Great Britain What Do You Guys Think Of Everards Ales?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Mark, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Mark

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    On my next trip over I'm going to be taking a day trip to a town in which Everards seems to be the dominant offering in the pubs. I don't think I've ever had a beer from this brewery so which is the best ale made by them? Thanks.
  2. Not great but not awful either from what i've had. Quaffable and non-descript.
  3. Tiger is their mainstay, good solid traditional bitter, what some f**kwits would call a boring brown beer
  4. Tiger is nice when on song and Old Original is a good drop. In general, worthy beers but don't set the world on fire.
  5. Tiger is a decent enough bitter that can really suffer due to bad cellaring or equally satisfy with quality service
    though it does seem to have the stock real ale answer of 'not as good as it used to be'.

    I don't know if it is because of broadening of tastes rather than changes in the brew
    can anybody shed any light on possible brewery interference/boardroom jiggery pokery.

    Looking at their website
    there isn't many I'd not give a try
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  6. As many others have touched on - middle of the road drinkable beers that can suffer from quality issues if the publican isn't up to the job !

    Used to enjoy their winter warmer (something Devil - can't remember name of it).

    This was a 6% jobbie but last time I saw this would have been late 90's !
  7. You sound like you have some issues with people who criticize Tiger.
  8. Everards beers aren't bad. But they could be great.
  9. no, I'm just saying some people who bandy the 'brown beer' tag around may, or may be obliged to, find it boring.
  10. But also that those people are "f**kwits"
  11. Mark

    Mark Advocate (595) California Jun 18, 2001

    Thanks to all, made our booking today. It will be our 15th trip to your great country and we can't wait. Cheers, Mark
  12. you have a problem with that? Closed minds are not conducive to the appreciation of beer, dismissing 'brown beers' as boring is a pretty immature stance.
  13. Could just as easily say people who defend and stand staunchly by boring brown beers are fuckwits.

    I speak here of the older generation of drinkers I know (work colleagues aged 50 to 65) who won't expand their beer consumption beyond their comfort zone of a 4% brown bitter and try something new.

    Like what you like, drink what you drink !

    Most folks are fuckwits in some ways, myself included !
  14. Just seemed pretty overly angry.
  16. Yes, something like that :p
  17. Disliking brown beer doesn't have anything to do with maturity. It's all to do with personal preference. Within any beer 'style' there are winners and losers. And within the realm of 'brown ales' King & Barnes Brown Ale will likely always be one of my most favourite beers. This inspite of the fact that in general I usually do find brown old school beers pretty banal.
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  18. There is brown beer and brown beer.I think the expression has been used to describe old fashioned bitter in a derogatory sense.And there is a lot of nondescript bitter around, that has to be admitted.I find golden ales more likely to become tedious because they tend to be one dimensional yet there are some I'd slaughter a coach load of nuns to drink.
    Before the revolution in the 70s onwards we used to visit the same pub night after night and drink pint after pint of the same brew.Seems lame now yet we never tired of it and always looked forwards to the next evening.Somehow these beers were structured to ensure this. I still love them and drink them when I see them. I tend to find quite often that beers which at face value offer more to the drinker flatter at first but ultimately become disappointing.Quite often I take my first mouthful and think "this is nice" yet by the bottom of the glass I'm glad to move on to something else.A brewer friend terms these "show ponies" and often do well in competitions as these are all about first impressions.
    Thankfully there are plenty of all sorts of beer around and everyone should find something they like.
  19. Does Ba stand for Beer Advocate or Bloody Aggro?
  20. Barrel aged actually :p
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