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What beer are you drinking now? #89

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ubenumber2, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. 4balance

    4balance Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011

    Tasty brew indeed...APC / Tool have always been favorites of mine too! Cheers bro ~
  2. Sam_E

    Sam_E Aficionado (185) Ohio Oct 11, 2012

    I got this as a 12 pack in Wisconsin over Christmas. I think they've been around since July although I might be a month off.
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  3. 4balance

    4balance Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011

    Never tried it but that is a damn good looking beer! Cheers ~
  4. Goldfishman

    Goldfishman Savant (445) Massachusetts Jan 29, 2012 Beer Trader


    Thomas Hooker Chocolate Truffle Stout !!!!
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  5. Would that mean that it came from Samantha Smith :D

    Thank you very much folks, I'll be here all night. Try the fish and don't forget to tip your waitress.
  6. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    The first beer I tried at my first GABF. Thank goodness there was plenty of water around to drink.;)
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  7. ChrisM361

    ChrisM361 Aficionado (215) Ohio Jan 12, 2011

    Picked up a sixer of New Albion Ale. On my first one and its going down easy.
  8. Graviz

    Graviz Savant (395) Colorado Feb 26, 2012 Beer Trader

  9. rsuske

    rsuske Aficionado (160) Illinois Sep 25, 2010

    Hopslam season.
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  10. Yeah I have a habit of really making these beers tempting! Try this if it comes in your area :D
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  11. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poobah (1,420) Wyoming Sep 14, 2002 Beer Trader

    That's what I liked about the New Albion brews the first time around...so damn drinkable.
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  12. d5001986

    d5001986 Advocate (695) Wisconsin Oct 6, 2012 Beer Trader

    Fresh Hopslam just arrived in my area. Great stuff!
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  13. http://www.sierrabeercamp.com/#/home/

    Part of the Beer Camp series! :D
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  14. dbc5

    dbc5 Advocate (545) Arizona Jun 18, 2009 Beer Trader


    This is a special beer. Rumors of it's demise are greatly exaggerated. That, or this beer was something heavenly fresh because it is damn close now.
  15. BB1313

    BB1313 Poobah (1,010) Ohio Jul 16, 2009

    Welcoming Uinta to Ohio.. not bad.. cheers!
  16. acevenom

    acevenom Advocate (555) Louisiana Oct 7, 2011

    I'm hoping this makes its way to Louisiana soon.
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  17. Moving on to something local (Providence) and new to bottles- Revival Brewing's double Black IPA.


    Now shifting to some old Judas Priest from British Steel.
  18. jaIsPoAn

    jaIsPoAn Savant (400) New York Aug 1, 2012

  19. First Sucks of the season, just as good as I remembered. Cheers everybody!

  20. roblund

    roblund Savant (325) California Nov 14, 2011

  21. cyraschris

    cyraschris Aficionado (180) Florida Dec 15, 2012

    Nice warm night here in south florida. Enjoying a burton baton and some chicken parm

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  22. Durb777

    Durb777 Savant (460) Illinois Nov 30, 2011 Beer Trader

    Up next is. .


    First time having this and it is really good.
  23. dannon71

    dannon71 Aficionado (235) Florida Jun 19, 2005

    First beer of the night to celebrate the first cold front of the year in South Florida!

  24. LiquidCourage

    LiquidCourage Savant (435) Rhode Island Nov 1, 2012 Beer Trader

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  25. lovindahops

    lovindahops Advocate (700) New York Mar 26, 2010 Beer Trader

    It might be an abrasive night for me tonight and tomorrow and the next (Dave Matthews strongly supports this message).
  26. So weird! Every place that does not get cold is getting cold, such as my beautiful San Diego, and here near Philly, we have no snow yet! I want at LEAST 2 feet! :D
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  27. [​IMG]

    GREY SAIL smoked porter. It's smoked with PEATED malts. this Islay single malt lover enjoys it so!
  28. DocJitsu

    DocJitsu Savant (440) California Dec 28, 2009

    Found this at the Whole Foods across the street from my hotel in Boise. Made flying from mid-60s to teens and single digit temps a little less of a bitter pill to swallow.
  29. Drink Jai Alai....straight from the can! I implore thee, oh Beer Gods, please do not smite thy head for such an abhorrent act

    Also, listening to this new jam:

    It combines my two favorite things: death metal and dogs chasing socks! duh!
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  30. Hessian257

    Hessian257 Advocate (625) New Jersey Mar 22, 2011 Beer Trader

    Slurping through my last case of homebrewed IPA, very sessionable for being 6.2%

  31. st9647v3

    st9647v3 Champion (755) New Jersey Dec 28, 2011 Beer Trader

    How is that chicken clucking? Have one but have never had one...
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  32. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Champion (845) Ohio Sep 16, 2010 Beer Trader

  33. ALWAYS! Man come to NJ and I will gladly give you beers! Thanks for this!
  34. sportscrazed2

    sportscrazed2 Savant (265) Indiana Mar 29, 2010

  35. AmitC

    AmitC Advocate (630) New York Sep 21, 2012

    Four bottles of over 9% down.. This is still Thursday

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  36. LiquidCourage

    LiquidCourage Savant (435) Rhode Island Nov 1, 2012 Beer Trader

    Took tomorrow off, so I a am celebrating the start of a 4 day weekend. First time having this from the bottle...

  37. seblp

    seblp Savant (300) Quebec (Canada) Feb 9, 2010 Beer Trader

    Perfect beer for a 5 degree evening. Yule, Christmas beer, drank hot.

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  38. bstyle

    bstyle Champion (860) Indiana Apr 27, 2006 Beer Trader

    Abrasive is amazing, but who's Dave Matthews??
  39. semibaked

    semibaked Champion (830) Kentucky Mar 27, 2007

    Now onto Schlafly's Coffee Stout, wow this is worse that Southern Pecan, has a fake coffee taste and a bit on the sour side. 0 for 2 tonight so far.
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  40. Don't mean to hate but that is one questionable glass my friend!
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