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What beer are you drinking now? #128

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DerrickW, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. DerrickW

    DerrickW Advocate (510) Georgia Jan 17, 2013

    Monday's suck. And it sucks that I have no SUCKS, but this will do. Cheers!

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  3. tectactoe

    tectactoe Champion (760) Michigan Mar 20, 2012

    Okay, I know I'm not drinking these "now" but whatever. From a tasting last Friday...

    Open Container

    '12 Chocolate Rain



    Guava Grove

    Others we had that were not pictured...Speedway, BA Speedway, Kopi Speedway, Sunny Side Up (Little Amps Coffee), Baller Stout, Sobrehumano, Crooked Stave Batch #1 Wild Wild Brett, and Logsdon Seizoen Bretta.
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  4. alelover

    alelover Advocate (595) Michigan Aug 19, 2012

    I've got about 3 hours of free time on my hands so i figured i would dig into my last 6 pack of smitten and kill some n00bs on black ops.. just an fyi for ps3 users. if you are on and playing when double xp ends a message will pop up asking to update something.. click cancel and you'll be able to keep getting double xp until you exit out of BO or turn off the system.. ;)
  5. alelover

    alelover Advocate (595) Michigan Aug 19, 2012

    no.. you're doing it all wrong. its monday and i see a bcbs in the back.. ;)
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  6. H
    Here I always thought BCBS was a Wednesday beer
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  7. jaIsPoAn

    jaIsPoAn Savant (375) New York Aug 1, 2012

  8. Reading Fevre Dream by George R R Martin while drinking this by the pool

    image by dachshunddude86, on Flickr
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  9. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

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  10. Yo are a day early, tomorrow is George Harrison's birthday.
  11. mellowmark

    mellowmark Savant (465) Minnesota Mar 31, 2010

    Surly Pentagram. Yum.

  12. Nachos4two

    Nachos4two Advocate (545) Illinois Nov 26, 2011

    What glass is that?
  13. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    I assume that was directed at me? It's a Mikkeller glass that my brother brought me home from Brussels.
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  14. sfsean28

    sfsean28 Savant (390) New Jersey Dec 17, 2008

  15. BeerLover99

    BeerLover99 Advocate (735) Illinois Dec 13, 2008

    Haven't had a Rogue in a while and this looks new:

  16. More action for Mikkeller Nelson Sauvignon... Fittingly, the shape of a heart appeared in the glare spot

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  17. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Advocate (625) Illinois Nov 28, 2012

  18. alelover

    alelover Advocate (595) Michigan Aug 19, 2012

    case closed!! really wish they released this in the summer. its not the greatest but man could i throw these back like crazy on a hot summer day out on the lake.
    something also tells me maybe i shouldn't of drank a 6 pack an hour and a half before having to go to the doctor to see how far long my girlfriend is.. :oops: haha
    cheers all!
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  19. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Sounds like I'll have to include some NA treats for your lady friend! :)

    edit: also, very solid soundtrack choice
  20. BeerLover99

    BeerLover99 Advocate (735) Illinois Dec 13, 2008

    (Stellar post!)

    Aching to try that beer and LOVE the jam (partially DEAD since 2005, caught RatDog in Milwaukee + Rhythm Devils (Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann/GD + Mike Gordon/Phish) in Toledo!
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  21. BeerLover99

    BeerLover99 Advocate (735) Illinois Dec 13, 2008

    Popped this open, never tried anything from Virginia...love the style, palate baffled on this offering.
    Not amazing, not awful.

  22. DaKur

    DaKur Savant (400) Rhode Island Nov 15, 2012


    Palate Wrecker to start my night off.
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  23. Ayinger Celebrator
  24. Got to love Monday! Soaking up some rays on the porch. Drinking the best beer Terrapin makes(that I've had)
    Chinchillen with my drinking partner
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  25. Pliny the Younger at an undisclosed location in Sacramento, Ca.

  26. [​IMG]

    How I'm spending my monday afternoon off.
  27. drrone

    drrone Savant (480) Utah Dec 18, 2011

    Well looks like I'm gonna get snowed in again. I think I'll start with this.
  28. RStang13

    RStang13 Savant (280) New Jersey Jun 22, 2011

    Missed it yesterday, so here it is today

    Yesterday's afternoon delight:

    Absolute cellar gem, do not sleep on this beer!
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  29. loafinaround

    loafinaround Savant (370) New York Jul 16, 2011

    more sucks!
    All I have to say about sucks at this point in my lagunitas addiction is that they BETTER make this a year round bev soon, 'cause I'm going to go through a very ugly withdrawl when my supply dries up.
    And the latest threads about that were from april 2012 :( how can they get me addicted and then leave me hangin'?!
  30. Cee-Poe

    Cee-Poe Aficionado (240) Wisconsin Feb 12, 2013

    A blackout I wouldn't mind having more of.

  31. Cee-Poe

    Cee-Poe Aficionado (240) Wisconsin Feb 12, 2013

    I was hoping I wouldn't feel too great of urg to pick this up. I believe you have broke my back... and by back I mean wallet.
  32. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 7, 2012


    Nice big glass of coffee after work. Listening to:

    Cheers, LNBA!
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  33. Tiny picture but I'm about to open this up...along with the Don't Let Me Down theme:

  34. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Advocate (625) Illinois Nov 28, 2012

    Drinking from the same vessel. It's my only surviving pint glass. RIP Winnie The Pooh pint glass.
  35. Well it looks like bcbs is the beer of the day for monday. I must say that i enjoy this one much more as a starter beer than a finisher. It is too common for me to get buzzed quick and pop one of these and drink it to fast. Much better to savor the sweet sticky bourboness.
    after some time..
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  36. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Advocate (625) Illinois Nov 28, 2012

    Just finished a Deschutes Red Chair NWPA, and now moving on to my first bottle of Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye IPA. I wish my damn camera wasn't broken, but ohhhhhh well. >.<
  37. cracked a 12th a couple of weeks back. curious, any thoughts on it compared to XIV or XV?
  38. Dogfish 60, an oldie but a goodie ;)
  39. wscaffe

    wscaffe Savant (345) Florida May 6, 2011


    Always outstanding.
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