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What beer are you drinking now? #103

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DerrickW, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. I fixed it.
    Damn predictive text.
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  2. MDDMD

    MDDMD Advocate (580) Pennsylvania Jun 4, 2011

    HF Double Galaxy
    Sierra Nevada Celebration
  3. erikl48

    erikl48 Savant (295) Pennsylvania Jun 29, 2011

  4. tut2528

    tut2528 Savant (475) Illinois Sep 26, 2008

    literally laughed my fucking ass off at this
  5. MichPaul

    MichPaul Advocate (745) Michigan Jan 28, 2012

    I almost cracked my last one of these, but I just don't want it gone!
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  6. Gogogogogogo for the Dreadnaught!!! :)
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  7. skinsfan

    skinsfan Advocate (700) Maryland May 24, 2005

    Watching the Caps game and enjoying my first one of these this year, bottles 1-24-13. Way better than my experience with this last year. That delicious aroma and flavor are back! Cheers.

  8. Casedogg43

    Casedogg43 Advocate (500) Indiana Jan 4, 2012

    Better picture.

    Solid beer!

  9. kuhndog

    kuhndog Savant (330) New York Sep 6, 2011

    "The Goat is Back!!" Straight outta the can, no glass for this one :p

  10. I hear ya! I've got one more to go. Gonna bury it way back in the beer fridge . . . WAAAAAAAAAAY BACK!
  11. hardy008

    hardy008 Champion (770) Minnesota Jan 12, 2008

    Goose Island Lolita.
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  12. MichPaul

    MichPaul Advocate (745) Michigan Jan 28, 2012

    I think that's the key! I got mine sitting right in front! I'll take your tip and hide them back by the WWS. :)
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  13. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Champion (900) Minnesota Aug 31, 2010


    Happy B-day to Johnny Rotten/Lydon
  14. Zimm

    Zimm Savant (490) New Jersey May 18, 2012

    That sounds so good, how is it?
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  15. fmccormi

    fmccormi Champion (780) Florida Oct 24, 2010

    Just drinking some rooibos right now, but contemplating a Sucks or a Hoppyum in a little bit . . .
  16. lilnicky068

    lilnicky068 Savant (360) Kentucky Jan 8, 2010

    This one's feelin pretty good on a snowy night
  17. Drew26

    Drew26 Savant (455) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012

    CW Peruvian Morning
  18. RoninTK3

    RoninTK3 Savant (300) New Hampshire Nov 12, 2012


    Gift from seanniek91. Great beer and one of my first bourbon barrel beers.
  19. snpa and a glass of champagne to end the night right!
  20. DanGolfs86

    DanGolfs86 Savant (300) Illinois Dec 2, 2010

    Gonna be enjoying a Shock Top at 35,000 ft. soon, Cheers everyone!
  21. kaseydad

    kaseydad Advocate (740) California Nov 23, 2008

    Foot #2......calorie 600+. Oh well. Up next, pizza. I'm in trouble.

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  22. Lantern

    Lantern Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2011


    Thanks to DruRho!!!!
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  23. atone315

    atone315 Champion (835) Wisconsin Oct 8, 2008

    New Belgium, continuing their consistency....


    They never let me down, but they never blow my mind. I will always buy!!!!
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  24. They nailed the taste profile they were going after. This one, and Short's The Woodmaster are both great examples of maple ans pecan working well together in a beer.
  25. KevinMc79

    KevinMc79 Savant (255) Illinois Oct 29, 2008

    This is ok, but someone described it as the Sam Adams Boston Lager of Vermont and I think that description was right on.
  26. RayUF07

    RayUF07 Advocate (635) Florida Sep 22, 2012

    More West Coast goodness thanks to my boy John11486!

  27. mnguyen281

    mnguyen281 Initiate (0) Texas Apr 9, 2009

    Try their lips of faith tart lychee if you can get a bottle. Loved that beer.
  28. Etan

    Etan Champion (755) Wisconsin Jul 11, 2011

    Can't believe I'm saying this, but this shit is actually thicker than Zhukov.
  29. mattafett

    mattafett Savant (465) Iowa Mar 9, 2009

    Noble Rot
    mmmmmmm......Really tasty!
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  30. Zimm

    Zimm Savant (490) New Jersey May 18, 2012

    Don't think I have Shorts here in NJ but ill keep my eyes open. I hate the seasonal Sams 12 packs. I always want one or two beers cause they sound fantastic. The last White Ale in the one two years ago around Christmas was one of my favorite beers ever!
  31. WOW! this is friggin good!

  32. WebGuyMike

    WebGuyMike Savant (395) Florida Dec 5, 2012


    Still absolutely wonderful!
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  33. SWChi

    SWChi Advocate (515) Illinois Oct 25, 2012

    Why change a good thing....


    Listening to..

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  34. valdieu2

    valdieu2 Savant (345) Maine Feb 23, 2012

    What a great day off: Pliney, Hopslam, Pure Hoppiness, Lunch and Stowaway not to mention SNPA.
    Cheers All
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  35. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Champion (900) Minnesota Aug 31, 2010

    Killer deal. Where was that?
  36. rpbuckeye

    rpbuckeye Advocate (710) Ohio Mar 29, 2011

    Not bad. Weaker coffee taste than a WnB, but not that is a bad thing or a good thing. It is what we thought it was.
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  37. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Advocate (745) Illinois Nov 29, 2012

    Bruery Ichigo Highway. Holy Strawberries!


    Archer time!
  38. Finest Kind then either Sucks or Maharaja.
  39. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Lakeside Wine & Spirits in Long Lake - it's my local shop. It's one of those stores that gets most of the good limited/seasonal stuff but doesn't sell out of it for a week or so after the fact. Plus, when their singles fridge starts to fill up, they put garage sale prices on stuff... in the past I've bought Beer Geek Weasel Cognac for 3.99, Brux for 4.99, Hitachino XH for 0.99, Saboteur for 4.99... pretty rad if you ask me.
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