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What beer are you drinking now? #97

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Dools9, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Got some Ganny Bock's today, having one of these gorgeous green pounders now on this Friday afternoon. Yurself?
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  2. This is a now drinking (Diet Coke),
    but I wish I was drinking Abrasive that I just got in via a trade.

    I have to make a Court Appearance this afternoon and one my few rules is that
    I never have a drink before I go to court. So the Abrasive is going to have to wait a few hours.
  3. corbenlee

    corbenlee Aficionado (160) Indiana Apr 27, 2011

    Got this as an extra thanks to JxExM, absolutely delicious!
  4. Beach and 3 Beans...this is pretty coffee forward:


    And this:
  5. 36cf

    36cf Aficionado (155) Belgium Dec 29, 2012

    Emelisse DIPA
  6. LeRose

    LeRose Advocate (605) Massachusetts Nov 24, 2011

    I think I just had a beer snob moment...I just texted my wife and asked her to put the Stone Vertical Epic 12/12/12 in the cooler...and told her exactly where to find it on the beer table. At least I said please, but I won't share her very concise but exceedingly clear response. Actually, I think (make that hope) she was upset at the implication that she couldn't find it herself...
  7. BlueRogue

    BlueRogue Advocate (635) Maine May 1, 2011

  8. I can't wait to try 3Beans. It will hit the stores in NJ next week.
    I love the fact that it is already in Colorado and not by me in NJ 25 miles from the brewery.

    I've been digging the Delta Spirit.
  9. Went to the store for a second 6 pack of Hopslam and left with a 6 of Hop Wallop instead, man did I make then right choice.
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  10. goalie33

    goalie33 Savant (340) New York Dec 3, 2009

    Bell's Hell Hath No Fury
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  11. Drew26

    Drew26 Savant (455) Wisconsin Nov 2, 2012

    Good rule!
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  12. It's tasty! It's actually down in FLA...picked up a 4pack at Riverside Market. And yes! Their new one is awesome from start to finish.
  13. dckepley

    dckepley Savant (365) Iowa Aug 13, 2006

    Cracked my second to last 2011 Celebration. I held on to a few for shits and giggles. This one should get my palate rolling. Moving on to bigger and better beers later this afternoon. Cheers!
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  14. Pegli

    Pegli Savant (315) Rhode Island Aug 30, 2006

    Warming up the engines with a couple Pilsner Urquell while trying to stay away from the homebrewed Porter (10 gals) or it will never make it to St. Patty's Day.
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  15. WoodburyMN

    WoodburyMN Savant (340) Indiana Aug 5, 2012

    Three Floyds Gumballhead
  16. mikkeller hop burn high. WOW!
  17. ripps1

    ripps1 Advocate (535) New Jersey Aug 28, 2012

    3beans is all over Central NJ already. Saw it today when I was picking up some Sucks...
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  18. After clearing the driveway of the minute snowfall that graced Chicagoland, I decided a little lunch was in order.[​IMG]
    A grilled cheese sandwich on jalapeno - cheddar bread, a little chips with salsa, and a Gumballhead. I do love my days off!
  19. I look again later today.
    2 places told me yesterday that it would be next week.
  20. JoEBoBpr

    JoEBoBpr Champion (770) Missouri Feb 26, 2004

    Enjoying this. Was able to score a six-pack.

    photo-45 by JoEBoBpr, on Flickr
  21. Pretty sure I hate you
  22. Giovannilucano

    Giovannilucano Savant (460) Wyoming Feb 24, 2011

    Yes the racketeering of NJ! :D
  23. Which beach?
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  24. BeastLU

    BeastLU Advocate (550) Virginia Dec 20, 2012

    Livin the dream...

  25. LeRose

    LeRose Advocate (605) Massachusetts Nov 24, 2011

    Who cares? Let's go there...it has to be warmer than 12....
  26. As a surfer on the gulf coast I'm always looking for waves in Florida ;)
  27. well its icing over here in Durham, NC. So that means I went out braved Antarctica (well thats what everyone is treating it like), to grab lunch at the Bavarian Brathaus (Kellerbrau included). Then stopped at Total Wine for a Wallerstein WeisBierPils. Might grab that Event Horizon and Cold Mountain out of the closet for later. Ruthless Rye for sure!@
  28. Its Burns night. Its a 750ml of Alesmith Wee Heavy for me.
  29. wyatt13

    wyatt13 Savant (485) Illinois Feb 13, 2011

    The joys of having no class on Fridays continue...I just got back from one of my favorite places in town with a buddy. Had an Anti-Hero and Palate Wrecker with some spicy chicken tacos. Cheers BA!
  30. Its gunna be a low of 3 here in Boston, just a bit chilly.
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  31. Giovannilucano

    Giovannilucano Savant (460) Wyoming Feb 24, 2011


    Well, what a crisp beer with foccacia!

  32. Hopefully if you need to have a rule about not drinking before you go to court it's because you're an attorney. Or something. Cheers for when you're done!
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  33. Du Bocq Saison, clearly meant for the USA market but not yet released there it seams, not bad but artificial and clearly not farmhouse as claimed by the label + Jim Bean - first time, cheap, like vodka with some maple & brown sugar, meh...
  34. Had to clear out the outside fridge after a bottle exploded:( from this super cold winter, ya think I would have learned from last year.... I guess when you work outside it doesnt seem as cold. Anywho sippin a New Glarus Black Top while tryin to relocate about 40 beer.... I guess I got some drinking to do!
  35. BourbonBob

    BourbonBob Savant (460) Illinois Apr 1, 2012

    Last Night's Damage...
  36. Mpollard

    Mpollard Aspirant (40) Germany Oct 28, 2012

    Kabert from De Struise Brouwers.
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  37. That should go well with your haggis.
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