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What beer are you drinking now? #165

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by unclejazz, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. unclejazz

    unclejazz Advocate (560) New York Oct 24, 2011

    First time firing up one of these, but I couldn't help it. Noticed this last night:

    Popped it in the fridge, emergency drinking of this first thing in the morning. I hope the bad capping job has not doomed this beer.


    Sipping on it now or breakfast, whew that is some good stuff. Good mouthfeel and no noticeable oxidation.

  2. Looks flat with no noticeable head. Did it loose all carbonation from the bad cap?
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  3. unclejazz

    unclejazz Advocate (560) New York Oct 24, 2011

    It never really has a ton of carbonation, and with this one 4 months old its bit too bad. It is by no means flat. There is still just enough carbonation to enjoy it. Not the best BCBCS I ever had, but we are talking about 1st world problems here.
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  4. Beefytits4

    Beefytits4 Savant (485) Illinois Nov 2, 2011

  5. ufmj

    ufmj Savant (415) Florida Feb 15, 2013

    A solid American Amber/Red Ale...but it's no Nugget Nectar.

  6. MattXT

    MattXT Champion (790) Massachusetts Nov 23, 2010

    I failed to take pictures, but enjoyed a Yeti and Curmudgeon last night.
  7. IndyDad

    IndyDad Champion (870) New York Jan 21, 2013

    Hmmm... There must be a reason they call it Breakfast Stout. Turns out there is, and it's perfect for a morning getmeup. Wish I had more of the other one, I'd be having a Kentucky breakfast. But I guess that has to wait until later. Thank you, Founders.
  8. Good morning all!

    Im on vacation and I have a full day off, which means its time to eat into the stash of Ohio beer I bought earlier in the week.
    Right now its this:

    What are yall drinking?

  9. ufmj

    ufmj Savant (415) Florida Feb 15, 2013

    Although it's still freezing here in Jersey...Spring has sprung!


    (Definitely gonna have to do a side-by-side tasting with Anchor Steam at some point in the near future...)
  10. alelover

    alelover Advocate (600) Michigan Aug 19, 2012

    4 year old oudbeitje lambic..
    cheers everyone!
  11. that is my absolute favorite Lambic. Cheers, mate!
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  12. Good morning Vietnam!!!!...errr Beer Advocate

  13. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (515) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    Seems to be a theme today, Il join. Sharing this with Nectar. My favorite

  14. Lots of Vanilla in this one, no falling off here folks
  15. dckepley

    dckepley Savant (365) Iowa Aug 13, 2006

    Drinking my first ever bottle of KBS!! My prior experience with this beer was a 1 oz sample at GABF. 12 oz is much better. What a wonderful lunch. Cheers!
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  16. Time to rinse the palette with some Single Hop Citra...
  17. BB1313

    BB1313 Champion (825) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    Just picked up a 6pk.. only $8.99 too which is awesome. Tasting great and is just as good as it's always been on-tap, imo.. cheers!
  18. Jake1605

    Jake1605 Initiate (0) Missouri Nov 24, 2009

    Founders KBS 2013 out of a KBS glass the way God intended (old glass, not the new one).
  19. Jake1605

    Jake1605 Initiate (0) Missouri Nov 24, 2009

    This Kentucky Breakfast Stout goes great with creme brûlée, banana bread not so much lol. Killer day off, finna watch some Tosh, Samcro & Grumpy old men today.
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  20. baconman91

    baconman91 Advocate (505) Ohio Dec 13, 2009

    Mission Brewery: Shipwrecked Double IPA.. not too shabby!
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  21. ESeab

    ESeab Advocate (515) New Jersey Jan 3, 2013

    Sierra Nevada El Plurado
    Yards Brawler
    Left Hand Warrior Ipa
    Lindemans Framboise

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  22. Happy Hump Day BA!
  23. Old Rasputin mixed with some Bruichladdich Laddie 10.
  24. Jake1605

    Jake1605 Initiate (0) Missouri Nov 24, 2009

    Now I want to break out my last Bramble Rye...
  25. mixed_master7

    mixed_master7 Initiate (0) Florida May 16, 2012

    Starting the day of with a CCB Capricho Oscura batch 5. Only have one more left and I'm a bit depressed now. Seriously, probably one of the best beers I'll ever have, and hands down the best BA beer by CCB.


    Nothing really going on today, so I may end up hitting up Rapp Brewery in a bit.

    Edit: Judging by the pics above, I should have opened up a Bourbon County instead. Did I miss the memo or something?

  26. I introduce to you... The Bourbon County Varient Cuvee... Its 3:10pm I am aware
  27. yamar68

    yamar68 Initiate (0) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Where's the Rare? Nooblets, the lot of ya.
  28. A lot of people (well, speculating here but still) would complain that they should get a free bottle for this (not that they would be necessarily wrong), but honestly you deserve another one for the fact that you didn't complain and moan about a bad cap. Bravo unclejazz.
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  29. sixer of Columbus Brewing Co. IPA.
  30. Hösle Weissbier Resi. Its a good Bavarian brewed Weiss beer. Accents of banana and the classic Weiss beer flavor. Kinda leaves a strange aftertaste in your mouth though....

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  31. i cant find this damn stuff, and im only 2 hours SE of the brewery. i tried calling around this morning, and everyone was like rude to me. I guess calling about a beer inthe morning is frowned upon here in north central OH.
  32. Also had a couple of my most favorite beers in the world, Maisel's Weiss. Brewed in Bayreuth, about 25 minutes from where I live..

  33. West Coast IPA at one of my favorite spots...

  34. beerserks

    beerserks Savant (350) Texas Oct 19, 2010

    Started with this one...

    Now revisiting an old friend. The first beer that made me realize there is better beer out there rather than just BMC.

    Man I havent had this in a long time, still delicious :) Cheers everyone!!
  35. Willbfun

    Willbfun Aficionado (150) New York Sep 28, 2012

    Just sippin some Southern Tier oak aged barleywine. I'm kinda played out on the sweet ales and now prefer more hop forward ales like IPA's or even sours. I would not have guessed that of myself a year ago, that's for sure. ~happy tippling~
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  36. Matynich

    Matynich Aspirant (25) Virginia Feb 8, 2013

    4:00, Sitting on my porch in RVA, sun is shining, just finished a Saints Devotion and about to drink a DC Brau OTWOA canned 3/15/13...if only I could post a picture
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