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What Beer Are You Drinking? #101

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by gtermi, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poobah (1,045) New Jersey Feb 23, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

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  2. kaseydad

    kaseydad Champion (800) California Nov 23, 2008 Beer Trader

    Missed out on the 100th post yesterday....boo! Keeping it local tonight and supporting a local, starting up brewery. Not bad. Off to review.

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  3. Zimm

    Zimm Advocate (550) New Jersey May 18, 2012 Beer Trader

    Wel that makes me feel better, I have yet to see any BC yet. I'll believe it's real when I see it!
  4. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poobah (1,045) New Jersey Feb 23, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Hope your knee is ok.
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  5. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    I believe BCBVS was only released in 2010 -- I may be wrong -- but thanks to the AB InBev buy out, there should be BCBS near you soon!

    BEERMILER12 Champion (995) Maine Sep 11, 2010

  7. Drew26

    Drew26 Advocate (510) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    Founders Imperial Stout
  8. CLCardinal84

    CLCardinal84 Savant (375) Illinois Jan 29, 2012 Beer Trader


    Picked this up last January. Had a year of cellaring on it. Damn good.
  9. Circleo12

    Circleo12 Advocate (640) South Carolina Nov 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Couldn't even finish it. That was one hellaciously odd tasting beverage. My wife summed it up when she said, "This tastes like beer, mixed with liver."

    Yeah, no thanks. Half a bomber drain poured. Moving on...
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  10. CityofBals

    CityofBals Savant (480) Illinois Sep 12, 2012

    They will never brew Vanilla again because it clogged up the brewhouse lines and they're lazy so they don't want to do the cleanup again. Basically. ;)

    If it's any consolation, if you buy a fresh vanilla bean pod, cut it open, remove the insides, and swirl the pod in your BCBS for ~30 sec (play with the time and see what you like) you can replicate the experience sort of.
  11. SWChi

    SWChi Advocate (565) Illinois Oct 25, 2012

    Old pic...

  12. mtalley999

    mtalley999 Savant (415) Maryland Oct 6, 2011

    Evening BA. Enjoying one of these


    Seemed like the right thing to do to celebrate this unseasonably warm weather. Cheers!
  13. Miller Lite in a Detroit Red Wings cabottle. (I need the can for my collection)
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  14. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Too much work...
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  16. My favorite glass! I love mine.
  17. st9647v3

    st9647v3 Champion (755) New Jersey Dec 28, 2011 Beer Trader

    Finishing up my tour of Ohio IPAs w/ the best if the bunch:

  18. Eriktheipaman

    Eriktheipaman Champion (805) California Sep 4, 2010 Beer Trader

    Same as a lot of people on here I got some Hopslam! Working retail and having week days off has it's benefits. Also had a couple beers at Mad Fox earlier which is always good.

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  19. apaisncsu

    apaisncsu Savant (335) North Carolina Mar 25, 2011 Beer Trader

    first try of this one, thanks Dan

  20. Pikes IPA![​IMG]
  21. the way the Red Wings have been playing hockey lately is making is hard to hold on to that bottle of 2012 BCBS. Tonights game almost demands more than the Ruthless Rye in my glass.

    Well shit, why the hell not. Smoke em if you got em, right?
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    THANAT0PSIS Advocate (610) Wisconsin Aug 3, 2010 Beer Trader

    First time ever having Heady. It was everything the hype led me to believe. Yeah, I violated the rule; I don't care. When I get my next can (only had one...), I will respect the instructions. This time, review time, I couldn't resist.

  23. CityofBals

    CityofBals Savant (480) Illinois Sep 12, 2012


    Palate cleanser for the night cap.
  24. CityofBals

    CityofBals Savant (480) Illinois Sep 12, 2012

    Last two times I've had Heady I didn't get any floaties. :( Lucky sonuva.
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  25. sobeleg

    sobeleg Advocate (560) New York Jun 29, 2011 Beer Trader

    Trying this one for the first time:

  26. FUNKPhD

    FUNKPhD Advocate (515) Texas Apr 13, 2010

    Last two times I had Heady, I didn't care for it. Then again, I've only had it twice. I need to find other Alchemist beers. I'm sure they're out there.
  27. corbenlee

    corbenlee Aficionado (160) Indiana Apr 27, 2011

    Drinking some Zombie Dust and watching some BSG....So say we all.....
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  28. tronto

    tronto Savant (270) Kentucky Dec 22, 2010 Beer Trader

    Just watched the taste and I have to say its weird seeing Anthony Bourdain on that kind of show....beers. headhunter, white rajah, anti-hero, speedway with bread pudding. Mmmmm good.
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  29. brian4beer

    brian4beer Savant (415) Indiana Jan 27, 2013 Beer Trader

    thats a big night
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  30. I'm helping myself to this fairly new offering from Brasserie Belgh Brasse
    Is good.
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  31. 1/10/12 Lost Abbey Judgment Day Quadruple: Infected...


    Raisin nose, but a sour cherry taste. I only know this, because it tastes like a dry cherry stout I ruined by infection last year. Still went okay with my cinnamon bourbon lamb chops, though, because of the overwhelming spice that a cheap cooking bourbon presents. Ah, well...
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    THANAT0PSIS Advocate (610) Wisconsin Aug 3, 2010 Beer Trader

    Full disclosure, I swirled hardcore before this. I'm a shameless Heady fluffer. I wish you luck next time, friend.
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  33. Celia Saison is the only other one they currently make. It's terrible.
  34. rolltide8425

    rolltide8425 Advocate (720) Pennsylvania Feb 18, 2011 Beer Trader

    Had a couple at a local bar earlier now on to my first Hopslam ever!

  35. johnyb

    johnyb Champion (850) Florida Aug 11, 2012 Beer Trader


    Big shout out to Matt (exitmusic00) for this porch grenade that I must say is one of the best IPA's I've ever had. For those who haven't had the pleasure of Hop Venom, seek it out!!!!

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  36. Popped into the local distributor to see if they had Hopslam. They didn't, but they did have a giant tower of Nugget Nectar. I don't recall having it before although I've had most of the other regular Troegs offerings. This stuff is really good and very fresh. Oh, and I picked up one last case of Celebration Ale on closeout.
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  37. bigedct

    bigedct Savant (415) Connecticut Jun 23, 2011


    New England Brewing Sea Hag.

    THANAT0PSIS Advocate (610) Wisconsin Aug 3, 2010 Beer Trader

    Please let us know what you think!
  39. Good choice tonight, cheers!
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