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What is your favorite BMC beer to drink?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by raynmoon, May 23, 2012.

  1. I've had GI a few times, bought prior to the takeover. In my opinion, OK beers but not worth my limited beer budget. I'd rather put that same $$$ towards something better.
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  2. Stroh's is readily available thru Fabiano Bros. I keep it in stock at the store and at home. Also PBR and Black Label.
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  3. tdowney

    tdowney Aspirant (40) Aug 12, 2012

    Yuengling traditional lager is my everyday beer
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  4. haruspexvic

    haruspexvic Savant (335) Illinois Aug 23, 2012

    Hoegaarden. But if we're talking most popular, I'll take Budweiser
  5. t8000shx

    t8000shx Savant (375) New York Mar 2, 2004 Subscriber Beer Trader

    Bud Light hands down. And I'm not adding a disclaimer about "oh just because it's cheap and low ABV and gets the job done" - no, I drink Bud Light somewhat regularly because I enjoy drinking Bud Light.
  6. huskermike12

    huskermike12 Savant (495) Vermont Nov 14, 2011

    That and it may have been the worst attempt at "craft beer" ever made. Budweiser American Ale was/ is horrible IMO.
  7. LOCAL

    LOCAL Savant (325) New Hampshire Oct 29, 2006

    Coors Original
  8. Blue Moon is my guilty pleasure as well. That spiced amber was great! it tasted like a cinnamon roll.
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  9. Beefytits4

    Beefytits4 Savant (495) Illinois Nov 2, 2011

    Growing up, this shit was in my hand at every concert, event, party, fishing trip etc... etc.. etc..This is what I drink for special occasions!

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  10. acevenom

    acevenom Advocate (555) Louisiana Oct 7, 2011

    1) Old Milwaukee
    2) Schlitz Gusto
    3) Pabst Blue Ribbon
    4) Miller High Life
    5) Coors
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  11. Dan_Bowman

    Dan_Bowman Savant (320) Ohio Apr 11, 2010 Beer Trader

    Any idea what / how many breweries the big three collectively own? I don't even know anymore. From the ones I can remember, it would probably be new castle or any of the Goose Island beers.
  12. jesskidden

    jesskidden Champion (810) New Jersey Aug 10, 2005 Subscriber

    Newcastle is owned by Heineken.

    If by "the big three" you mean the Big Two of US brewing (Anheuser-Busch & MillerCoors) besides their own breweries, A-B owns Goose Island and MC owns Leinenkugel and what's now called the Blue Moon brewery at Coors Field, Denver.

    They also have partial ownership of a few other companies (AB - CBA, Coastal and MC - Terrapin, etc).

    If you mean the parent companies of the US Big Two - AB-InBev, SABMiller and Molson Coors - well, that's a much longer list and can be found on the websites of those companies.

    Probably forgetting a few - Brookston Beer Bulletin used to have a handy page with all the brands owned and/or imported into the US by the parent co's but Google is warning me away from that site the past few days.
  13. I drink Coors Extra Gold each summer when I camp. It's a bad beer in a pint glass, but a god beer out of the can.
  14. Skoallrebel

    Skoallrebel Initiate (0) Sep 6, 2012

    Yuengling on draft or out of a can. At least its the same price as a BMC.
  15. Ericness

    Ericness Savant (290) Massachusetts Nov 21, 2012

    Steel Reserve. Its apparently a MillerCoors product but is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Comes in 22s and 40s, need I say more?
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  16. Lienies Big Eddy IIPA.

    If you me the AAL stuff, Coors banquet if I can get it, or PBR, Old Style, High Life.

    If at a wedding or event where the people have "choices" of Bud Light and Miller light, or Bud Light and Coors Light, etc. (been to more than one unfortunetly), I would pick Coors Light> Bud LIght> Miller Lite.
  17. akbeerfiend

    akbeerfiend Aficionado (120) Alaska May 14, 2009

    damn I didnt know this, bye bye Urquell....
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  18. RochefortChris

    RochefortChris Champion (860) North Carolina Oct 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    There's this beer called Red Fox they do that's an amber ale I can only get on tap at Bailey's Sports Bar that's pretty good.
  19. That's what I'm talking about. Fight the good fight!
  20. Genny Cream ale or PBR a couple of times a year. I'd just rather not drink beer if I gotta drink bad beer. The world still has plenty of tequila!
  21. Derranged

    Derranged Advocate (555) New York Mar 7, 2010

    Call me crazy but I actually kinda liked Natty Daddy and Molson XXX. I also find Bud Light Platinum drinkable. Nothing like getting drunk off scotch and malt liquor whilst watching the Giants smash the Packers in the playoffs ;)
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  22. Raised on Miller High Life now Labatts Blue and some Genny in the summer otherwise no swill...
  23. Leffe Blond or Bruin, Urquell, or Franziskaner Dunkel
  24. By definition, I'll say just aboot anything Goose Island, followed by Franziskaner, and traditional Blue Moon (with NO orange, damnit!)

    If the question is focused on adjunct and light lagers, I'd have to go with Milla Lite and Michelob Ultra Amber (do they still make that?)
  25. Goose Island "Matilda" which I really like, Corona on a hot day, Killians Irish Red on tap when nothing more interesting is available. Guiness if that counts.
  26. BeerNFoodDood

    BeerNFoodDood Savant (270) Colorado Jul 7, 2012 Beer Trader

    Coors Banquet is quality beer better than many upstart craft, expired shit brews that are on the market.
  27. I'll agree with the Blue Moon folks. I saw someone say Bud American Ale. I read a couple good reviews so bought a six of it the first time I saw it. I used the last five for boiling bratwurst. God that was shit.
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  28. zac16125

    zac16125 Poobah (1,025) South Carolina Jan 26, 2010 Beer Trader

    BMC owns so much shit I dont even know they own that I cant really comment on my favorite or their products. But in terms of the real Budweiser, Miller, Coors standard namesake beers,Id probably say Coors Light is my favorite of all of them. I have been known to shot gun a Coors light or two in park lots while tailgating. Not every beer you drink can be a barrel aged imperial stout.
  29. Tut

    Tut Savant (495) New York Sep 23, 2004

    I don't believe this old thread is still getting posts and people are still misusing the term BMC. I posted this back in May:

    The OP and some others here are using the term "BMC" in a different, and inaccurate way. Traditionally on this site it meant Bud, Miller, Coors, type beers - thin, fizzy, mass-produced, adjunct lagers. PBR, Labatt, Rolling Rock, etc.
    are all BMC beers too. It was never used to describe any beer owned by one of the big conglomerates. Hoegaarden and Blue Moon are not BMC beers, regardless of who owns them. Let's get back to using the term correctly.

    Continuing to use this term when referring to beers like Leffe and Franziskaner, etc. will render it meaningless and make it completely useless as an acronym on this site.
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  30. Winston_Smith

    Winston_Smith Initiate (0) Kentucky Oct 25, 2012

    Amber Bock kicked me into high gear too.
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  31. Scalzo

    Scalzo Savant (450) Illinois Feb 27, 2012 Beer Trader

    Anything Goose Island
  32. Really Franzikaner is part of BMC well then far and away the best
  33. In that case, Mickey's. In 40s please. While listening to Subhumans.
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    THANAT0PSIS Advocate (610) Wisconsin Aug 3, 2010 Beer Trader

    Blue Moon isn't all that horrible. It is not good by any means either. Either that or PBR would be my BMCs of choice, and I'm fairly sure PBR is not a BMC product.
  35. Tut

    Tut Savant (495) New York Sep 23, 2004

    PBR is not a BMC product, but it certainly is a BMC beer. Blue Moon is a BMC product, but it's not a BMC type beer. Get it?
  36. Dennoman

    Dennoman Advocate (525) Belgium Aug 20, 2011

    *scrolls down all the "BCBS lol" replies*

    If we're talking about BMC as "standard stuff you can get in every supermarket", I'd say Duvel (InBev too!) or a Guinness Draught. Can never go wrong with either of these.

    In the "shit supermarket lager" category, I'd have to say Stella Artois when ice cold. It won my blind supermarket pilsner tasting. Sadly.

    Wow, 75 pounds ago. Proud to have shed some of that weight :D
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    THANAT0PSIS Advocate (610) Wisconsin Aug 3, 2010 Beer Trader

    I hesitate to put Schlitz and PBR in the same category as Bud, Miller, and, especially, Coors. They aren't good beers by any means, but their taste far exceeds any of those three. I see your point though.
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  38. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Advocate (505) Washington Nov 12, 2011

    Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat!
  39. CA_Infidel2o9

    CA_Infidel2o9 Savant (310) Dec 1, 2012

    King cobra 40's
  40. So much to choose from.

    I'll go with the one with most flavor.