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Community What beer are you drinking now? #111

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DerrickW, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. shuajw

    shuajw Savant (495) Georgia Aug 12, 2007

    Not usually a hoppy fan, but Hopslam does it for me. And I love this HF glass!

  2. BilbosNuts

    BilbosNuts Savant (380) California Feb 22, 2011 Verified

    Starting the night of with this nice collaboration. Not bad.

  3. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (895) Maryland May 24, 2005 Verified

    Freakin awesome beer! Got a hold of a couple 4 packs of it this year for the first time and it absolutely blew me away. Cheers!
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  4. Watching Minnesota vs. St. Cloud State while enjoying this for the first time. Pretty solid brew. Very drinkable!


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  5. Started with a homebrew. Drinking a Raging Bitch. Sucks is on deck.
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  6. bahnfire

    bahnfire Advocate (535) Vermont Jan 17, 2011 Verified

    Now on to something much more drinkable.
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  7. Evening, gents:

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  8. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poobah (1,035) New Jersey Jun 3, 2004 Verified

    F'in' magic, for sure!- especially in those early days, Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash at the height of their powers. "Bela Lugosi" and especially "I Dare You" still slay me to this day.
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  9. Sam21

    Sam21 Savant (350) Connecticut Dec 14, 2009

    Started with a Two Road's saison and moved on to the last Ghandi Bot in my fridge. Great beers.
  10. 19etz55

    19etz55 Savant (430) New Jersey Aug 12, 2007

    Cheap night. Narragansett Fest Lager. Not bad. Growler night tmmr!
  11. Thank you for your service!
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  12. And now onto this beautiful flower while the snow is falling


  13. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (895) Maryland May 24, 2005 Verified

    A buddy of mine picked me up a couple bottles and I got them today. Got them in the fridge and I am really looking forward to trying this beer this weekend. Cheers
  14. I highly recommend getting a regular trader. Sometimes boxes just show up with stuff like this inside
    Thanks Jason. Cheers!
  15. Because this ain't going to drink itself...


    listening to...

  16. So do I have one of these:



    Or move on to nugget nectar?
  17. Mattyb79

    Mattyb79 Advocate (580) Virginia Dec 11, 2012 Verified

    And now onto one of these.
  18. KevinMc79

    KevinMc79 Savant (300) Illinois Oct 29, 2008 Verified

    This is great beer
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  19. GoGators

    GoGators Advocate (730) New Jersey Aug 5, 2010 Verified

    Following a Hopslam and my 1st Homebrew with a Wake N Bake.
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  20. sobeleg

    sobeleg Advocate (530) New York Jun 29, 2011

    'gansett Lager at the bar earlier,

    now on to something new:


    Bad pic, but its Wachu Saision a collab between Grassroots and Tired Hands
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  21. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Advocate (640) California Jan 2, 2010 Verified

    Yeah boyyyy

    This is nice. >9% abv? I don't taste it!

  22. dckepley

    dckepley Savant (375) Iowa Aug 13, 2006

    A buddy is coming over so I can pop his BCBCS cherry. Sounds weird, but it'll be fun. Cheers!
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  23. Steve_Oldrati

    Steve_Oldrati Advocate (615) Pennsylvania Nov 1, 2012 Verified

    Had an Ayinger Celebrator and a Firestone Walker Double Jack on tap at House of 1000 Beers today, got this free glass. Cheers!

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  24. I really like Terror couple kills colonel.....
  25. WesM63

    WesM63 Advocate (685) Ohio Nov 6, 2011

    This is outstanding.

  26. match1112

    match1112 Initiate (0) Illinois Mar 2, 2011

    eenie, meenie, miney, moe
  27. Why not all 3 and then NN?
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  28. islandboi8204

    islandboi8204 Savant (415) New York Jul 28, 2011 Verified

    Troegs Nugget Nectar, delicious!
  29. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (895) Maryland May 24, 2005 Verified

    Enjoying this now. I was fortunate to land 6 bottles of this and unfortunately this is my last bottle but it has been quite a ride! might be it for me by the time I knock this down...

  30. Scotty

    Scotty Aficionado (245) Maryland Jun 29, 2012 Verified

    Re-visiting this one with almost a year of age - tasting pretty good!

    Cheers LNBA'ers!

  31. mattafett

    mattafett Savant (475) Iowa Mar 9, 2009

    I'm done for the night (not feeling well for the last week), but had these earlier.
    Green Flash Black IPA
    Green Flash Palate Wrecker
    Alesmith Speedway (2009 version) Found this in my cellar, it was the definition of smooth. No alcohol, lots of chocolaty malt, a very slight coffee flavor on the back.
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  32. Just finished the first week at my new job and it was fucking crazy. Starting off with a Denoggonizer from the old keezerator.
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  33. mtalley999

    mtalley999 Savant (415) Maryland Oct 6, 2011

    Moved onto a wee dram of this after the Sucks


    Now onto this


  34. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poobah (1,035) New Jersey Jun 3, 2004 Verified

    All of those are awesome- Volume One is essential listening...
    just to show how bad I can be with titles, though- I just got out my discs to play them and the song I was referring to above is actually called "Double Dare", for anybody following along. I'm the type that never looks at the cover, anyway- I just pop it in and let it ride. Oh well, close enough...
  35. SWChi

    SWChi Advocate (555) Illinois Oct 25, 2012 Verified

  36. [​IMG]

    Double Touchdown from Tired Hands. Looking forward to drinking this beer and not shoveling snow tomorrow.
  37. DStoked

    DStoked Savant (345) Ohio Sep 28, 2011

    Doubt anyone can match this. Wife is at a "Pinterest party" so I'm home with the dog, drinking Nugget Nectar, watching Star Wars, and crunching stats for the BA Dynasty Fantasy Baseball League. It's ok to be jealous.

  38. My, hands down, favorite Lagunitas offering.

    Have 2 in my cellar.
    Drinking one tomorrow.
    Thanks for ringing my bell.

    Well done, sir.
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  39. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (895) Maryland May 24, 2005 Verified

    Ahh, I wish mine were the same. Not getting any of that in the 6-pack I got. Very subtle, muted aroma and flavor. Cheers and enjoy yours though!

    and fabulous avatar by the way...
  40. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poobah (1,035) New Jersey Jun 3, 2004 Verified

    Here's which one I chose:
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