What Beer Are You Drinking Now? #65

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by zac16125, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Absolut

    Absolut Advocate (500) California Sep 19, 2011

    one of the few times i've wished i still lived in the midwest.
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  2. Resuin

    Resuin Champion (915) Massachusetts Jun 18, 2012

    Now on to a '12 Dissident from Deschutes. Absolutely delicious. Cheers!

  3. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (825) Maryland May 24, 2005

    Sweet lineups, enjoy! By the way, what year are those Santa's Little Helpers? I ask because I notice that you can actually see Santa on these labels, as opposed to his now normal blacked out image.
  4. JRod1969

    JRod1969 Advocate (615) New York Nov 23, 2010

    You'd need two wishes. One to live in the midwest and one to have a time machine. Or just trade for it. Not too hard especially for a CA guy.
  5. BlueRogue

    BlueRogue Advocate (635) Maine May 1, 2011



    and watching


    Happy Holidays everyone!
  6. Jae9979

    Jae9979 Aficionado (230) New York Sep 23, 2012

  7. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Champion (755) Illinois Nov 29, 2012

    How do you like the Abduction?
  8. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Moderator (860) Georgia Feb 12, 2012 Staff Member

    Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas, and WELCOME to BA.
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  9. mklever42

    mklever42 Savant (310) Colorado Apr 28, 2012

    Now on to these mofos. Merry Christmas Advocates of Beer!

    And yet another one from Crooked Stave. Crooked Stave is the SHIZNIT!
  10. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (825) Maryland May 24, 2005

    I like the mini grill in the background, which I assume is for your son. Santa did it right! Cheers and Merry Christmas.
  11. freewill35

    freewill35 Advocate (725) Indiana Oct 27, 2007

    Jacob Leinenkugel Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout
    [​IMG]Samuel Adams Boston Lager[​IMG]
  12. Zaphog

    Zaphog Poobah (1,140) Michigan Sep 23, 2011

    I like it...pretty solid. It's a bit peppery and harsh on the palate. I did like Cose Encounter better.
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  13. mklever42

    mklever42 Savant (310) Colorado Apr 28, 2012

    What is it with people drinking dope ass beers out of shitty plastic cups????? Either way, dope ass beer and enjoy the hell outta it!
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  14. Mealhouse

    Mealhouse Savant (385) Minnesota Feb 19, 2012

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  15. RustyP

    RustyP Savant (350) Texas Dec 22, 2008

    This while wrapping presents earlier this evening:

    Then a couple of 7 & 7s at the inlaws. Now this while cooking some bacon/onion jam for tomorrow:
    Oh yeah, and The Byrds are supplying the tunes for tonight!
  16. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Champion (755) Illinois Nov 29, 2012

    Red Solo Cup, bro.
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  17. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Champion (755) Illinois Nov 29, 2012

    I couldn't do Close Encounter. The extreme hoppiness made me drain pour it.
  18. Crackerroll

    Crackerroll Savant (355) Missouri Jan 16, 2011

    Merry Christmas BAs! Enjoying a Schlafly Christmas Ale...went to Mass; had dinner; kids in bed; waiting for "Santa" to "arrive"...hahaha...Enjoy the Holidays everyone and may Peace be with everyone in these times.
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  19. Wrapping my lovely wife's gifts, watching A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and killing...


    ...in my brand new Great Divide Yeti snifter that arrived today :D
  20. mtalley999

    mtalley999 Savant (405) Maryland Oct 6, 2011

    That's part of the Little Tikes Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen. It's kind of awesome. :)

    Now if we can just get the little man to cook breakfast tomorrow we'd be in business. Merry Christmas!
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  21. mtalley999

    mtalley999 Savant (405) Maryland Oct 6, 2011

    That snifter is awesome.
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  22. Teleweizen2

    Teleweizen2 Savant (470) New Jersey Oct 27, 2009

    Started off with a Westy12

    Now I'm having a Pannepot


    Merry Christmas guys!
  23. CA_Infidel2o9

    CA_Infidel2o9 Savant (310) Dec 1, 2012

    I think i've found my favorite brews of 2012 (if not, of all time). This & Abyss are the only beers that i have bought multiple bombers of, and drank on a daily basis. Both have opened my eyes to 2 different styles that i plan to dig deeper into and hopefully find a year round brew compatible to these.

    Happy Holidays fellow BAs!
  24. Drew26

    Drew26 Savant (455) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012

    New Glarus Belgian Red...Christmas Eve tradition! Merry Christmas!!!
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  25. Gehrig13

    Gehrig13 Initiate (0) New Jersey Jun 21, 2012

    Merry Christmas to all & to all a goodnight!!!
  26. davey101

    davey101 Initiate (0) Connecticut Apr 14, 2009

    Merry Christmas/eve everyone!
  27. Plastic cups seem to be stealing the show tonight.
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  28. bpfrush

    bpfrush Advocate (590) Wisconsin Jan 24, 2009

    I've had 2 glasses of the best non-BA imperial stout out there - Founders Imperial Stout! Merry Christmas everyone!
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  29. JRod1969

    JRod1969 Advocate (615) New York Nov 23, 2010

    Amen. Wow, Bramble kicked it up a notch in the year since I last had one. Wonderful balance developed and the raspberry smoothed out allowing everything else to come through. Will enjoy the rest of this.
  30. Schell's Snowstorm
  31. Brewsky29

    Brewsky29 Savant (260) Pennsylvania Oct 29, 2011

    Finished a Stone Smoked Porter and now on to Troegs Perpetual watching best movie ever on Tbs....yea a statue!!
  32. jmw

    jmw Savant (440) North Carolina Feb 4, 2009


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  33. last beer of the night....West Coast IPA. sooo yummy
  34. Another scotch ale in another brand new Great Divide snifter that arrived today.

  35. What do you use for beer pong? Duvel tulips? Makes it too hard to sink a shot. Solo cups for the win

    Be glad the paper Arby's cup hasn't made an appearance yet.
  36. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (825) Maryland May 24, 2005

    And now on to this. This is it for me tonight.

  37. mklever42

    mklever42 Savant (310) Colorado Apr 28, 2012

    Beer Pong? Woah! Although playing that with Duvel tulips would be pretty badass. The paper cups.....fond memories.

    Beer Pong with BCBS.....BRILLIANT!
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  38. I've tried playing with regular pint glasses, the game takes forever since the balls bounce so much
  39. HeyJim

    HeyJim Savant (395) Pennsylvania Sep 22, 2012

    Plastic cup theory : It's Christmas eve, and people are at their families houses, away from their snifters and tulips.

    Served my mother-in-law and brother-in-law some Founders Breakfast Stout tonight, out of, you guessed it, plastic cups.
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  40. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Champion (755) Illinois Nov 29, 2012

    I'd like to play beer pong with various FW beers one of these days.
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