What is the oldest beer you have consumed?

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  1. 1852 Samuel Allsopp and Sons Arctic Ale. Drank at a gathering at the Andechs Brewery in Bavaria in 1996 w/ the late Michael Jackson. It was a large gathering; therefore, each individual only sampled approximately 4 oz. the bottle held up well and was recovered by my father from the Allsopp Ind Coope Brewery in 1957. My father still has on in his vast beer cellar. The best aged vintage beers are by far Truman's No 1 Burton Barley Wine or Benskins Colne Spring Ale. Remember there ales were made under strict guidelines (English Brewing Laws no adjuncts) & no pasteurization. Today's beers are no comparison and will not stand the test of time.
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  2. yinzer

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    So why are they different?
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    1985 Cantillon super gueuze Consumed last summer.
    Was still going strong, not over the hill by any means. Still was nicely carbonated!
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    At the 2006 Stone Winterstorm, I had a bottle of 1999 Old Guardian. 7 years is not very old by some of your standards, but I was still excited by it at the time. It was delicious. One of the few bottles that I've kept.
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    I haven't had any 500 year old beers like you guys, just an '07 BCBS in '12.
  6. I have a bottle of Guinness from 1977, not sure whether to risk it though.
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    1999 JW Lee's back in 2010-2011.