What size BK?

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  1. Looking to setup a gravity brew system. Going to use a 10 gal cooler MT and 10 gal HLT. My question is do I get a 10 gal BK, 15 gal BK or a 20 gal? I know with a 10 gal the most I will be able to do is 5 gal batches. I know there are other variables that go into everything but should I do a 15 gal BK or a 20 gal? Or is a 20 gal too big for having a 10 gal MT and HLT. Thanks for the advice.
  2. depends on whether your gonna step up your batches in the future and want to do something more than a 10 gallon batch. i have a 15 gallon BK and it works fine for 10 gallon batches.
  3. I think 10 gal is about as large as I would go. But could always move the 15 gal BK to a heated MT and upgrade the BK if I wanted to go bigger.
  4. buy nice or buy twice..your money
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    15 gallon or 15.5 gallon keggle. Good all purpose boil kettle, especially if fittings welded in. Added bonus is that in a pinch you can do brew in a bag beers with slightly higher gravity than with just a 10 gallon kettle, and if using as a mash tun you'll have room for bigger beers (its hard to brew a 5 gallon RIS with a 10 gallon mash tun).
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    About two years ago I upgraded to all 15 gal pots and a brew rig. Promised the wife that was it, if I wanted bigger I was quitting my job and going pro. Right now, I've been contemplating an upgrade. I don't' want to do larger than 10 gal batches, but I can't do 10 gal batches of beer larger than 1.070, my MLT just can't handle it. I'd upgrade that to a 20 or 25 gal pot.
  7. Any idea what the max grain bill would be for a 10 gal Cooler MLT if you are using a mash thickness of 1.25? Could you get 20lbs of grain along with correct amount of hot water for mashing? Just using a quick app on my phone at 20lbs grain bill and mash thickness of 1.25 you would need at about 6.2 gal of hot water for the mash. Would all that fit in a 10 gal MLT?
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  9. I've bought three pots in the 1.5 years I've been brewing. First was a 5.5 gallon pot when I started extract brewing. Then I bought an 11G kettlewhen I switched to all Grain/BIAB. When I realized it takes no more time to brew 10 gallons vs. 5 gallons, I bought the 15 gallon kettle.

    Do you see the pattern here? Start with 15G and save some dough! ;)
  10. Thanks guys.