado (165) Oct 13, 2012

    Just tried Innis & Gunn Rum Cask. High ABV but still super sweet and smooth, need something 'Meruhcun with a hoppy bite next. Suggestions?
  29. OK - FBS was incredible. Could have this always. Too bad I'm going to be awake all night now.

    Finishing with a Double Espresso Birra from TBS....
  30. Yes, Blue Monkey came from nowhere and sold 19 casks in its first festival here.Cracking good brewery with a few local brewery taps.Last time I judged at Nottingham Festival I was on dark beers and like you picked the category winner.Tempted to say that as a judge I found them all guilty :)
    How many brews were you able to sample?
  31. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    Got one as an extra recently...agreed...superb!
  32. on top of the 29 sampled on the panels I probably tried another dozen or so
  33. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    I had a couple of pints of Hobgoblin at the Old Chicago yesterday. Though my server always rinses my glass in hot water before pouring, it was still too cold so I ordered the second pint after taking my first sip of the first pint. That worked out very well. I quite like the Goblin.
  34. Huzzah for Tiny Rebel and Welsh breweries! Brains even have there own "craft brewery" now.
    Got a bottle then decided to turn my night into a Bristolian themed one, with BBF Milk Stout, Saison and Southern Conspiracy (collab with Dark Star) and Arbor Ales Zaskar IPA. Add in a curry and it should be a good evening if I do say so myself.
  35. Sounds like a far more exciting evening than I have planned!
  36. Couple of pints of Elgood's Black Dog (even got my son to have a pint, he said it's better than Guinness) then the latest of Brewster's Wicked Women range-Catherine.Brewster's are well into their second decade of brewing hop forward beers using American hops (try Hophead and Decadence if you get a chance) as well as good old fashioned stuff like Marquis and Stilton Porter.
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  37. From 20:10 I will have Band of Brothers, Bristolian Beer and Bhajis with Bhuna. Excellent.
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  38. In an attempt to inject some beer interest to my evening I'm going to crack open Mikkellers - Copenhagen Womens 10K.

    Really not sure what to expect from this one!!! 3.5% ABV fruit beer !
  39. Probably start with a Shipyard IPA and if the evening allows it I'll branch out to a Hawkshead NZ PA and maybe even an Ola Dubh 40. Might drink'em while I watch the entire (with features) Prometheus Blu Ray provided I can get the house to the beds in a reasonable time.
  40. GeckoPunk

    GeckoPunk Savant (295) Connecticut Jul 29, 2012

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