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What beer are you drinking now? #507

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by BeerDrinker01, Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. RobTheKnob

    RobTheKnob Savant (390) Texas Nov 30, 2013

    Fantastic local IPA out of Dallas.

  2. Cleaning the fridge a little tonight with the hop torpedo, cheers![​IMG]
  3. Torpedo from the bottle, outstanding.
  4. dzyneguru

    dzyneguru Savant (370) Minnesota Jan 15, 2010

    Gotta love the Ghandi Bot! Cheers,
  5. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Champion (900) Minnesota Aug 31, 2010

  6. BodiesLexus

    BodiesLexus Advocate (520) New York Feb 23, 2011

    gotta get on some good strong Scotchies, perfect bridge from winter stouts into 'Paddies
    When faced with complexity, one must unravel the strands, and find the essence.
  7. Vitacca

    Vitacca Advocate (580) Montana Sep 15, 2010

  8. Pahn

    Pahn Advocate (705) New York Dec 2, 2009

    man, fresh dirtwolf is almost perfect. and whatever the distance to perfection it has left to go is pretty much trivial.
  9. Hi-Res round 2…

    listening to…

  10. Joining in. Having this generous gift from @jzellinger


    And this band/singer reminds me of Cat Stevens...

  11. tacosandbeer

    tacosandbeer Savant (455) Colorado Sep 24, 2010

  12. I really love this beer. Cheers!

  13. draheim

    draheim Poobah (1,050) Washington Sep 18, 2010

  14. [​IMG] Cellar dive 21 and boy is this a tasty 15%!
  15. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Advocate (660) Illinois Nov 28, 2012

    I honestly don't even know. I'm sure I've had it before. Same with the IPA.
  16. Knocksvil

    Knocksvil Savant (365) California May 17, 2013

  17. Hopgoddess312

    Hopgoddess312 Savant (350) Illinois Jan 17, 2014

    4-8 inches of snow expected overnight tonight in Chicago. Thank god I have good beer!! Cheers to all my fellow midwestern BAs for surviving this f*** winter!

  18. [​IMG]

    Vaporizer by Peekskill Brewery, an imperial stout dry-hopped w/ mosaic and nugget hops. This beer definitely brings the ruckus.
  19. One of my favorites from 2013….
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  20. dianimal

    dianimal Advocate (530) California Apr 18, 2012

  21. superspak

    superspak Poobah (1,070) Michigan May 5, 2010

    Not what I expected out of an APWA, but a very tasty beer nonetheless. Grapefruit/tangerine/orange zest/lemon zest hoppiness with moderately balanced caramel/wheat/bread malts. Fair amount of pine bitterness with an overall good malt/bitterness balance. Smooth, crisp, and a bit sticky on the mouthfeel. Enjoyed it.

    Very nice DIPA, quite fresh too which I why I bought it. Tangerine, grapefruit, orange peel, and some moderate pineapple/peach with noticeable Munich malt breadiness, but not too much. Prominent crisp pine bitterness with a fairly sticky mouthfeel and smooth sipping. Really tasty.

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  23. Exactly what I was thinking! I've been listening to 36 Chambers all day. ;)
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  24. Pahn

    Pahn Advocate (705) New York Dec 2, 2009

    has it changed a lot? better now than before?

    i have a bottle left, and am thinking i don't want to overdo the cellaring. is it still really hoppy?
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  25. russpowell

    russpowell Poobah (1,190) Oklahoma May 24, 2005

    Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel with some Bigfoot on deck. Justified & Oberman on the idiot box (as my late date called it).
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  26. Well that sucks, it's super hoppy when fresh. :(
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  27. markgugs

    markgugs Poobah (1,010) New Jersey Dec 20, 2006

    nightcap, old pic. nearly 3 months old and still drinking like a champ! slight hop fade, but still juicy as heck and full of tropical fruit & citrus flavors. maybe a bit onion-y on the nose, but not unpleasant at all. good to know this holds up so well

  28. Your place was broken in to yesterday?
  29. Sounds like he was an awesome individual, sorry about your devastating loss, markgugs. :(:(
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  30. sneaks2210

    sneaks2210 Advocate (565) New York Oct 20, 2006

    Mac crashes. I try numerous times to reboot, nothing happens. Pop open a GO TO IPA, and voila it comes back to life. My new "GO TO" beer!

  31. moving on…. cellar clearing.

    My last 17….


    And on to JRAD. Freaking amazing. Can't wait for RatDog this weekend either!

  32. MichPaul

    MichPaul Advocate (745) Michigan Jan 28, 2012

    Mmmm... Always love it when this beer comes out each year! The only downfall is, I wish it hit in the late Spring/Summer. Who cares though, as long as it's in my glass at some point.
    Cheers Y'all!
  33. Relaxing with a couple of Chill Waves
    Recycled pic

    Eating some Reheated Pizza and listening to James McMurtry

  34. Had some FBS on tap today. Was it ever tasty!
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  35. Vonstein15

    Vonstein15 Savant (310) Ohio Jan 15, 2010

    Finishing the night or (cough cough) early morning with a Smuttynose Durty Hoppy Brown Ale,will be buying more of this fine beer.my-what a beer to end with.Cheers to all we have loved and lost.
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  36. austina3214

    austina3214 Savant (300) Ohio Oct 29, 2013

    Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout while brewing my first batch. It's a nut brown ale. All went well. So, hopefully it turns out good when it's all done.

  37. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poobah (1,010) Wisconsin Nov 16, 2012


    AR batch 3. Very good American attempt at a raspberry sour. I dug it!


    Tonight's lineup. Citra was disappointing, though.
  38. Bunk86

    Bunk86 Disciple (50) New York Mar 3, 2014

    I can't get over how good this beer is.
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