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What beer are you drinking now? #112

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DerrickW, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. denver10

    denver10 Champion (900) Kentucky Nov 17, 2010


    Just cracked open my first Boulevard Rye on Rye as I get set to watch Nuggets basketball and listen to some OM, in preparation for their show on Wednesday.

  2. Zanico

    Zanico Savant (435) Ohio Nov 24, 2009

    Bell's Smitten Golden Rey Ale, bottled 01/18/13.
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  3. WebGuyMike

    WebGuyMike Savant (395) Florida Dec 5, 2012

    Kicking the night into high gear

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  4. Have they released 2013 IST yet? Havent seen it in MA. BTW, Neighbor of the beast was great and I thought the name and label were hilarious
  5. TheRealPour

    TheRealPour Advocate (505) Illinois Jan 29, 2009

    I love this place for their branding alone...and I hear their beer is quite good to boot! ;)
  6. Now playing Catan and drinking Ten Fidy. Winning.

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  7. Getting the night started with a little NN waiting for my BMC friends to show up , and tell me how disgusting my beers are lol
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  8. Just popped my last one of these-
    I figure drinking it .25L at a time will make it last. Goes nicely with a slice of cake, too.
  9. NEBCO pulled out of MA late last year. Can't even satisfy CT demand.
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  10. Fuck it

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  11. Black Gold.

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  12. Hockey_Fan

    Hockey_Fan Advocate (520) Maryland Jan 13, 2013

    The Bruery - Rugbrød

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  13. A little ris is a nice pick up after a long day of snow ass kicking,
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  14. That's my car across the street...cheers!


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  15. TomTwanks

    TomTwanks Initiate (0) Ohio Apr 5, 2011

  16. StubFaceJoe

    StubFaceJoe Initiate (0) Colorado Nov 24, 2011

    I think Lagunitas' goal with this is to redefine the word. So that sucks, means awesome. It would suck if this happened.
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  17. a 2009 Ten-Fidy it is so good for 3+ years
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  18. Oro del calabraza from JP. Watching mich st vs purdue. Firsy my illini beat the loosiers, then wisky took down mich. Lets see if the boilermakers can pull the trifecta.
  19. Prh27

    Prh27 Savant (310) Virginia Apr 24, 2012

    Aged Ten Fidy is incredible, one of my first positive experiences when I started cellaring. I recently found two 4pks from 2010 buried amongst the latest batch at a store. I snatched those bitties up.

    Also, drinking on:

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  20. IST and BA IST! Yum! Actually think I like the regular guy better, but both awesome. Thanks naloxone!

  21. U caught me between brews...sams third voyage, from the hopology pack....on to the dark depths, baltic ipa.
  22. rpbuckeye

    rpbuckeye Advocate (590) Ohio Mar 29, 2011

    This is great or is it survival of the fittest?
  23. WesM63

    WesM63 Advocate (675) Ohio Nov 6, 2011

    How is it?
  24. recovering the water I lost during my escapade in Durham earlier. Then Ill probably get into that Sam Smiths something or other.
  25. BourbonBob

    BourbonBob Savant (450) Illinois Apr 1, 2012

  26. Sorry no picture but...as a reward for running my snowblower over to my neighbor's house and cleaning up his 5 foot snow drifts, he ran out and got me a six-pack of Laganitas Sucks.....
    Just finished my second one and it's helping out with the stiffness from 3 hours of snowblowing :D
  27. erikl48

    erikl48 Savant (295) Pennsylvania Jun 29, 2011


    Nice add on
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  28. JxExM

    JxExM Savant (470) New York Mar 5, 2012

  29. Splitting with my lovely wife...it's good.


    listening to...

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  30. First time with this, and I'm happy I have 3 other bottles.


    listening to...

  31. 3 year old Ten-Fidy and a 40 year old song
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  32. pschul4

    pschul4 Advocate (625) Illinois Jan 7, 2011

    Silk skorpion. If youre in madison go there!!
  33. drgonzo2k2

    drgonzo2k2 Savant (470) California Aug 24, 2012

    Doing a little face off tonight, here's # 1:

  34. founder26

    founder26 Savant (460) Michigan Sep 9, 2009

    Had all of these in a tasting
  35. Damn near perfect.[​IMG]
  36. cocoapuph

    cocoapuph Savant (390) California Mar 4, 2011

  37. After a few IPAs during the day while dealing with snow I figured I'd change gears and go with a MBC King Titus Porter for a change of pace.

  38. After over 2 feet of snow, nearly 4 hours of shoveling, and a canceled Extreme Beer Fest, I decided to put together this not-so-humble little lineup:


    I think I'm drinking better than I would have at EBF.

    Fou Foune is done, drinking Kate the Great right now, and will wrap up the night with the Ola Dubh 40. God I love Kate...
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