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What beer are you drinking now? #73

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by SerialTicker, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Maction

    Maction Savant (455) Illinois Oct 14, 2008

    Bell's Expedition Stout

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  2. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,240) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Verified

    I was fortunate enough to have a new beer geek friend send me a bottle of Moon Man...I was blown away. Great hop character and session able ABV, I could drink that stuff ALL night!!! Fist pump for the Moon Guy!!!!!
  3. rpbuckeye

    rpbuckeye Advocate (710) Ohio Mar 29, 2011

    12/22/11 and tasting F'n great.
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  4. Breaking in a new glass I got for Christmas.


    Crazy how much this thing holds. It looks like a taster but manages to cradle the contents of an entire 12 oz bottle. Impressive.
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  5. MattyG85

    MattyG85 Champion (945) Minnesota Aug 31, 2010 Verified


    Don't know anything about this band and can't find any info, but this is awesome:

    Its like Black Sabbath meets the Velvet Underground.
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  6. cquinn17

    cquinn17 Aficionado (220) Washington Jun 15, 2011 Verified


    Celebrating the first Northwestern bowl win since 1949 with this amazing Chicago beer. Cheers all!
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  7. Drinking a Firestone Walker 16 and watching a bunch of Archer. Tonight rules.
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  8. skinsfan

    skinsfan Champion (905) Maryland May 24, 2005 Verified

    Torpedo and 90 minute IPA earlier today

    Enjoying these this evening. Cheers!


  9. Resuin

    Resuin Poobah (1,110) Massachusetts Jun 18, 2012 Verified

    Enjoying a quality rauchbier and enjoying the day off! Cheers!

  10. A very pleasant New Year to you as well! I went in to Philadelphia and got a growler of Pliny the Elder and boy is it ever good! :D
  11. wyatt13

    wyatt13 Savant (485) Illinois Feb 13, 2011


    Splitting this with my Dad. Here's to another year of great beer!
  12. I can get it pretty easily. I've never traded before, so I'm not sure how it works, but I can get 4 packs for $16. Let me know, if you have anything good to trade.
  13. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    Hang-over tasting in VT

    getting started with:




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  14. takach79

    takach79 Aficionado (235) Indiana Apr 3, 2011 Verified

    Just 1, solo
  15. Dtrain4

    Dtrain4 Aficionado (185) New York Dec 29, 2012

  16. BlastBeats

    BlastBeats Savant (435) Illinois Mar 24, 2011

    Earlier.. 120 Minute IPA

    Cuvee Van De Keizer Blauw

    Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XV.. or as my old college roommate used to say, "Ol' Ratty"

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  17. litheum94

    litheum94 Advocate (665) California Dec 29, 2008

  18. SixPack6

    SixPack6 Savant (400) Wisconsin Jan 4, 2011 Verified

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  19. franklinn

    franklinn Savant (440) Vermont May 29, 2012

    next up, thanks shilt!

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  20. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Initiate (0) Illinois Nov 23, 2010

    Can't get enough of this "milk stout" at $7.99 a 4-pack.


    Cheers fellas.
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  21. rpbuckeye

    rpbuckeye Advocate (710) Ohio Mar 29, 2011

    A lot of coffee, not getting much bourbon.
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  22. 4balance

    4balance Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011

    Sipping on a SN Celebration...cheers BAs ~
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  23. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Champion (945) Pennsylvania Apr 4, 2009 Verified

    A slow but good one on the late night tip.

    Just popped this, it's awsome.

    Listening to

    "Your hustle Iā€™m never knocking it. I came from having little of nothing I need a lot of it. "
  24. sparx1100

    sparx1100 Savant (460) Minnesota Jun 18, 2008

    Trying a few new beers for the new year

    Like this not the best winter beer i have had but very drinkable with a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg

    Smells awesome the maple is very pronounced in the noise it tastes kinda blah though was hoping for better

    Was surprised to see a saison from shiner did a decent job on this one would have liked a bit more fruit but a OK brew
  25. millerbuffoon

    millerbuffoon Advocate (590) Pennsylvania Oct 18, 2007 Verified

    started with a New Glarus Apple Ale, then a Foothills Seeing Double, onto a Maine Peeper Ale...
  26. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,240) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Verified

    I tip my glass to you because if I'm hung over those pictures (for me) would be water and Advil. You go!!
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  27. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,240) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Verified

    You passed out while drinking a bunch of macros??? :p
    Hugonaut13 likes this.
  28. Tony412

    Tony412 Savant (300) Michigan Jan 26, 2012 Verified

    This is drinking great fresh.

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  29. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Champion (790) Illinois Nov 29, 2012 Verified

    Heh. I will say I did start the night off by having 3 cans of Hamm's in my large Chalice. :)
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  30. lokieman

    lokieman Savant (475) Oklahoma Jan 20, 2011

    My favorite year round, off the shelf IPA. Always delicious...​
  31. sommersb

    sommersb Advocate (590) Tennessee May 25, 2010

    Enjoying this beauty from Brouwerij Bosteels:

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  32. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Champion (875) Illinois Nov 8, 2012 Verified

    Sorry, no pics today. Just a lot of wii with the gf and the following brews:
    Big Sky Moose Drool
    SA Winter Lager and . . .
    3 Floyds Alpha Klaus.

    Maybe, it's the noob in me, but 3 Floyds can do no wrong!:D
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  33. Hugonaut13

    Hugonaut13 Champion (790) Illinois Nov 29, 2012 Verified

    Never ask for a FFF sour/wild ale and you'll be ok :)
  34. Didn't drink past midnight last night so this is my first of 2013. Started solid but could have been better! ( was out of heady ;) )
  35. 4balance

    4balance Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011

  36. beertunes

    beertunes Poobah (1,390) Washington Sep 24, 2007 Verified

    Just asked the bartender to pour me whatever. She hands me the beer, I take a sip and say, "Anacortes Klosterbier". She's all "damnit!". I say, "I could recognize this beer in a dark alley. Which I could, it's a very tasty Black Lager.
  37. [​IMG]

    Would probably be delicious but this is far from fresh.
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  38. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2011

    Stone IPA


  39. cquinn17

    cquinn17 Aficionado (220) Washington Jun 15, 2011 Verified


    Moving on to a nice barleywine. I love me some central waters and I can't wait for the barrel aged version of this beer this year.
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