What beers cant you get in Alaska

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  1. I am about to move to Anchorage in two months. Just wondering what beers you can't get up there. Want to stock up before I move. I am coming from Washington and also have family back in Michiganso I get beers sent from there too.
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    I moved to Anchorage early last year and the things I miss the most are Firestone's special releases like Sucaba and Parabola, we don't get Firestone's special releases up here. I also really miss Dogfish Head and Great Divide. I drank my last Chocolate Yeti about a month ago :(
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    Quite a few. But we have a bunch of local breweries that make a bunch of good stuff that can't be found outside of Alaska. Between the local offerings and other stuff shipped here, I find plenty to keep me interested. We don't get the popular Michigan beers such as Founders, Bell's, Jolly Pumpkin (except for one or two now and then). We get several from Washington and Oregon. Some examples include Elysian, Gigantic, Widmer, No-Li, Deschutes, Two Beers Brewing, Oakshire, etc. If there are particular beers that you are concerned about, go ahead and post them and I'll let you know.
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    I'll throw this out there...

    I live in CA and come to anchorage several times a year for work. If anyone in the ANC area would like to set up an in person trade let me know. I usually stock my suitcase with bottles when I fly home. Could bring FW special releases, among others, for trade. Looking for rarer midnight sun bottles but am open to other things.
  6. Thanks for the info everyone. I am really excited to try what Alaska has to offer. Just want to make sure I bring along some of my old favorites.
  7. Once I get up there I would love to work something out. I'm already missing Russian River since they recently pulled out of Washington.
  8. Dogfish Head brewery and Yuenling are two stand out national breweries that we don't have access to up here. However we will be getting New Belgium come March 18th and frankly Alaska has a wonderful and expanding beer culture with many breweries now canning or planning to this summer including Denali Brewing Company and King Street Brewing Company. Because of the increased cost of shipping to the AK, I recommend sampling the states offerings asap as they are about the same price a pint and most are really great.