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What beer are you drinking now? #71

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Bitterbill, Dec 30, 2012.

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  1. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    Lienies Big Eddy Wee Heavy, it's alright. Kinda sweet. Watching this fucked up Packers Vikings game.
  2. Squidly

    Squidly Savant (450) New Jersey Nov 26, 2006


    Hill Farmstead "Life Without Principle #2"
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  3. awdturboiv

    awdturboiv Advocate (540) Indiana May 24, 2008


    Sharing one of these bad boys
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  4. [​IMG]
    Wow that is delicious, well played Germany, very well played.
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  5. Love the Avatar but hate the cup! Sure you would do better if you were elsewhere though. I just brewed my first Hefe. Wondering how it comes out.
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  6. fmccormi

    fmccormi Champion (780) Florida Oct 24, 2010

    O hai BA, longtime no post.

    I'm enjoying a rather fresh (like bottled eight days ago) bottle of Finestkind. It's quite tasty.
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  7. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Champion (810) Ohio Sep 16, 2010

    Sharing a BCBS with The Mrs .


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  8. bluejacket74

    bluejacket74 Champion (815) Ohio Jul 4, 2005

    Had some:


    And now I'm sipping on a bottle of:

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  9. First time trying Surly. This baby was canned only 10 days ago. Amazing.

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  10. iSTi

    iSTi Aficionado (140) California Sep 10, 2012

    For the final win of the season.
  11. Smuttynose Big A and Brown Shugga on tap...home and onto a new beer Sunday pick, Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Equinoxes du Printemps
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  12. SABERG

    SABERG Advocate (655) Massachusetts Sep 16, 2007

    BBC Lost Sailor, with a touch of SA Utopias 10th.
    All Massachusetts, While our son jams loadly to an original Bass improv.
    Go Pats

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  13. diesel59

    diesel59 Savant (410) New York Jan 3, 2012

    i wish i could find jai alai in ny.... not to mention in a can.... it must be killer! One of my favorites... that I feel dosen't get enough hype.
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  14. Giovannilucano

    Giovannilucano Savant (460) Wyoming Feb 24, 2011

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  15. Polestar Pilsner to start and getting ready for this Phish stream to get going.
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  16. [​IMG]

    Sharing this with a sad Bears fan and fellow BA (Labonix).... Shit happens bro!

    Cheers from a happy Chiefs fan!
  17. awdturboiv

    awdturboiv Advocate (540) Indiana May 24, 2008


    Pleasantly surprised
  18. Nightcapping with a couple of these.
  19. On a cold winter day, I drowned my sorrows of a New York Giants elimination with this awesome little treat!
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  20. cfrances33

    cfrances33 Champion (760) Illinois Jun 12, 2012

    Love it, how is it? Also, get back out to TH if you can soon, went tonight, and Domo was just superb.
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  21. ripps1

    ripps1 Advocate (525) New Jersey Aug 28, 2012

    Getting ready to watch the Redskins-Cowboys game. Drinking this from my cellar.


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  22. Back in my day, when we wanted to hear pigs, we put on Animals.
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  23. ballenc

    ballenc Savant (295) Minnesota Sep 17, 2006

    Well, coming out of half time of Vikes-Packers, I decided to down shift from RIS to a pale ale...


    Now - after a Vikings victory (!!!) I decide to throttle up to a stellar DIPA in celebration...beating the evil Packers and knocking the Bears out of the playoffs! Can't get much better as a two-fer...


  24. Since your neighbor is a Patriots fan I'd pawn that bottle of Merry Mischief off on him/her.
  25. awdturboiv

    awdturboiv Advocate (540) Indiana May 24, 2008


    Not overly spiced...good
  26. skinsfan

    skinsfan Advocate (700) Maryland May 24, 2005

    Cracked my last can of Abrasive for the year as I get ready for kickoff of the Skins game. Go SKINS!

  27. JRod1969

    JRod1969 Advocate (615) New York Nov 23, 2010

    Started here...


    and pretty pumped Keegan ditched the $30+ dollar bomber for this format...

  28. Pink Floyd is always welcome on my DVD player and surround sound system! :) (Fist pump!)
  29. Homebrew Bourbon barrel porter with cacao nibs!! Awesome!!

  30. sleuthdog

    sleuthdog Advocate (660) Illinois Oct 21, 2008

    Huge shout out and thanks to franklinn for sending me both this beer and glass!


    Cheers guys!
  31. How is this drinking?
    Planning to crack mine tomorrow night.
  32. Maction

    Maction Savant (445) Illinois Oct 14, 2008

    A little late for Xmas, but


    Pipeworks Cranpire Christmas, a Berliner Weisse with cranberry
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  33. funhog

    funhog Savant (460) Illinois Mar 8, 2011

    BCBS in my recently purchased 16oz tulip.
  34. dont remember but i wanna say 6.8?
  35. rpbuckeye

    rpbuckeye Advocate (710) Ohio Mar 29, 2011

    Lets see if this brings the Cowboys some lukc.
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  36. PittBeerGirl

    PittBeerGirl Advocate (685) Ohio Feb 27, 2007

    Abyss 2011 Reserve. Holding up well right now.
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  37. BB1313

    BB1313 Champion (815) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    Columbus IPA right now.. watching some SNF.. cheers..
  38. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Michigan Jan 7, 2012

    Blue Mountain Dark Hollow. The bourbon starts to show up as it warms, but this is too thin (in both mouthfeel and flavor).

    Watching Romo being Romo.

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  39. Giovannilucano

    Giovannilucano Savant (460) Wyoming Feb 24, 2011

    Ok I admit that I have always rooted for the Cowboys too!

    Remember those Starter hooded jackets? Yep I had one back in the day and in California too! :D
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