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What beer are you drinking now? #83

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Dools9, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Champion (845) Ohio Sep 16, 2010 Beer Trader

  2. zac16125

    zac16125 Poobah (1,025) South Carolina Jan 26, 2010 Beer Trader

    Was thinking about making it a Bolt Cutter night, but its Friday and I didn't want it to be a one and done night ( and a 15% 750mL barely wine would almost certainly be one and done for me). Plus I hadn't had an IPA in about a week. So figured I'd start with this one. Great aroma, but I'm being let down by the taste.

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  3. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Moderator (905) Georgia Feb 12, 2012 Staff Member Subscriber Beer Trader


    Sitting outside on the patio.. 60*, fire in the chiminea, enjoying some good music and this beer.

    Homebrewed Galaxy Belma IPA... Man it's so good... I'm gonna kill this keg tonight, I swear. I'm in a drinkin mood!


    ROBSTARR Savant (425) Michigan Aug 31, 2009 Beer Trader

    Drinking a Dogfish Head Immort Ale, then a Knee Deep Simtra Triple IPA thanks to PerHops !! Then moving on to one of the Arcadia Ales BB Cereal Killers I got yesterday !!
  5. ScottieD

    ScottieD Savant (470) Connecticut Jul 30, 2011 Subscriber Beer Trader

    A just purchased Two Roads Road To Ruin DIPA. Have NEBCO Sea Hag and Gandhi-Bot waiting in growlers, but had to try Two Roads initial offering. Cheers.
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  6. Dan_Bowman

    Dan_Bowman Savant (320) Ohio Apr 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    2011 Goose Island Pere Jacques @ local deli w/ dinner
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  7. Sam_E

    Sam_E Aficionado (185) Ohio Oct 11, 2012

    No pictures tonight, but I'm starting the weekend with Boulder Beer Company Killer Penguin
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  8. Finished the last little bit of RareR, now on to this tried and true undead brew:

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  9. LiquidCourage

    LiquidCourage Savant (435) Rhode Island Nov 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    I'm not even sure if this worthy of a glass...


    This may be blaspheme, but I believe Machine Head does a better job with Hallowed be Thy Name than Iron Maiden does. Well you be the judge...

  10. OTB

    OTB Savant (465) California Sep 2, 2011

    Same here, Im so fucking challenged when it comes to posting my pics here !:eek: Can someone walk me through how to do it from my camera or i-phone ?????

  11. My favorite RR sour:


  12. richj1970

    richj1970 Poobah (1,060) Alabama Oct 26, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Long day at work, and now time for some Dirty Bastard!

  13. Andygirl

    Andygirl Savant (280) Michigan Jan 3, 2013

    2008 Goose Island Reserve Pere Jacques. There is so much stuff suspended in this beer it looks like a jello salad. Tastes good though, so cheers!

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  14. philly224

    philly224 Savant (335) Pennsylvania Jan 30, 2011 Beer Trader

    Drinking Otto in Oak now. Pretty good stuff! Much better than the regular version of the beer.
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  15. I'm not barefoot and soaped up in a confined space with lots of hard surfaces while drinking outside the shower ;). Similar reasons why I don't take bottles to the pool or beach.
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  16. UNCCTDawg

    UNCCTDawg Savant (430) North Carolina Nov 30, 2011 Beer Trader

    I know, I know... I just posted drinking a Founders Imperial Stout, but hey, it's been a rough day and BA is a judgement free zone right?
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  17. UNCCTDawg

    UNCCTDawg Savant (430) North Carolina Nov 30, 2011 Beer Trader

    Nice glass
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  18. brewbetter

    brewbetter Savant (420) Nauru Jun 2, 2012

    Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Imperial Red

  19. zac16125

    zac16125 Poobah (1,025) South Carolina Jan 26, 2010 Beer Trader

    That is my favorite of the easily obtainable ones. Beat takes the cake overall, but that one is damn good as well!
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  20. FanofHefe

    FanofHefe Champion (870) Illinois Feb 13, 2010

    Brown Shugga. Still have plenty of Celebration in the fridge that needs to be moved to make room for Hopslam.
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  21. MarcatGSB

    MarcatGSB Advocate (670) Michigan Jan 8, 2011

    This is what we do to 3 day old's in the Keweenaw. Gotta learn to live at some point. Cheers!
    *Eagle Harbor Lighthouse in the background, Eagle Harbor, MI.
  22. yamar68

    yamar68 Champion (910) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    I'd say Temptation is right on par with Beat, but I agree... Temptation is the bee's knees. Wish I saw Russian River distribution here in MN...
  23. Got a video I made coming up, you metalhads! :D
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  24. scud

    scud Savant (380) Indiana Sep 22, 2010 Beer Trader

  25. JustXBeer

    JustXBeer Savant (325) California Nov 29, 2012 Beer Trader

  26. NeBco BA Ist - Really enjoying it!
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  27. NC representin' :)
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  28. ubenumber2

    ubenumber2 Champion (800) Arkansas Sep 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Having a Two Hearted , very good beer , no time for picture , watching movie with wife , 2013 Bigfoot Next up
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  29. Negative.
  30. zac16125

    zac16125 Poobah (1,025) South Carolina Jan 26, 2010 Beer Trader

    I think Beat has an incredible degree of sourness thats unmatched by the other RR wilds. All are excellent though, really.
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  31. fmccormi

    fmccormi Champion (890) Florida Oct 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    "From this perspective, the history of the Caribbean appears not as history of particular island societies or individual imperial systems viewed as independent sites of autonomous causal sequences, but as a historical mosaic of interrelated, interdependent, mutually formative loci of relations and processes of commodity production and exchange, political power, and social domination—discontinuous, asymmetrical, nonsynchronous, but unified through the multiple spatial-temporal dimensions of the world economy."

    Think I've had enough reading for tonight; time to go out for a beer.

    p.s., bonus points for anyone who can tell me exactly what "periodicities" means
  32. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poobah (1,045) New Jersey Jun 3, 2004 Beer Trader

    I'm easing into it tonight while I cook some dishes in advance of tomorrow's festivities-
    A damn fine Czech black lager, and a great first beer of the evening.

    Hopefully I get to relax later and bring out something worth savoring- but this one accompanies a task really well. Cheers!
  33. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Moderator (905) Georgia Feb 12, 2012 Staff Member Subscriber Beer Trader

    So.. dinner time.. I downed 3 of my homebrew Belma's Galacxy IPA's..

    Moved to this guy, in honor of cleaning out my kegerator.. this was in the back.

    SN Oatmeal Stout from the Beer Camp. Man thats good still!


    Drinkin that on the porch still, with a homemade bacon/egg/cheese sammich and hashbrowns.. hell yes.
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  34. Now I'm working on a Great Lakes burning river IPA...
    Good stuff. Cheers all!!
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  35. fmccormi

    fmccormi Champion (890) Florida Oct 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    Whoa. Dat lace.
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  36. Squidly

    Squidly Savant (460) New Jersey Nov 26, 2006

    Visited Tired Hands brewery in Ardmore PA this evening to load up on some growlers for the weekend's football games:






    Nigel is fantastic.
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  37. SWChi

    SWChi Advocate (565) Illinois Oct 25, 2012

    Welcome to the Chi..


    Enjoying this while catching up on Once Upon A Time...

  38. zac16125

    zac16125 Poobah (1,025) South Carolina Jan 26, 2010 Beer Trader

    That sounds like a passage from someone attempting to sound smarter than they actually are.
  39. MarioM

    MarioM Advocate (610) California Sep 13, 2009

    Goose Island's take on a Dubbel, Pere Jacques, yum!

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