What Glass is This?

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    MMAJYK Savant (455) Georgia Jun 26, 2007

    I was at the Brick Store on Saturday, and got this glass for my Gueuze. Any idea what to call this? I'm interested in picking a few of them up for home. (I cant seem to get the picture to rotate correctly even though it's showing up correctly on my PC and in Photobucket...sorry!)


  2. LostTraveler

    LostTraveler Savant (375) Maine Oct 28, 2011

  3. I knew when I saw this thread it was going to be a Teku. Hard to find right now. BrewDog has them on their website for like $2.50. $75 to ship to the u.s...
  4. mackeyse

    mackeyse Savant (300) New York Aug 21, 2012

    I've seen similar (maybe it's the exact glass) sold as Teku.


    MMAJYK Savant (455) Georgia Jun 26, 2007

    Thanks, guys! Of course, it's going to be the hardest glass to find at the moment...now that makes it even more of a must have! ;)
  6. bbpro47

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  7. Tekus are always pretty rare. There are only a few breweries that do them, and even they seem to have trouble keeping them in regular stock.
  8. TapeDeck

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    If you're going to pay $10, you might as well get the Floyds or Lost Abbey branded one and pretend it's worth the extra money. Someone's gotta be selling these for $5 or so somewhere online... but yeah, I am not seeing it either...
  9. I didn't realize Teku's became rare... when did this happen. I remember them being relatively available a year ago or so unless im mistaken and just grabbed some from the lost Abby at the right time.
  10. MMAJYK

    MMAJYK Savant (455) Georgia Jun 26, 2007

    Just started looking today, but I cant seem to find one readily available online anywhere.
  11. My teku sense was tingling. What's happening??
  12. The only place I know of that has tekus currently for sale in the US is importer B. United. Last time I checked they had Birra Baladin (no print on the bowl, Baladin logo on the foot) and blank tekus for sale at $7/ea.

    You can order them by emailing [email protected].

  13. MMAJYK

    MMAJYK Savant (455) Georgia Jun 26, 2007

    Thanks, man! I just sent them an email and unfortunately, they are sold out too. :(
  14. Sad...

    Seeing as you are from GA, you could call up The Porter in ATL to see if they'll sell you one of their bootleg Fantome tekus for $30...
  15. I smell an ulterior motive here...
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