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What beers are you drinking for New Years Eve?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by canucklehead, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Alpine Nelson, Duet, and Pure Hoppiness because I will make the trek down to San Diego.
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  2. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,260) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    Sharing (2) growlers of Victory: Hop Slam and NATO IPA. Fist pump!
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  3. Dan_Bowman

    Dan_Bowman Savant (320) Ohio Apr 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    Victory makes a Hop Slam?
  4. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,260) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    Don't troll and don't BS us...which ones?
  5. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger Poobah (1,260) Pennsylvania Dec 4, 2004 Beer Trader

    Thank you for the correction, you're absolutely right. I was just having the conversation tonight with some beer geek friends regarding Hop Slam and I have it on the brain. I meant to say "Hop Wallop". :oops: (premature ejaculation...:eek: it's coming up to that time of year with alot of great beer realeases...)
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  6. I'm not entirely sure yet. I know I'll have some Celebration, however I don't have anything special lined up. I'll have to see what peaks my interest in bombers this weekend.
  7. valdieu2

    valdieu2 Savant (365) Maine Feb 23, 2012

    3 X SNPA and a Schieven IPA. Gotta love Christmas
  8. asustevo

    asustevo Savant (280) North Carolina Dec 9, 2011 Beer Trader

    Cascade Blueberry and Lindley park to start
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    ILOVESTOUTS Savant (445) Connecticut Apr 13, 2006 Beer Trader

    Since the lady is developing a palette for beer and I am donating blood earlier in the day, the line up goes like this:



    NYE toast:

    2013 first bottle opened:
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  10. rockyhitler

    rockyhitler Initiate (15) Oct 10, 2012

    There are plenty of great reasons Ebenezer’s is the number 1 beer bar in the world. First is the owners Chris and Jen run the place like a Swiss watch. I like their attitude and they had great beers of all times. I really like them and for me going to that place is like heaven. I always like to go for places that are special .
    Ocala bars beers.
  11. Whatever the bar is serving that isnt BMC piss.
  12. gtermi

    gtermi Champion (790) Texas Apr 21, 2010

    I think that my fiance and I have decided that St. Bernardus 12 will be the beer that we will be drinking New Years. Delicious beer and popping the cork at New Years is pretty fun! Cheers
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  13. cavedave

    cavedave Poobah (1,070) New York Mar 12, 2009 Beer Trader

    Along with other dusty bottles yet to be determined, my last bottle of Keegan Ales Mothers Milk Aged in Tuthilltown Rye Whiskey Barrel.
  14. Rfunk

    Rfunk Aficionado (125) California Nov 28, 2012

    I just might crack my Fruet...if not I will definitely crack an Abyss.
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  15. Hanzo

    Hanzo Champion (975) Virginia Feb 27, 2012

    I need to change my answer as I scored some Cantillon Classic Gueuze last night at a couple stores. That will now be my NYE beer.
  16. fox227

    fox227 Advocate (610) California Nov 19, 2010

    I haven't decided. I drank the yeti chocolate stout already, but all the others are still game.
  17. nc41

    nc41 Champion (855) North Carolina Sep 25, 2008 Beer Trader

    I'll probably have a few martini's, and probably kill my last HT.
  18. At least one of my growlers of RareR DOS, probably some Jai Alai and White Oak Jai Alai, then maybe a nice Cascade Kriek or a La Folie for dessert:)
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  19. crow121

    crow121 Savant (250) Maryland Sep 23, 2010 Beer Trader

    Perhaps crack open a bottle of Westy
  20. bud914

    bud914 Aficionado (150) New York Dec 6, 2008

    have a few different offerings and a case of Heady Topper i got for Xmas.
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  21. Lots of Breakfast Stout since that's what's on tap in my living room. Then other assorted oddities as i enjoy my couch seats in MSG.
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  22. DStoked

    DStoked Savant (370) Ohio Sep 28, 2011 Beer Trader

    The magnum of Mikkeller Red/White my wife bought me for Christmas, and however much of the 7 bottles of Zombie Dust I have is still left by then (probably 0).
  23. imfrommichigan

    imfrommichigan Advocate (515) Michigan Jul 12, 2012 Beer Trader

    Instead of popping champagne at midnight, the lady and I are popping the cork to a BA Batch 9000. Can't wait!
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  24. imthaschmidt

    imthaschmidt Aficionado (135) Nov 9, 2012

    Probably going to be grabbing some Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale ... i think its fitting for the occasion
  25. Steeeve

    Steeeve Savant (265) Pennsylvania Nov 16, 2010

    I think I'm finally going to drink that DFH Fort I've had for who even knows how long. I've been saving it for an occasion where I can share it with a few people and I just keep forgetting about it when the day finally comes.
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  26. chodog

    chodog Aficionado (200) California Dec 31, 2010 Beer Trader

    Stone QM beers (cherry chocolate stout, double AB, old guardian), and toast with a westy12
  27. POTABLE83

    POTABLE83 Advocate (520) New York Jun 21, 2012 Beer Trader

    sharing Bourbon Vanilla DL with some friends then doing a Blabaer toast at midnight.
  28. pmoney

    pmoney Advocate (735) Colorado Apr 15, 2011 Beer Trader

    I won't be drinking too much on NYE as I have to be up at 4 am the next morning to leave for vacation. However, I will be bringing along a bunch of good beers to enjoy on vacation! I've started working on the list today, and here's where I'm at:

    Sang Noir
    BA Shipwreck Porter
    Pipeworks Cranpire
    La Folie
    My own homebrew chocolate stout
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  29. jglowe77

    jglowe77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Jan 24, 2011

    Enjoy; what year?
  30. RandyKemka

    RandyKemka Savant (310) New York Dec 13, 2011

    My Brother-in-Law and I will be splitting a bottle of Utopias. We really splurged for this new years
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  31. Allagash Confluence, among others.
  32. Ravenacht

    Ravenacht Advocate (630) Florida Aug 10, 2012 Beer Trader

    Cycle Brewing RareR DOS
    Cycle Brewing Nooner Batch#1
    Brooklyn Black Op's
    and maybe pop that dusty bottle of CCB Cucumber Saison
  33. deuce9259

    deuce9259 Savant (355) Ohio Dec 28, 2011 Beer Trader

    Everything but the kitchen sink...
    Zombie Dust
    Stone VE 08-12
    Hoppin Frog BA Barleywine
    2009 DL
    Westy 12
  34. jb123

    jb123 Advocate (555) Michigan Dec 3, 2012 Beer Trader

    Ill be in traverse city, going to hit up shorts, jolly pumpkin, and right brain brewery. excited for right brain to botle in 2013, alot of great beers.
  35. Rodenbach Grand Cru, Belligem Bruin, La Fin du Monde
  36. mecummins

    mecummins Savant (425) Illinois Nov 16, 2012

    Boss gave me these for Christmas. I think waiting a week is long enough.
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  37. Catchy_Name

    Catchy_Name Advocate (520) California Dec 21, 2011 Beer Trader

    Realizing full well this thread may as well be called "Yet another excuse to let everyone know I drink rare beer, I must be cool", I'll play along.

    Only bottle I know for sure I'm opening will be a 2000 old numbskull (crossing my fingers it's going to be good still). From there ill gauge whoever I'm hanging out with and what their mood is like and go from there.
  38. How did you get that one???
  39. mooseisloose

    mooseisloose Advocate (575) Florida Nov 16, 2005

    Most likely alot of my favorites "Cold" and "Free"
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