What supplier has the best recipes/kits?

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    I'm brand new to the homebrew scene. I'm going over to a buddy's place on Saturday to bottle my first batch and brew a second. He has all the equipment and has always used Northern Brewer for recipe kits. I see they get the lions share of press out there for supplies. I was wondering though if you guys had better luck with other online outlets for beer recipes and kits. I'm always dubious of places that have seemingly every one of their products listed with high approval ratings.

    I think to start we'll be tackling mostly IPA's, stouts, and porters. If anyone has had consistent good luck with certain recipes or kits or supplies, I'd greatly appreciate the help. Also, if it makes a difference, we're trying to brew everything as partial mashes to start.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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  4. They have a real nice selection!!! I see they have free shipping on orders over 75$. Have you done online orders with them and been happy with the results?? never heard of them but like what I see!!!
  5. to the OP I have enjoyed every kit i've made from Northern Brewer, they carry basic extract with steeping grains, partial mash, all grain, and even small batch stuff.
  6. Love 2 Brew is an amazing shop and the owners really know what they are doing and will do anything to help out their customers. Great communication. I used to order online from them but now that I have a car again I go in person to pick up my ingredients and talk to them. They are always getting new products in and consistently get all of the hyped/rare hop of the day in stock.
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    I haven't done online orders with them but I've visited the store several times and the owner is in my homebrew club. He often brings in some batches he brewed off of the "kits" they create and they are always solid!
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  8. I got tired of kits (any kits) real fast...even when I was using extract...occasionally they will put them on sale for less than you can buy the individual ingredients (but not often)
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    I'm interested to know your results and opinions.
    I'm just starting my first batches from NB.

    I was feeling adventurous so I started with a rumrunner stout and a bomber barley wine.
    Both are bottle conditioning right now and the stout is still completely flat after 13 days in the bottle.
    I just bottled the BBW and it is tasting pretty good for my first time. I decided to try dry hopping two combined one-gallon batches in a secondary fermenter for about a week.

    I have a chinook IPA that I just brewed two days ago and a Dead Ringer IPA that I will brew tomorrow.

    I would like to try L2B's DIPA.
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    My first AG was Chinook Single Hop from NB and I came out so well that is has become the basis for my house IPA (with some minor tweaks each time brewing)
  11. “I'm always dubious of places that have seemingly every one of their products listed with high approval ratings.” Based upon my personal experiences brewing with NB kits and the posts that I have read on beer forums, Northern Brewer is deserving of their high approval ratings. The kits are very, very good!

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    I have only used morebeer.com and I have been satisfied by their kits. I would suggest getting the ingredient lists for kits and comparing them. I think in a lot of the cases I looked at, the actual recipe is pretty similar across several sites. Then you have to consider what comes in the kit, caps, priming sugar, yeast, grain/hop bags. Everyplace has a slightly different included list.
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    www.keystonehomebrew.com my LHBS has always served me well, and I like the way their recipe page is laid out.

    Also don't be afraid to tweak the ingredients of recipe kits, even without much experience or designing a recipe from scratch, you can improve what you do by changing things around a bit to your taste. Hop head? Use more than the kit, they're designed for the 'average' homebrewer and usually are a little light on hops anyway (for hoppy styles, and this of course is my opinion). Have a preference on White Labs vs Wyeast? Switch in the brand you like.

    I also recommend going to your own LHBS and talking to the people there, even if they don't do kits, they'll certainly have insight on how to achieve whatever effect you're looking for.
  14. This is like asking who's the best Kardashian? They all suck.
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    I've really enjoyed the NB kits. The great thing about the NB online is that you can find the recipe page for the kit and then go about building your own recipe at your LHBS, or just go and get the ingredients at the LHBS and forget the shipping.