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What to pick up in Dallas

Discussion in 'US - Southwest' started by Riggo, May 25, 2012.

  1. Riggo

    Riggo Savant (320) Oklahoma Aug 15, 2002

    Specifically looking for Brooklyn Local 1 and 2, Sorachi Ace, and Jester King. Anyone know the availability of these beers? Which Jester King beers are on the shelves? Anything else exciting?

  2. Depends on where you're going. I've seen the Brooklyn's you mentioned at my local Market Street. Various JK's are available many different places ranging from Central Market to Spec's to Mom n Pop type liquor stores. Central Market Plano as of about a month ago had Wytchmaker, LPP, Black Metal and Noble King. Specs Plano had Mad Meg and I think Black Metal as of a week ago.

    Exciting: Rye on Rye was still available at Spec's last weekend.
  3. Riggo

    Riggo Savant (320) Oklahoma Aug 15, 2002

    Thanks for the info!
  4. GregSVT

    GregSVT Savant (485) Texas Jul 1, 2009

    Most good beer stores, central markets, or whole foods will have JK Wytchmaker, Black Metal, and maybe Noble King and Thrash Metal. The really good beer stores will still have Petite Prince and Mad Meg as well. Specs on 75 in Dallas or S&K on 75 in Plano will most likely have all of them.