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What was your first beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by devlishdamsel, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Wiscobrew

    Wiscobrew Savant (300) Nevada Feb 19, 2011 Beer Trader

    First Illicit would have been a Mickey's Grenade at 16.

    First Legit was when I was 17 my parents took me out to lunch when dropping me off for college. I ordered a Sprecher Root Beer and was brought a Sprecher Amber. My pops just shrugged his shoulders(he knew what I wan in for). BTW it is legal in Wisconsin to drink with your parents in public if you are under 18. That was the defense both he and I gave my mom.
  2. kona650

    kona650 Savant (305) California Jun 12, 2011

    Coors banquet beer, that was what my dad always had in the fridge! Yikes!!!
  3. My friend brought a sixer of this over to my house once. I had one bottle and experienced the worst gutrot I have ever had. It came right back up.
  4. drocpsu

    drocpsu Savant (320) New Hampshire Dec 25, 2006

    My first beer was Molson Canadian, when I was 18 at a casino in Canada. It was terrible! I don't think I even finished it. When I turned 21 I had a couple Yuenglings, since I went to school in PA. It wasnt bad, but I didn't really care fOr beer much during college. I would drink Yuenglings and miller lites sometimes, but mostly other stuff like liquor/mixed drinks, or things like woodchuck or Mike's hard lemonade.

    It wasn't until after college when I was traveling a lot for work and started trying local beers from wherever I was that I really started getting into craft beer , (and beer in general).
  5. djaeon

    djaeon Champion (755) California Oct 2, 2006

    It was probably Budweiser or Michelobe. Something along those lines. When I was a toddler, 1-3 years old, I used to wobble around and drink my parents beers when I could get ahold if them. On my fifth birthday, my uncle taught me how to work the keg tap. That was my very first same day hangover. After that I didn't like beer again until my mid 20's.
  6. Absolut

    Absolut Advocate (665) California Sep 19, 2011

    born in st. louis--- you get one guess....
  7. Gregfalone

    Gregfalone Savant (375) California Sep 5, 2012 Beer Trader

    It was a 32oz coors when i was 13 years old. The next two were Mickey's 40's it's all blurry mess of very crappy beer for te next nine years, at which time I stopped drinking. Until I was 24 or 25, at which time I had my first semi decent beer... A newcastle! The first beer I actually liked
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  8. I can't remember which was first. My dad and uncle used to sneak me sips when my mother wasn't looking. It was either my uncle's Old Milwaukee, or my dad's Pabst Blue Ribbon. As far as PBR....the Hipsters can keep it.
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  9. mcbeerbrew

    mcbeerbrew Savant (280) Illinois Feb 9, 2011 Beer Trader

    A warm Red Dog in my friends basement.
  10. nc41

    nc41 Champion (855) North Carolina Sep 25, 2008 Beer Trader

    I snuck one of my dads Black Labels.
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  11. OUCH! I don't miss that stuff
  12. Gannon81

    Gannon81 Aficionado (185) Oregon Jan 5, 2012

    Back in the summer of '93, my step-sister bailed a Sharps out of her slumbering Grandma's fridge for me, a Silver Bullet for her. I was 12. That Sharps knocked me in my ass.
  13. I found one of my uncle's cans of Natural Ice stuck back in the fridge when I was 10. After one sip, there was no other option but to pour it down the sink. My first real beer was a Rolling Rock, which to me is just an American Heineken. Tonight? It's all about the red triangle, Bass.
  14. PuFtonLyfe

    PuFtonLyfe Savant (295) North Carolina Jun 2, 2011 Beer Trader

    Was Zima actually beer?
  15. cyrushire

    cyrushire Champion (855) Florida May 25, 2012 Beer Trader

    silver bullet coors cans fishing with my dad and grandpa.
  16. PuFtonLyfe

    PuFtonLyfe Savant (295) North Carolina Jun 2, 2011 Beer Trader

  17. StubFaceJoe

    StubFaceJoe Advocate (530) Colorado Nov 24, 2011


    The first of sadly MANY! Not the best but it used to be 6.99 for a case.

    Then one day I tried Hop Devil...

    Typical story of a Pittsburgh born beer geek.
  18. HarrySTruman

    HarrySTruman Savant (265) Michigan May 16, 2012

    first beer I ever had was a bud dry. It was horrible and I couldn't imagine why beer was so popular for quite a while.
  19. That's awesome. Pbr has and always will taste like over carbonated stale canned corn to me. And lets not forget the nasty hangovers!
  20. Maybe a Michelob or Natural Ice.

    I remember my friends and I saying 'we better start drinking this stuff so we like it by the time we get to college'
  21. JamesMN

    JamesMN Savant (420) Minnesota Jul 12, 2012

    Miller High Lifeā€¦ not entirely legally like most who have posted.

    First craft was Summit EPA and really haven't looked back since. I was always very interested in craft before I was 21 because my Dad and brother were already getting into good beer. Fast forward three years and I'm way deeper into the world of craft than they will probably ever be haha.
  22. CA_Infidel2o9

    CA_Infidel2o9 Savant (310) Dec 1, 2012

    I was 5 yrs old and me and my dad were driving somewhere and he was drinking a Coors. I kept bitching to try it so finally he let me. Lol needless to say I didnt like it. Aaah good times...
  23. mmikey8

    mmikey8 Savant (395) California Aug 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    PBR for me as well (at 16). My pop had a fridge full of it and still noticed one was missing o_O
  24. superspak

    superspak Poobah (1,285) Michigan May 5, 2010 Beer Trader

    First beer: Either Molson Golden or Coors Banquet(not sure which), from my dad. Impression? "how do people enjoy this?" I also had a Sharps once that my dad let me have, which was COMPLETE ASS. (NA lol) I still remember how awful it was and its been over 6 years at least.

    First Craft: Sam Adams Oktoberfest(I bought a 24 pack when I was 21 from Sams club)

    First Micro: Bells Kalmazoo Stout at a nice restaurant(later on in my 21st year of living) This was the real turning point. Still love this stuff too.
  25. For craft beer, Sam Adams Boston Lager. I thought it was horrible. Now I think it's a great beer.
  26. powz87

    powz87 Savant (420) Illinois Jan 18, 2012

    bud light and I'm ashamed of it. my first "craft beer" was Samuel Smith oatmeal stout.
  27. sukwonee

    sukwonee Advocate (665) Washington Dec 13, 2011 Beer Trader

    I want to say it was Coors Light, but I seriously do not remember.
  28. Swigs from Grandpa's Burgermeister quart bottles.
  29. rubicat

    rubicat Aficionado (130) Ohio Nov 22, 2012

    When I was 12, my Dad opened a can of P.O.C. (aka Pride/Piss of Cleveland) and fell asleep on the couch before he drank any of it. I took it to my room and drank the whole thing. I was quite buzzed. I remember being paranoid that my Mom was going to walk in and notice that I was drunk.
  30. RochefortChris

    RochefortChris Champion (860) North Carolina Oct 2, 2012 Beer Trader

    The "champange" of beer of course being Miller High Life when I was eighteen. I thought it was awful but I also thought there had to be more to beer than that....and I was right!
  31. 40 of Mickey's. God help me.
  32. Stoutish

    Stoutish Zealot (90) California Jan 1, 2013

    A Miller Genuine Draft. I can still remeber how refreshing it was at the time, I was 21 a late bloomer into beer. I'm 31 now, and my "Craft Epiphany" only came recently. I was tired of the let's just get bloated and wasted off an 18 pack of Cooours." Honestly it just stopped being refreshing. I wanted taste, I wanted an experience,I wanted to tell a story. I saw a local brewery here in town, decided to stop in, and I went for a "flight" told the bartender I was new at this he started me off with a Black Market Brewery Bavarian-Style Hefewizen. The rest is history. While I still enjoy a Pabst every now and then. Craft beer is the way I go. And I consider that hef, my first Beer, reborn as an imbibe-r of craft beers.
  33. andthevolcano

    andthevolcano Savant (480) Delaware Apr 22, 2008

    Natty light when I was 18. Couldn't finish it. Had a Coors light about a week later, and thought it was infinitely better haha. Then at 20 a friend introduced me to Victory's Golden Monkey, and light beer never tasted good again.
  34. Derranged

    Derranged Advocate (555) New York Mar 7, 2010

    Budweiser when I was 12. I didn't like it. Never got to like it either.
  35. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poobah (1,270) Indiana Aug 11, 2012 Beer Trader

    When I was in 9th or 10th grade we had a sister city in Sault Saint Marie, Canada and we went there for a Friendship Games. We stayed in our hosts basement and in that basement was a fridge full of Labatts. Pretty sure that's the first entire beer I ever drank.
  36. jglowe77

    jglowe77 Initiate (0) Massachusetts Jan 24, 2011

    I believe it was a PBR. It was about 5 years ago so it's hard to remember. The first craftbeer that I drank was Well's Banana Bread Beer. And I haven't had one since ;)
  37. Has some of Poppy's Ballentine when I was four. First time I caught a buzz was Bud when I just got out of 6th grade. Always sipped and liked the taste of beer. Hell, I used to get whiskey/honey/tea instead of Nyquil as a kid.
  38. Ataraxia

    Ataraxia Savant (315) Massachusetts Sep 20, 2012 Beer Trader

    First beer I drank the entire container of and can actually remember was Hoegaarden in Hong Kong at the Inn-side Out Bar. 0.5L for USD$6-7 and then buy one get one free during happy hour.

    Before that I avoided beer like the plague, stuck with hard liquor like rum, whiskey, vodka, and of course, single malt scotch. I had only heard of the usual BMC swill and that they, being weaker than dishwater, was representative of beer as a whole. If I had tried a sip of anything else prior to the Hoegaarden I don't remember
  39. I was 17, at my first real party with my first GF. i had a red dog, i choked maybe half of it down, and held onto the can for the rest of the night, pretending i was drunk. Horrible lol

    I didnt have my first craft beer until I was 19, it was a #9
  40. mborden

    mborden Savant (440) New York Jan 28, 2009

    Saranac Black Forest my freshman year of college. I thought it was disgusting at the time and ended up switching over to Blue Light for a few years. Thank goodness I came back to craft! It was actually homebrewing and my first trip to the Extreme Beer Fest my senior year of college that really got me kickstarted.