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What beer are you drinking now? It's 8 O'Clock Somewhere: #17

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by davey101, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. SWChi

    SWChi Advocate (565) Illinois Oct 25, 2012

    Starting the night off with this:


    Then moving on to some FBS..
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  2. stakem

    stakem Poobah (1,025) Pennsylvania Feb 20, 2009 Beer Trader

    My mind is blown. I have no idea what the fuck is going on here but I really like it.
  3. RichardMNixon

    RichardMNixon Advocate (590) Pennsylvania Jun 24, 2012 Beer Trader

    My first Damnation. Not really my favorite style but a pretty great brew nonetheless. More apple than I got in Duvel.

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  4. brewbetter

    brewbetter Savant (420) Nauru Jun 2, 2012

    Extra. Twist off.

    DL Geary Hampshire Special Ale - English Strong Ale
  5. hoosier222002

    hoosier222002 Advocate (745) Illinois May 23, 2008 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Watching election coverage with a Dragon's Milk.
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  6. LiquidDegenerate

    LiquidDegenerate Advocate (620) Florida Nov 22, 2011 Beer Trader

    Brown Sugga back at the homestead. I really enjoy how Lagunitas hops the shit out of everything.
  7. HarrySTruman

    HarrySTruman Savant (265) Michigan May 16, 2012

    so jealous, hate you!
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  8. Going to have another Celebration ale once I am done guitar practice. Wife is watching the elections and she voted, as I did not. I know I am weird NOT to vote but this is also the beauty of this country. It is a LONG story way I do not... Cheers ladies and gentlemen!
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  9. Voted today, and a long day it was. This is a great thirst quencher. Like NN's little brother
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  10. beefandbean22

    beefandbean22 Savant (455) Washington Oct 15, 2008 Beer Trader

    For me, this is the best canned beer out there. Just delicious

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  11. Started with this...(hopefully for Romney:))

    And now this...

    I know the glass doesn't match the style...but I really wanted to use my new glass:)
  12. Our first beers tonight (my lady's on the left, mine on the right):


    Dyed blue for obvious reasons.
  13. jpsy422

    jpsy422 Savant (365) Illinois Jul 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    BCS in a FFF Flaming Eyes Teku.

    Go America.
  14. TX-Badger

    TX-Badger Poobah (1,130) Texas Jun 14, 2012 Subscriber Beer Trader

    I voted today, hope you did as well. Here's what I'm drinking, a Jester King Mad Meg, while watching the apocalypse unfold:

  15. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,260) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    Eight days with no power, wow! Wish there was something I could do to help your situation. :(
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  16. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poobah (1,270) Indiana Aug 11, 2012 Beer Trader


    My first Port beer and my 300th unique beer posted on Untappd.
  17. cfrances33

    cfrances33 Champion (795) Illinois Jun 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Finished up with a big wave of exams, and having this thanks to Gosox8787...


    Watchin some election coverage. Cheers!
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  18. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,260) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    That mug is so damn cool!! Nice!!!
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  19. BillyLrsn

    BillyLrsn Savant (250) Minnesota Oct 12, 2012

    Moved on. Not sure what to expect with this.
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  20. larryi86

    larryi86 Poobah (1,045) Delaware Apr 4, 2010 Beer Trader

    Really enjoying the Chimay 150th anniversary beer! Hope everyone had the chance to vote today!
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  21. Little late to the party on this one
    Better late than never. Cheers America
  22. fmccormi

    fmccormi Champion (890) Florida Oct 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    Hey, sounds good to me. Give me more saison!
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  23. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Champion (845) Ohio Sep 16, 2010 Beer Trader

    Going to try and stay up and watch the results of the election , Currently sipping a Brown Shugga ..

    Cheers !
  24. fmccormi

    fmccormi Champion (890) Florida Oct 24, 2010 Beer Trader

    Just came back from the DFH Alehouse in Fairfax, where I had a snifter of My Antonia on tap.

    Think I'll open a Tocobaga now and watch some election results. This may sound crazy to a lot of you, but I'm actually kinda sad to see election season winding down—I find crazy politics immensely entertaining and stimulating. Ah, well . . . I understand I may be in the minority, here :)
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  25. johnnieoz

    johnnieoz Savant (315) Hawaii Feb 11, 2005 Subscriber

    an awesome bottled DIPA!
  26. dckepley

    dckepley Savant (400) Iowa Aug 13, 2006 Beer Trader

    Founder's Harvest and now Expedition. Cheers.
  27. HarrySTruman

    HarrySTruman Savant (265) Michigan May 16, 2012

    I'm having the same. /highfive
  28. Zach136

    Zach136 Advocate (620) Georgia Jun 17, 2012

    Me and a few buds enjoying this CCB Saison, watching the election coverage.

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  29. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poobah (1,045) New Jersey Jun 3, 2004 Beer Trader

    About to crack a Gonzo Imperial Porter. Maybe I'll even have a few more, depending on just how gonzo I feel like getting...
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  30. sobeleg

    sobeleg Advocate (570) New York Jun 29, 2011 Beer Trader

    Watching election coverage and enjoying my second Harvest Ale:

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  31. [​IMG]
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  32. Lordquackingstic

    Lordquackingstic Advocate (560) New York Jun 14, 2011 Beer Trader

    Love stefano....Do you like Antoine Dufour?
  33. yamar68

    yamar68 Champion (910) Minnesota Apr 1, 2011

    Good evening BA!

    Watching the election returns and sipping on some Black Chocolate Stout:


    ...it seemed appropriate since I'm rooting for our black chocolate president.

    Cheers all!:)
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  34. ShemRahBoo

    ShemRahBoo Advocate (540) New Jersey Jan 28, 2010 Beer Trader

    Enjoy, I'm a huge fan of the port IPA's all are really good, hope I can try high tide as I haven't seen it around in NJ.
    Had a stone collab mint chocolate imp stout, a brown shugga, and some smuttynose scotch ale. The stone collab is very good, done really well IMO. Love that combination of flavors and think it was done near perfectly.
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  35. match1112

    match1112 Champion (750) Illinois Mar 2, 2011

    I like my First Ladies like I like my beer.

    Thick, black and full of booze!
  36. BeerTheater

    BeerTheater Savant (370) Florida Oct 18, 2012 Beer Trader


    Was keeping it light tonight


    Changed my mind
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  37. ONUMello

    ONUMello Champion (830) Ohio Feb 24, 2009 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Going patriotic with a Sam Adams Thirteenth Hour, and hoping the results don't take that long as I plan on staying up...
  38. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Champion (845) Ohio Sep 16, 2010 Beer Trader

    You should be drinking White Chocolate then ... jus saying ...:D
  39. bifrost17

    bifrost17 Initiate (0) Washington Dec 16, 2011

  40. Now some Beer for the People

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