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Great Britain What are we drinking this weekend?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by CwrwAmByth, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. rodney45

    rodney45 Savant (280) New York Aug 4, 2006

    Drinking the DFH Pumpkin, DFH 90, and a peak organic IPA!
  2. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    I picked up a 4 pack of Pilsner Urquell best by 18-04-13..the express shipped cold...and I have to say, it seems to be back to the glory days of many years ago and that makes me very happy.:D
  3. GeckoPunk

    GeckoPunk Savant (295) Connecticut Jul 29, 2012

    Thanks for asking! I just came back from the packy with a wide variety of beer.

    I will be drinking:
    • New England Brew Co - Sea Hag (12oz cans)
    • New England Brew Co - 668 "Neighbor of the Beast" (12oz cans)
    • New England Brew Co - Elm City (12oz cans)
    • New England Brew Co - Friar's Quad (Bomber)
    • Goose Island - India Pale Ale (12oz bottles)
    • Captain Lawrence - Imperial IPA (Bomber) Really like their beer. :)
    • Founders - Breakfast Stout (12oz bottles) - Asolutely delicious :D (Want CBS or KBS)
    • He'Brew - Hop Manna (Bomber)
    • Allagash White (12oz bottles) - Liked it better on tap :confused:
    Looking forward to rating many of them before the weekend's through...
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  4. Oh yeah! I'm sipping on Oakham's JHB - pale and tasty. Lots more great brews coming up shortly....
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  5. Probably going to be Punk IPA. But more fighter escort than Bomber in nature.
  6. Black Cat and Black Ops- may contain violent scenes of mild.
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  7. Castle Rock's Elsie Mo. It doesn't seem as hoppy as I remember - perhaps it's a bit old.
  8. Timothy Taylors Boltmaker
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  9. Lost track this weekend.
    17 different beers yesterday.
    16 today having been to the 1st Runneymede BF. 30 Locale inspired theme.
    Hot weather took over.
    5 beers / 30 remained at 6pm when I left with an hour and tomorrows session to come!!!
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  10. Sounds like they'll have to run round to Tesco :)

    I'm now on an Old Peculier....
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  11. Well that was a wasted effort, this Caffreys isn't nitro.
    Surprisingly smooth? No.
    Unsurprisingly bland? Too fecking right.
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  12. You were warned.....

    I'm now supping a Founder's Red Rye-PA. I'm sure it's great in principle, but this was bottled more than 2 years ago. A pox on the web-shop that sold it to me....
  13. that is lovely, just lovely.
  14. back from the basketball finals and consoling myself with a tesco double IPA.
  15. William's Profanity Stout to round out the evening. (Yup, I still have some :) )
  16. just got back from a long bus trip and I'am about to crack a dark strong homebrew..........
  17. Punk IPA Batch 271. Yumilicious.
  18. I've had a Tesco Kriek and have now moved on to a Southern Tier Pale Ale. Hops!
  19. mahak213

    mahak213 Savant (370) New York Mar 5, 2012 Beer Trader

    Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. tonight! :)
  20. Nutwood

    Nutwood Savant (415) Kentucky Jun 30, 2012

    Went down to my spot yesterday to watch a little college football and hage a light session. Had a nice fresh Schlafly AIPA draft, and Great Lakes Oktoberfest with some Cajun pizza.. I was getting ready to go when the tap line cleaning service guy showed up. He was there to clean out the lines from a Leinenkugel Shandy so the could put on...

    wait for it...

    Triple Karmeliet. I stayed a bit longer. ;)
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  21. Just cracked Flying Dog's version of International Arms Race (Had the Brewdog one last week). First impression - weird. Also, it's full of disgusting floating crap....
  22. Alrighty, the Arms Race was not a success. So herbal and bitter.

    I'm now finishing off the night with Oakham's Hawse Buckler to wash the taste out of my mouth. Not had this before but it's rather nice....

    I'm drinking prosecco. Don't worry, I've sent a search party out for my balls. When they're found, I'll be back on the beer.
  24. Holy crap. I always thought you were more of a Vintage Champagne type of guy.
  25. We have the good stuff I buy for our anniversary (last Sunday). We drink the stuff we get bought through the week. We drink the girly crap as an aperitif. The plan is to have no fizz in the fridge one week later. Man with a plan.
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  26. Yeah not quite as hardcore as Zimbo's opinion but I thought you would be a man to source a stunning price for a good year of

    In other news have southwold blonde from Marks, is it just me or is this a world class beer?
  27. I'm just drinking out the fridge. The serious fizz went last Sunday. I love drinking a bottle that costs a week's wages.

    And, yes, Southwold Blonde is shit-kickingly good.
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  28. Homebrewed Brewferm Oud Bruin (very nice indeed)
    Homebrewed american pale ale (down to two bottles left)
    London Pride
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  29. Once I pick up my wife at friends it'll probably be a Russian River Damnation/Duvel face off.
    Thanks very much for the gearknob Mr Paxton.
  30. Mmmmm Tuborg. Assimilate...
  31. I cannae be bothered by beer tonight. Now demolishing whatever wine came with the M&S two-dine-for-a-tenner deal. Next; the wine I went to M&S to buy knowing I'd fancy a decent drop afterwards
  32. Batemans Gold Medal. Blech....
  33. Why? Bateman's only pull off two beers worth drinking. And that's only because the dark malts mug the yeastiness.
  34. Yeah - the more of their beers I try, the more I realise how many are crappy (though I like their core range). I'm gonna go crack a Meantime IPA to get the taste out of my mouth....
  35. I've had an all English night at home, just the 4 bottles but all good shit!

    Kernel Pale - Cascade, Kernel IPA - Citra, Windsor & Eton - Treetops and Harveys Porter.

    I expected beers 1 to 3 to be good, and they were, but was pleasantly surprised by the Harveys porter. Very treacle toffee, reminded me of Thorntons Treacle Toffee on bonfire night when I was a nipper !
  36. XXXB - cheap, gluggable. Salem Porter, cheapish, gorgeous. Not the bottles. The bottles are microwaved wank capsules.
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  37. started with some Berkshire brewing steel rail pale ale and will move on next to my attempt at cloning duvel, I nailed the color and head, but the taste needs a tweek or 2.
  38. Rounding things off with a Black Sheep Imperial Russian Stout.....
  39. Come on, kiddywinks. It's almost lunchtime. Let's get on it.

    And whilst you're doing so, don't buy that extra pint. Give the cash to Zak Avery, the bearded genius behind Beer Ritz in Leeds, who's manning up for the Great North Run tomorrow.

  40. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    Back from Spain, surprised to see it wasn't the beer desert I expected it to be. Lots of German influences around the Valencia area. The best-selling beer from the biggest local brewery Mahou is actually somewhere in between a Dunkel and a Schwarz. Also lots of breweries that were founded by German or Austrian expats. Had a local stout by a newer brewery as well, as it befits me. It wasn't great by any means but it beats the living crap out of Guinness. If they had it on nitro tap anywhere, I'd go for it any day of the week.
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